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  1. Uh, no, that's not what non-linear means. At all. Nonlinear is when the order of decisions and story elements isn't fixed. If you were to graphically display them, linear would simply be a long(or not so long) line with one quest and story portion neatly arranged after the other and no options on how to proceed(at most allowing you to skip some trivial steps, like not having to ask around when you already know who to deliver your 20 bear asses to). Novels are usually linear as well, telling a story from first to last page in order. Halflinear or branching storylines would at certain quests branch out and create additional, in itself still linear, storylines. Basically, you have multiple linear stories with a certain amount of common elements. Nonlinear can be anything where you have no fixed order. Sidequests are often non-linear. Usually this has a weak or nonexistent overarching storyline. Order of decisions also may conclude from other decisions, for example you decide to kill a princes, now you may kill evil price, or lie to him. But if youe recuse him te decision about "killing" him mayby done later.
  2. Yest you can, mosly becouse even crating linear plot you create ... 1 path xD So creating anotherones are still possible on the same way ... but with much more effort xD Within a crpg, there is only to do or not to do the main quest, while it may offer different ways to solve a confrontation, the path led the players to the confrontation still exist and can only be delayed, not erased. There are no opinions such as "Screw saving the world, let other heroic npcs do it themselves!!!" "I'll stay in the brothel having fun till the evil villain die of old age!!!" "Instead of fighting the evil baddies, my character shall from a organized criminal groups and corrupt the city" "I'll tutor a student for him/her to be the hero(ine) while I stayed behind." "Let's support our evil government and let it become something more fearsome than the baddies!" "Why fight evil when you can join it right at start!" (most games offer this opinion until the very end...) "Err, I dunno, let's find someone to get married. The formidable opponent hides within marriage!" The list can go on. Yes, crpgs are railroaded to "set destinations" (usually a confrontation) despite they may seem to have choices. Sometimes choices don't matter, they're simply fluffs. Sometimes choices seem matter but you're leaving the area the choices had effect on right away, forever, therefore you have a sense of accomplishment while the only effect you would see is the ending slide. Other times, choices matter, but only in resource providing, support or the opposite, but would not change the path to the final confrontation. As long as there are major objectives ingame, the paths are set. You may solve the quests in different manner or in different time order, but the path "solving these objectives" is unaltered. I agree that to this day there are no no-linear plots in crpgs, but that doesnt meant that it isint "possible". It's only hart to input, way harder then linear or halflinears. xD
  3. Yest you can, mosly becouse even crating linear plot you create ... 1 path xD So creating anotherones are still possible on the same way ... but with much more effort xD
  4. I think part of this is a bit of a disagreement over what "superweapon" means. I'm all for unique endgame weapons with special powers, but i don't agree with anything that is completely off kilter balancewise, except as a limited use sword of plot advancement. That kind of thing should, if existing at all, be reserved for "end level" campaigns. When someone says "Super Weapon" I think Carosymr or the Silver Sword from Never Winter Nights 2. We should have no need for those types of weapons in Eternity. Maybe in Eternity 2, but not part 1. Why ? Let's have superweapons but at the end of campain (las few quests) let's feel powerfull but: 1. Counter it wiht stronger enemys balaced to a new waepon. 2. Did not give ability to transport it to PoE2, in PoE2 let's have difrent superweapons also at the end ... problem solved xD
  5. I've alredy said, telling that romancers are want to fap ti pixels or romance pixels, is the same type of logic like saying that anty-romancers that are mosly interested in gamplay are faping and getting off becouse then menage to find "Better aword/armor" or level up .... How many peaople doest this... 0,001 % ? xD
