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  1. My first choice will be the Cipher... it's a psionic... I mean... A PSIONIC!!! I cannot wait! In the second playthrough I will go tough, obtuse and stompy, with an entire clan of tank-ish Dwarven Warriors! The knees of my enemies shall tremble before the Kneesmasher Clan! *insert malefic dwaven laugh*
  2. I sincerely don't see any problem. I mean, someone should be pretty stupid to feel himself superior to others, just because he is part of this group. The OO was created only with good intentions, to help even more the Eternity kickstarter project through only one rule "the members shall donate $8 more" (without the necessity to show a proof of it), and in exchange of that, the group offers no reward at all. Nobody should feel discriminated for not be in the group nor the members should act as an elite group. It's only a form of fan support.
  3. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197990565650/ hello there
  4. I like the "real journal" style. I would also like to see a complete transcription of all dialogues and the possibility to put my own personal notes in it (even in the main map, if possible).
  5. My DM described it in that way "The Warlord Class is like the Sergeant Hartman in Full Metal Jacket" (I'm serious). For what I've understood, that class can shout at his companions, in order to grant them various kind of bonuses.
  6. I voted for "strongly customizable", but not in the way the poll propose it. I'd prefer more useful stuff, like armory's, tax revenues, improvement in fortification, etcetera... I really don't care about banners and flags.
  7. eheh welcome Ward but your title seems very little... humble ... on the contrary of what it suggests
  8. @LordCrash Since (looking at the graphs) we ARE surely going to reach the 3.0M stretch goal: you, our great Lord, font of inspiration and proudness for all of us, will you increase your pledge to the unspeakable amount of $ 1000, or you will wait until 3.4M? And, if this will ever happen, have you already choosed if you are going to design a weapon/armour/artifact or an npc? And if it will be an armour, will it be an obsidian shield? :biggrin:
  9. Oh right, thanks It seemed too good to be real Edit oh right, the survey they will send to us after the end of the kickstarter. How did I forget that?
  10. I have a questions: in the last update Adam says that if we want obtain the expansion, we can simply add $ 20 to our pledges, etcetera etcetera. But... Let's make an example: If I have pledged $ 35, then I increased it by $ 8 to join the order, it means that I'll have the Digital Strategy Guide, but what if I add 12 more dollars (from 35 to 55)? I'll have the guide AND the expansion, or only one of these two? And now some useless facts: 2.6 million stretch goal reached! Hurrah! I'm officially in the Order! Woooo! I cannot wait to see the next update! Avellone is an old italian word th
  11. I'm ok with an UI similar to the IWD2's one, better if it come with multiple UI windows, such as those that were in NWN2 (es: the character window). What I really hope for P.E. is a quick-cast window! The one in NWN2 was extremely practical! A mix of both the UI, in my opinion, should be very good.
  12. Or maybe it can be an organization of fanatics dedicated to the control of the society through the diffusion of the cult of "the giagantic marshmallow"! FOR THE GREATER SWEET! @LordCrash I may have taken and distorted a bit your Order's symbol (which is great!), and probably will be changed more over time... please don't hurt me!
  13. nice :D Now all of you will be healed by an apothecary who call himself "sick"... good luck with that
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