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  1. Hmmmm... the good thing about this idea is that it would require much resources for development, besides the money needed for the server to keep the chat going, Also since this will be optional it should not cause much of problem. I mean if you are stuck with a quest and have no idea where to go or what to do, how to gather certain items for some potion, open the chat ans ask if somene knows.... basicaly for lazy people that do not want to search on internet for the answer, which btw could not be on forums. Even though I like the idea, I do not think I will use it if there is no MP/
  2. Dog companions? No... nether However. if it was a cute hamster that I keep in my bag and take out only when I need it, sure... sounds good to me ^^
  3. I really loved how the tutorial in BG2 went, it was not really connected to the main story, but it did give a sense that I was in the game already. The first time I went through it, I felt that it was part of the game, not just some random mock battle. And I loved that I could keep the exp in to the game from the tutorial.
  4. Indeed villains have to have at least some degrea of class. Throut slitting bastards that apear once to kill an entier vilage and the next to be killed by you are simply to clishe and you can not feel like they are actualy worth your time
  5. Very good point. If you tell them to leave, it would be obvious that they would not spend a month in an inn. It would be great to see them go some other stuff while waiting, from working at temple or running a potion shop to going adveturing by themselves or in a different party (and you would have to try hard to get them back!). About chance of death .... I am no so sure, it would be better if there is chance of losing their equipment or smthing (you ask them where they lost and go get it back). I think that if your char just dies suddenly because you told him to beat it, could have a negative effect on the story. A good example would be in BG2, I cleared all charter stories one by one, but normally stick with 4 characters entire game with out dismissing them even once and the other 2 who constantly changed depending on quest. So a system where you had to make an effort to get your party member back would be great. ps One way to explain your group members sticking around you and around your house or whatever would be if they formed some kind of organization or an order for goal (probably connected to the main plot)
  6. Ah so true ^^ LoL now I have a sudden desire to play Bards Tale again ^^ But personally I hope PE is not like BT, I would like it to be more series and dark.
  7. Amen! Addition a romance to the story is not a problem of recourse. It is a problem of depth of the game, sure you can have wonderful over all story, but weather that is a relationship in form of romance or just friendship it WILL be included in the game, I am almost 100% sure of that. Why? because NPC;s are not just mobs that run around with you for killing things, they have their own stories and they bring something of their own to the story. Romance can only add to that not damage it (if it is not a complete fail that is - however that is story writers problem, not developers)
  8. That actually sounds nice, though something like poket dimension sounds good as well. Remember in BG2 there was a bag that had infinite space inside? That was rather convenient ^^
  9. Like this option: Spit on Richard Garriott Not sure, why they would do that though ^^ It has plenty of time still to go, the time of the big investments made by the early adopters have already passed now, the number of contributers will fall slowly, however it will not stop till the end. So I think it will go above 2.5m to around 3m by the time deadline comes.
  10. Simply put.... No. I am not a fan of mounts. It would good have units that are mounted and then they can dismount if something happens, however if it would have to be added in to the game, I would like it be the last thing to be done.
  11. IMO XP should be awarded for everything you do, killing mobs, making potions, diplomatic talking, stealing, sneaking, trading everything!!!! It would rather hard to do everything with a single XP pool, so it would be interesting to see something like 3 types of XP pools: Killing XP poll or baltle pool - making it so that those points can be only spent on battle skills, non-battle XP pool - to able to spend them on herbalism, diplomacy ect. and maybe general pool that can be spent any of skill you wish
  12. Yes, that is one of the fondest of my memories as well ^^ Failing really horribly in the Asylum because I rushed story too much in first walkthrough. Zombra is totally correct, there has to be some sense of urgency. However having time limiters is a bad choice, since every one likes to play at their own pace, for example I like to go explore some dungeon when I feel under levelled, however doing it while I just heard: "she will die if you do not save her soon", feels rather off. It would be great to consider in game time(like do it in 2 days) a limiter, not real life time (not in 20 mins).
  13. Difference between night and day is a must and I think it will included anyway (if not, I think the world will go crazy). Including basic routines will definitely make the game look a lot more interesting. It might be a pain to find them in a place where they where not before, but it does give a better feeling for the game. Even though sounds rather strange, I kind of agree... You just have to go and check out that woman's bathroom ... Jokes aside, Toilets might work nicely in sci-fi type of games as MassEffect, but not so well in fantasy type of setting where technology level of middle ages. Nevertheless it does add a bit of realism to the game, having toilets.
  14. Good examples, indeed most successful RPG's do no have an multilayer option, however BG is great example where multilayer shined! Even now there a lot of people playing BG2 in groups. I remember how about 10 years ago I managed to get my friends hooked up on this game and we broke through this game a team, it was a great experience! Single player is fun for the first run through of the game(I care most in the games about the story), however the second game would become so much more fun, if you do not have an option of chatting with your friends on Skype, while killing a dragon or banishing a Lich, or duelling each other for loot ^^
  15. Personally I feel like the game should be hard any place and time of the game. It would best if the difficulty selected would actually impact how hard the game would be not simply with better stats, but AI as well. Scaling might make the game interested if it was upper bound scaled, as in when you start on hard with level you one, a level one mob is twice as strong as you, making you really sweat to kill each and every one of the mods. Remember The Witcher on Hard? It was insanely hard, I had to use every tool and skill I had to kill simple monsters, I died hundreds of times on simple mobs that I incidentally ran across in the woods. Why would it be interesting to die so much? Because I am human those are damn monsters, they should be a lot stronger then me.
  16. Riddles are good, as long as they are not too hard and do not require you to move out of the immediate area, it should be great to have them.
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