  6. You see there are two types of players: 1. That are playing beacous, gameplay, mechanics, leveling, items, graphics, armor, etc. 2. Ther are playing becouse, plot, athosphere, roleplayability, dialogs, and some sort of "Fantasy". ....Really dude? Really? No, no there AREN'T two types of players, you wanna know why? Because me personally, the only two games in recent years that I'd praise are Fallout New Vegas and Dark Souls. I would NOT praise Dark Souls II, and you know why? Because although they improved on several basic mechanics, the story sucked. There WAS no story. It was blatantly obvious the vision was lost along with the old director. You're basically trying to claim I "just don't get it" because art and good storyline is beyond me. In reality you can find me on the Bethesda forums preaching "a good game can last you a couple years, a good story can last you a lifetime," slamming on Skyrim and praising New Vegas and saying future titles would be sorely mistaken not to divert more focus to good storytelling. No there are 2 GENERAL types of playes, and you clearly did not udnerstand what i was saying. I sad that 1 type of player moslty like gamlay/ grinding, secound MOSTLY like roleplaying and plot, that doesn't meant that if they encounter a game with both, they will only see gameplay or storyline, thei will see both and prise both, but for one of them gamplay is more important, for secound role play is more imortany, someone likes icecream becouse their cold, someone becouse they are sweet xD But both will say that icecram are cold and sweet You see, the same thing coud be sad about almost everthing that is a "crutch." and we can say the same thing about evrything that is put to a movie to make it "more popular", we can say this about killing, shonen-type fights, big-boobs, sexism (both female and male), we can say it about a scene where to guys meet and dring a beer etc etc etc. I will not even say anything about anime becouse on this forum is pro-romances says anything about it people starting to call him "otaku" so it's privilidge to people that don't like romances. The thing about adding or not adding is not a discussion if it fits the story, so when you trying to in some way "Show us meaningless" of romances in generaland forceing it becouse it was used in twillight, is the same type of behavior as kids saying "if there are gona be no romances i will cry and don't play any obsidian game" or "i will take my many that i gived you becouse i was expecting romances" xD As i sad, you may not like romances, and find it stupid and breaks you rpg expierience or you are consern about reasorces. I alredy say that "romancing" shoud be a plot/storyline decision that affect's it. You don't like romances so you take difrent decision ... i take other problem solved everyone is happy. Saying that romances are bad in general is same kind of ignorance as saing that having friends or seeing dying someone close to you or a friend killed by someone is also a "crutch", those type of things are for makeing story more emotional and if we whoud cutt everything that works on the same level as romances. Then this game whoud be another diablo 3 in with you kille 1000 demons in one fight and even don't feel a "hint" of emotion in that battle. But i will use the same kind of logic to another thing. Let's say that in most books there are some awkward elements about dringing, useing drags etc, with you logic becouse many of those elements where add in awkward yau we shoud cut any content realated to drugs and alkohol becouse is "coud" be awkward xD
  7. Walking Dead - Becouse of you big knowledge about dark magic, undead and negative energy. You become undead, negative energy heals you, possitive hurts. You are immiune to critics, and sneak atack but you romances are ended xD.
  8. Good to know there are still some people that have something to bring to the table, good to know that you have so much repect to us that you didn't even bother to say something that whoud show us, what to you think about "Non-linearity" how it looks in you opinion etc ... we have... literal dozens of times. many people on these boards would consider our posting on the matter to be the equivalent of spam. *shrug* HA! Good Fun! Let me play the telepath, im thinking that you are saying "real nonlinear storyline" just like realt life, whoud never be done becouse we whoud allways limited to some decisions regardless if we do them 10, 100, 1000 becouse in realy non linear storyline there are always way more deciosions, and always way bigger randomless and chaos in with it coud not be compleatly coverd in any game ... Im catching your meaning i i shoud work more on my telepatic skills ?
  9. Okey i whoud like to say my opinion ... IF there are gonna be POE2, IF the POE2 whoud be continuation of previos story like BG2 was to BG1, and IF we coud imort are character... then: 1. Im for superwepons (real nukes) if, we cant not transfer them to next game (reagardless if this mean no items from previos game, or just the nukes), of IF the superweapons from POE are just a little stronger common weapons in PoE2. 2. Im not for superweapons if we have possibility to get real nuke, that is overpowerd in PoE and PoE2 combained and we can imort them to PoE2..... Solution: Let's add possibility do import same "Character" but not the items, let him have some nuke at the end of PoE1 (like sword of Gith) or just block possibility of importing nukes only to another game (just as they done in Mask of Betreyer you cound not imort sword of the gith becous, you coud not import none weapons, only armor, shield etc. And if i recoll there will me no Nuke helmers or boots right ? xD).
  10. Good to know there are still some people that have something to bring to the table, good to know that you have so much repect to us that you didn't even bother to say something that whoud show us, what to you think about "Non-linearity" how it looks in you opinion etc ...
