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  1. ...That's what those parts are designed for? That's why they are often sharpened? The entire sword is an integrated weapons system...
  2. I want to know... has anyone talked about swords on the back, and the drawing of them? Like, mentioned this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYiXEPHLeUY And, a way to get over this issue: Or possibly specialized gear, techniques, and animations that are more like the stuff seen in this video: So... if characters are going to have huge swords on their backs cause it looks cool, can some effort be put into the sheathe or how they draw it and ready the weapon, so it isn't just 'hollywood'? Has this been talked about? Has something like this been done?
  3. If you could do the sorts of things in conversation that Apollo Robins does... that would be totally awesome. Just talk people up, and as you do, lift things from them or move items around or whatever... that would be fantastic! Hell, if you could flat out do one of those skits as an entertainment scene at some point in the game, it would be hilarious and awesome.
  4. Exactly the same as a male breastplate, because it IS a male breastplate. The Peascod Cuirass is seriously the best shape for deflecting blows, so that's what it is. There isn't 'female' or 'male' breastplates... it's all the same.
  5. You know there is a group doing fantastic motion capture for video game melee fighting already? Clang by Subutai. You could maybe try to license their motion capture animations? Eh, eh?
  6. Here's my idea... anyone who is capable of 'fighting', if they get the drop or hide and then attack someone, can deal a whole crapload of damage! IE, everyone who does 'fighting' can do the actual stabby-stabby part of backstab equally well. The trick with the Rogue types? They can create the situations -- like with bombs and similar non 'fighting this person in front of me' methods, where the person is way less able to defend themselves for such a powerful attack far more often than other people!
  7. FYI, about walking on Lava... you don't, um, sink in Lava. It's really, really, really dense. If you are protected from the poison gas and the heat, you'd be able to walk across it...
  8. On modeling reailsm: I am not sure I can find an opportunity cost not to do so! For example, 'realistic' does not necessarily mean complex... I'm going to quote another passage from that guy I quoted earlier, it's so relevant: "For sake of arguments, lets say you can model a reality with say 100 relevant elements, and you can then in turn strip down those elements to either 50, 20, or 5 elements depending on what kind of game you want (detailed, simple, or very simple). The problem I would suggest that you see in many Role Playing Games, especially DnD, is that they are modeling the wron
  9. The thing is, lots of the existing advice is how things have been modeled in games... Chance to stun and speed and stuff. But that is really legacy of no one in the culture of modern society really understanding the factors of how variables in melee combat with a wide variety of weapons works. But there are people that know this stuff now, in the last few years. So why not make use of at least some of that knowledge?
  10. The thing is, speed, if you are trying to be realistic, shouldn't be that big a deal. Reach is a wayyyy bigger deal in getting an effective attack...
  11. Hi there -- I wanted to open a discussion on what sorts of statistics should be modelled in weapons, and why. What should the numbers inherent a weapon do? How realistic or simple should this be? Should this be simplified to fit gaming and fantasy tropes? Should it be informed by realism? What are the pros and cons of each? Here are some quotes, sans images, from a guy who knows what he is talking about on different forum on this topic: "Size (thus suitability for different types of fighting, as in indoors / outdoors, in a grapple or not) Reach (largely a function of size) as in,
  12. How about a slider that lets you turn off the item repair and degredation thing in the options? IE, it's a player choice if they want that...
  13. Allowing players to bash open containers without consequence or limitation does a great disservice to those who enjoy playing rogues. If you don't need someone to pick locks and disarm trapped containers, you've taken a huge bite out of the purpose of the class. Yes, having 'one guy which is only there to disarm traps and pick locks' is needless limitations on the Rogue class. You should be able to get along JUST FINE without a Rogue, and Rogues should NOT be the only one that can open chests! Seriously... Your box of what a 'thief' class is, is wayyyyy too small! Increase the size of
  14. The real life draw of a spear over a sword, one on one, is that even with a one handed weapon, you don't have to get too close to someone to kill them! Seriously, standoff is huge.
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