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  1. I wonder how long it will be possible to donate via Paypal after the kickstarter has been closed and still get the rewards?
  2. Mostly interested into tragedy: 1. People trying to help others thus getting into no-way-out situations. 2. People getting into situations which they don't caused themselves. 3. A tale of Two Sisters 4. Oldboy 5. Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance 6. A ball, dropping down on the stairs and falling down, making you run after it but not able to catch it yet in sight. 7. A process you can't stop, like somebody marching forward - so in some way not the ball dropping down the stairs but someone pushing forward.
  3. 1. They improved the t-shirt design, which is good - but still they don't let the community choose which one they'd prefer and I still don't like it so not interested in getting that. 2. A wallpaper would've been cool?
  4. I don't understand the inclusion of Linux for Project Eternity; it is a OS for academics and system administrators not meant for games - can't resources not rather be redirected to the game instead of porting over for a small meaningless user base of Linux gamers? If there at all are those; mostly they just want something to talk about and prove that they too can have fun with their system, which never was meant for having fun but studies, programming & system administration (work).
  5. I would like to see beautiful winter landscapes and quests like in Icewind Dale I & II, plus awesome composer like Inon Zur or Jeremy Soule.
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