  11. When i sad "let's add another class" evryone atacked me "Hey waste of resorces" XD Today people say "Hey i whoud like some class kits" xD I say one thing, Drugid, Priest, Soul shaman, Paladiin, Warrior etc ... are ony cosmetical unleas there are some "class related" content. The best if the at leat 80% changed just becouse you have taken difrenent class, but even 40 is good, very good. If "Class related content" is brought down to "difrence in abilitys and spells" and few dialogs like "hey you are ..."Class name" " this doesent convince to class system... If a gameplay is brought to "Class have no meaning to a plot, story line or any type of quest related content" i whoud reather say "If they don't matter don't add them" no class system work good in skyrim, you had freedong of leveling in anything you whoud like to (so funn to a players) and still even adding classes whoud have no meaning to skyrim gameplay .... Good to know that classes whoud have some ... class related content, even on a decsion level xD That makes me happy xD
  12. And what nonlinear is no definite storyline ? XD Non linear mean 1 decisions brings you to another. For example, We have Gorion and "mistirous sranger" (lets assume that not Sarevok ) Stanger says "Hey kid, i can make you rich and powerfull join me" if you are bad character you whoud sey "Hell yeah" and help kill Gorion, Then Stranger gives you a mission to Invistigate Neshkiel mine, and you say "OK" and says, hey i have to companions near the road speak to them ... you meet Xan and other Halfing guy (i dont remember his name xD) but when you meet Jaheira and Khalid they become hostile. 1 Decision, chenges everithing you still go to the same playces xD Game can be COMPLEATLY diffrent becouse that one decision, if you make others, then the gameplay whoud change on simillar level and the ending coud be also compleatly diffrent even if you visit the same places xD In General Fallout New Vegas, is one of the most non-linear, but still ONLY few decisions matter, mostly at the ending.
  13. You see there are two types of players: 1. That are playing beacous, gameplay, mechanics, leveling, items, graphics, armor, etc. 2. Ther are playing becouse, plot, athosphere, roleplayability, dialogs, and some sort of "Fantasy". Fistr type of players, are playing becouse they whant to "Grinding" looting bodies, getiing beter items, leveling becoming stronger and are playing becouse "becoming stronger" is in some way, giving them good positive emotions from the game. Secound type of players, they play becouse they what goos storyline, athmosphere, dialogs and roleplay their character in fantasy wold, becouse this gives them good and positive emotions. This type of logic "You are romancing pixels, and faping to them" is the same as "You are getting off becouse you find longsword +2 insted of you old +1" and we both can effend ech other if we coud, but personaly i whoud be much more content knowing that im getting off (if discussion is brought dow to thiss level) to pixels that at least sound and look like a women, then getting of to pixelized swords, shelds or feel extasy that my char slayed the dragon. xD In general, i play role plaing games, becouse i want to roleplay some char, for example elfish mage Ell'rith Silverwood or Dwarven barberian Darok Steelhand etc, i like to play i little diffrent "reality", fantasy ... and roleplaying fantasy is for that that you cound role play a character in a fantasy world and why my viosion and my rpg expierience must be limitted becouse someone don't like killing, romancing, drinking Ale, or sneak. The talk about "why we must add romances if they are waste of recorces", is on the same lavel as "why wy must putt sneak mechanics for rogues if only 10% people play them, this is a wast of resorces for those 20% that whoud like to play fighters, pladins, barberians if we coud insted make better armors for them xD. Realy aguing about "Adding" or Not adding" romance is on the same level as "I like red colour and i dont's what to see green, becouse most of the green thing are ugly" to "Hey give as a green also becouse we like green if it's done well". The same type of logic, as "Hey don't make alkohols in game, don't add any convercations involving alkohol becouse im not drinking" to "Hey give us an option to dring Ale with our companions, but done well" xD I've already sad, fact that most games today are adding awkword daiting sim elements like "you can bang anyone", doesnt mean that changed and taken from difrent angle doesnt have te future, there are many types of storyilines in games, films, books that were done well, why becouse they have a meaning to plot, and was not "addinctional banging chance" but plot related decision. If Rob did not had romance with some chick outside a marrige, there whoud be no Jon Snow, if Cercei did't have romance with hes brother, mayby whole plot of Game of Thrones where difrent, etc. Today romances doesn't have this class of meaning to a storyline, in best case they have the same pupuse and meaning as Greyjoy banging some prostitute in brothel and seeing their nude parts in TV so some can fap to them xD Same value of meaning to the plot, same result xD
