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  1. No giant enemies clipping through walls and hitting me when I can't even see 'em.
  2. Having played Alpha Protocol, I now want a "I'm not interested, go away." dialog option. If only for the love interests and the final boss (though more couldn't hurt, I liked telling Annoymen that I was evil back in BG2). *Love interest slides up to PC* "What are you doing? No koffiekoeken for you."
  3. Of course, when it comes down to it, most RPG main characters are murderers and thieves. The difference between good and evil is if they are smug about it, or if they're just a big jerk doing brutish things for no good reason.
  4. Always Evil means always Evil from the perspective of who's describing the ... Evil. Like Volo, or Elminster, who will call orcs and ogres always Evil because in their experience they are. If an orc scholar would write a book he'd write something else, maybe that all Elves are Evil (or Elvis, I forgot which) or something.
  5. Forced fights without a way to escape or avoid it where if I die I just have to reload and try again (and again and again) until I win.
  6. The two RPG tropes I hate: "RPGS equal Combat" because I think action adventure games already have the "story with combat" type of game covered. The other one is the one were being good gets you everything you could want and being evil nets you almost nothing.
  7. Graphics have the useful effect of giving a hint to the underlying mechanics. E.g. a character is tromping through water, with half 'is body below the surface. It helps show why his movement speed suddenly dropped to snail's pace. There's also decorative effects, of course (e.g. falling leaves) which add atmosphere and can do wonders for immersion and suspension of disbelief.
  8. DSA 3, where a battle eventually winds up taking like 8 hours to be fought just rolling and rerolling attack, parry, dodge, damage,... Which had the effect that we became really good at avoiding fights."Soldier? No, no I'm a carpenter." Also a hobo "class" (classes only decided what skills you start with, only mages and priests had skills the other classes couldn't learn from a teacher). Magic was more balanced as well, my favorite quote about the game goes a little like "a decent wizard can tell the universe to shut up and sit down, but a decent fighter can do the same to the wizard."
  9. Yeah, but in 3.5 a wee little kobold can become destroyer of the multiverse, if you'll pardon the pun.
  10. Yeah, and obsidian looks cool. It's a really dark type of rock. Too subtle? I'm referring to Dark Souls.
  11. Don't overestimate the amount of polish the graphics are gonna get. There might be some difference, but I think it's really gonna be more IE-like.
  12. If anyone who suggests something wouldn't mind doing a quick google lookup... Pretty much all possible titles will already be taken, but if it's taken by something small it doesn't matter too much. I still think that Project Eternity sounds better then any other videogame title I know of.
  13. Plate armour isn't as loud and clanky as you guys think, y'know. Otherwise it'd be really effective at driving the wearers insane. And I have a mail hauberk, which I occasionally wear under a shirt, nobody can tell.
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