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  1. Leaving aside those arguing that the Aumaua should look outlandish or conversely that they should look almost human, who here just thinks that what we've seen of the concept so far (look, not fluff) is crap?
  2. I just meant that the devs might take notice if they saw that a majority of fans were unhappy with the design. The poll can be for that with people posting suggestions in the thread itself.
  3. This is exactly the opposite of what I want. There are plenty of Jrpgs that are all smiles and rainbows, go play one of those; I'll take my PE with an extra large helping of grimdark.
  4. I was also pretty dissatisfied with the Aumaua art. I think they looked like derpy humans with county fair tiger facepaint on. I think they definitely need to look more physically inhuman and more amphibious, gaunt gangly limbs and shark-like teeth etc. I agree it doesn't really make sense that they have hair, much less those corn rows, which looked totally ridiculous. EDIT: You should start a poll to see how many people like the concept and how many hated it.
  5. Fair enough. My only point was that it sounded like you knew it would be provocative when you posted it, so its kind of silly to then say that this isn't an appropriate forum. (although I agree that it isn't)
  6. Meh, they sound like special snowflakes to me. I'm predicting angsty black angel wings and a racial ability to dual wield katanas...
  7. I was making a joke. My only point is that people who are strong actually look strong. The magic stuff is irrelevant since originally we were just talking about how a female warrior would look. Again, you're entitled to your opinion; you already know mine and personally I'm not really interested in reading more of your frothing illogic. Except that it DOES justify their actions IF you believe that it's the literal word of a deity, because it (Islam) IS sexist. The majority of Muslims who don't go around flinging acid at people are just moral or sane enough not to take that pile of bullcrap literally. We're talking about "Islamophobia" not racism. We've already established that they're not the same thing. It what sense am I a racist? The Koran is not a person and Islam is not a race. Actually if you read my posts I never said this, you're just putting words in my mouth again.
  8. I'm aware of that, I was just curious as to why you'd post something provocative and then just duck out of the ensuing discussion...
  9. Am I the only one who thinks these guys will end up the mary sues of the PE universe? EDIT: The anime pics aren't helping...
  10. I think this could be relevant. Ancient Aliens guy could be the PE pantheon's demigod of bullh****...
  11. Should it? Even if she got teflon skin or something it probably wouldn't be visible. If a spell makes you stronger it makes sense that it would do that by making your muscles grow... I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or just stupid... No one is saying that all Muslims "want" to throw acid on women. All that's been suggested is that Islamic fundamentalists, informed by sexist scripture, are throwing acid at women who refuse to conform. Your analogy is retarded because being male is a gender, not a religion or ideology... Oh, didn't realize criticizing someones religion was the same as throwing rocks and firebombs. "Islamophobia" is rarely used to describe the acts you mention. Most often its used by apologists and knob-ends like you trying to weasel out of discussion by equating criticism with racism. When did I say either of those things? There are Muslim fundamentalists and Christian fundamentalists. Both interpret their creeds literally and commit atrocities in their name whether they're tossing acid or shooting doctors. Seeing as we're talking about Islam however I don't see how that's at all relevant. Edit: So why post it in the first place...
  12. Maybe in a skirmish or something. IIRC the Battle of Agincourt lasted for like a whole day...
  13. And when you're fireproof does that mean your skin should look this? You're saying that Buffy's strength is impossible but that's the whole point of magic; to do the impossible. Did you read the rest of the replies because both of your less than clever retorts were already attempted others. To summarize: 1) The people getting acid thrown on them (and the ones throwing it) in India are Hindu (look at pretty much any article on the topic in India and notice how many women are dressed in traditionally Hindu garb). 2) While Islamophobia is not racism, per se, using the term racism when referring to hate against Muslims is generally accepted (even in the academic community). Regardless of whether you call it racism or Islamophobia, though, what the poster I was replying to said did originate from a position of ignorance (if not outright hate). Also, have you ever read the Bible, because that book advocates for some pretty brutal ****. You see, extremists of EVERY stripe are ****ing insane; it's not something that's unique to Islam. You are the literal king of missing the point. 1. I never said Buffy's powers were "impossible" I just said that they'd seem more plausible if the magic that made her stronger actually had some visible effect. 2. The overwhelming majority of acid attack victims are Muslim women, this is a fact. 3. Islamophobia isn't racism, true, its just bull****. You can't be bigoted against an idea or system of belief, only against the people who hold it. If Jezz was implying that all Muslims are inherently violent misogynists then yes, he would be a bigot. If I understand him correctly however, he's simply observing that Islamic doctrine encourages sexism which it pretty explicitly does. 4. I have read the bible and you're right it is just as draconian and barbaric. This is unsurprising considering that the two religions share a common cultural ancestry. I'm not sure how you think that gives Islam a free pass though. If I kick you in the shins and then you kick someone else, are your actions somehow justified just because I'm doing it too?
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