  14. You see, many people complain about resources, i not becouse it's devs work to "make it good". If most poeple like "full nonliner" that that is a devs work to make a plot as much nonlinear as it can, if at the and they make half linear or mostly linear with some consequences that meant that they coud not go any more "nonlinera" but it's wery important to talk about this subiect beacouse it's whoud remaind devs what WE like In hudge fan of nonlinears not only becouse they are much whay "personal" if whe coud be mage, warior, pirest etc (beaouce roads to succes, decisions etc whoud also be from class perspectiv, chanter can do other things then druid, mage other then warrior, rogue other then barberian, so as an example... Why in nwn 2 all classes have only "City Watch" and "Gangs" roads ? (this is half linear sotry line) in full linear ther where also mages, mercenraries, orders, gulids etc etc ... mych way more options to role play you character ... Halflinear was good in Dragon Age orgins, beacouse we have where only mages (that there more like combat Sorcerers), fighters and rogues ... so their playstyle whoud be simmilar in many ways ... But ... chanter, druid, paladin, cipher, ranger ... those classes ar much more complex ten simple "the fights witch magic, he fights with stword, he fights with dagger" like we seen in Dragon age ogrins ... in with is pull off good only becouse their classes ther ... poor xD whats funny a little xD
  15. You know in some way you are prefect example what im tlking about. Of you cou coud "Save" lad from difrenf reasnons, but if you enchouter same situation, (sam nuber of bandits etc) why whoud you go other road like "i will help killing tihs lad"... this isint fight beteen good vs neutral ... but fight adins Lawfull good vs chaotic evil, it whoud be .. stupid unleass your char i mentali "woundet" (sory for poor english) to akt like "lawfull good" paladin if you know that "reword is big for this kind of behavir" and in second quest like "chaotic evil" becouse you may got logsword +5 xD Besides, you are showing "nonlinear" point of view one decision lead to another, some are "locked" if you chose some way, some are opend ... . xD
  16. Peanut butter jelly time, Peanut butter jelly time Peanut butter jelly time Peanut butter jelly time Peanut butter an a baseball bat where he at where he at where at peanut butter jelly time Sorry that im from Poland and don't understand your sarcasm,
  17. You know, in icewind dale you also "coud" create only 1 charater xD. the issu i have that the "user" created chars will be the same as ice wind daleish puppets with no "bounds" with the world xD And i don't kow how the fact that they are optional chenges this thing xD Okej i know that companios created by des will have some "bounds" with the world, but we are not talking about them but "user created" ones, of cource the main char propably will have some also, but do all user created will have ?
  18. Hahaha kneel and beg for forgivnes... Meet my Longbow +20 000 000 000 (joke of cource :D )
  19. You make the Main PC at character generation, and at a point in the game you can "hire" (and create) other companions in certain locations. These hired characters are built by you, and replace the companion NPCs. However, they aren't with you from the beginning like the IWD games. So, yes and no? Thanks for infromation... But still how much does it changes from "icewind Dale" type of chars ? They still will not have any "relations" in the game world, even if i create a char and give him "farmer" backgroud no farmer in the world will come to him and say "Hay fellow farmer, you are advenchurer now i see", Even if i create a team of "Flirty" girls this doesnt mean that i will have 5 romances and the same time xD They still will be like "chargen" puppets from ice wind dale, never will they interact with the world or my main char like "dev" created chars... and the time when they "join" the main party doesnt matter from this point ... or em i wrong ? XD
  20. Problem with this guy ? Or problem with those guys ? Solution:
  21. Orlan with two handed aumauama Sword, and auamama with orlan dagger ..hmm...
  22. Welcome. In many previos games we seen how davs are developing thei games, and how thei are developing thair plots. This thred was made becouse i;ve enchounter opinions that games today are not "linear" and even some that skyrim is not linear becouse it has "sandbox" xD In general you coud progress a story in 3 difrend ways, Linear, halflinear or nonlinear. And i will exmplainf how that work. Linear You play thu pint A to point B next to point C, you have no influence on the story and no decisions, or you influence is reather cosmetical. The funny thing is that Skyrim in this poit of view is one of the most linear game ever made xD The only freedom that you have is "when" you take some quest, witch is reather cosmetical way of "adding nonlinear feeling". You take quest and you go to poin A then to pint B, next to point C, regardless if you are good, bad, mage or a warrior. The only 1 decision that affects skyrim storyline is "Will you join Stormcloaths, imerals or don't join any of them". Ony 1 decision xD and people think that game is non linear, the funny thing is that when you join stormcloath or imerials you mostly do the same thing but from "other perspeciv", you go to the same cript but you are on difrent side, you fight for the same city, but from other point of view, you conqer rival citys. Of course skyrim, is not good example of linear plot, good example was Neverwinter 1, Balfours Gate 1 or easterd Final Fantasy 7, 8 etc. Simplest definicion - 1 ending with at most some "cometical" difrences. Halflinear This type of games, are linear storylines but cut thos some stages in which you make a decision and change the possible "ending" of ech stage. We encounter this in dragon age orgins, Neverwinter nights 2 etc. This element is perfectly shonw on skyrims "Ulfric-Imperial" issu where you may join ulfrik, imperials or none of them, so this makes skyrim something between linear and halflinear xD. In general Halflinears have 2 big issues. 1. Decisions are in best cases, split to "Good", "Neutral" or "Evil" decisions. And regardles of how many possible endings we have they are Good, Neutral or Evil and only diffrence between 1 good ending and second good ending is cosmetical, co at the end we end up with 3 endings that have some cosmetical difrences inside them ... xD 2. Rewords for gridning (taking an decicion base on the "outcome" like xp, gold") reather then roleplaying, in whith some peaple may 1 time save the kitten, then kill whole city and still say "Im tru neutral damit" XD Nonlinear Hardest story line to input. I've never encouter it in any new highly advanced game, only in 2d games with low graphical level and some of game "novels". Nonlinear plot meant that 1 decision leads to andother, then means that if we for example make decision numer 1, all decision that coud be unlocked by taking decision number 2 or number 3 are closed. I will give an example of game of thrones ts series. Stark has a decicion, marry freys daughter or not, marrying her has a big risk becouse frays daughters are mostly ugly but will lead to make powerfull anti-lannister ally, not marring her may lead to freys betreyal and death of young stark xD This how tru nonlinear decision shoud look like, and ant the and we will have 14 compleatly diffrent endings, in many cases that we cound not put to any bag like "evil" "Good" or neutral becouse they whoud be to complexed. This also whoud protect agind "grinding" decision makeing becouse taking decision like "i will save this poor lad from those bandits" whoud look down any decision like "i will help those bandits kill that lad", becouse it whoud be logical, that a person whou whoud "act like a good person" in "rescueing lad from bandits" whoud do the same in other cas or at least be "neutral" and say "i will not put my boot in this goodbye". Not like in 1 decision char acts like total walking evil, but lawfull good and gantle in second xD and still say "Hey, im neutral damit xD" Im, wainting for your opinion xD
  23. Every company has it's downfalls and it's not trollinf saying about this. Blizzard : 1. You must waint wery long until they "finish" game. 2. Their Games are expencive 3. Sometimes you must buy 1 game 2/5 times, For example to fully buy scratcraft 2 mu must but wings of liberty, heart of the swarm and legancy of void. Biowere: 1. Awkward Romances 2. Poor story telling/ dialogs. 3. Games are to easy, and the "dificulty" level is on "ok we will lead you honding your hand thru the whole game" (in ths issu only Lion head studios are worse) Obsidian: 1. Poor Graphics, and graphic is not optimilized (poor graphic takeing to much resorces for this type of graphical level) 2. Their games are buggy 3. Sometimes Their games have low support and fixing level, some games were never fixed, even today afler so many patches, in Kotor 1 or NwN2 you may enchounter some bugs (less in kotor much more in nwn2) So saying "Hay obsidian, pay attencion to fixing bugs" is in my opinion reather good, and is the same as saying "hey, biowre don't do awkward romances" and nobady says of trolling when we say about Biowere dawnfalls, but when we start saying about obsidian downfalls (and yes every company has some) people starting get offendet xD. I will give you 3 examples. Kotor, Fallout new vegas, nwverwinter night 2. The last obsidian games. In Any of those, they where buggy at the realise, some bugs where never fixed (in kotor they where mostly fixed bus still there was some). You shoud ask them not me xD In my opinion i whoud reather like a game that is buggy but playable (bugs don't destroy gameplay) but they are fixed in next 2, 3 patches. Reather then a game that have half if it's bugs, still is playable but no one even bother fixing them xD
  24. Spells from D&D, awww ... i remember to this day hov much resting my sickly 18 years old mage had in one dugeon. Two steps --> fight ---> rest --> two steps ---> fight ---> rest ... After an hour of grinding in the dungeon my Half-orc Barberian companion sad "I have enough of this resting bullsh...." he killed me during my 12 rest during this day i joind orcs and becoume tair leader withaout any resting xD I agre that some spells like "hellish burning apocalipse" shoud take some time to recover ... but magic missle or flame arrow ? XD And what about complexity of spells ? In my opinion he can make if fun, simple and logical. For example if one mage cast mid fire spell and another cast mid ice spell, both shoud have counter them selves, Fight between 2 mages shoud more look like Chess rether them paper-rock-sizors.
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