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  1. So ive been trying. To get the Brontide but the issue is the doors are sealed and have been through the whole story line i never got access how do i open the doors or atlest wall breach to get the item. no buttons or terminal anywhere and ive looked for 2 days now. i can't find the soultion. please help. note im on console so console commands are OUT OF THE QUESTION.
  2. I emailed a save game two days ago with a bug stopping progress to the beast of winter. The 4th wandering soul is missing / not giving credit (I think I actually saw it) so I can't summon the king. I posted at the time but my post was put on hold subject to approval by a moderator. That post has now disappeared so I am creating a new one. I can resend the save game if I need to. I have double checked online 4 the locations of the souls just in case.
  3. berries first time i came across berries at bottem of bird bath, i couldnt harverst as it was in water (at the time I assume i needed a different tool) so i looked around more and died to spider later on in play through i seen recipe for blade. my little brain thought I had the answers. nope. (went to the same berrie that falls in water) so i looked around a died to spider my next crack at the berrie problem, i figured i couldnt use tools under water expect spade and spears. (i could be wrong) so thougt i dhould shoot them out the tree. fail looked around ran from spider I then found recipe for trampoline and thought. man this has to be. packed my bag with enough to build 4 as i wasnt going home empty handed. searching for a good spot i place my trampoline and nope. after another 10 mins looking for a branch i could bounce to, I stumbled on the solution. a branch. all this work for tools.
  4. I purchased the physical copy of outer world's for my ps4 and played without updating to any patches till I found I couldn't access any of my saves after going on the mission to meet Elli's parents and skipping the hope. After trying to load a save, my game would "freeze" on the title screen with no available options, music still running and never go to an actual loading screen. I have tried skipping Elli's quest, uninstalling and reinstalling the game, moving my save files to usb storage and all of my "inaccessible" saves are all around 9 mb. I saw there were some people on the forum with similar sounding problems, so yesterday I finally updated the game to the most recent patch (1.3?) and now receive the error code e-b51d0002 when trying to access the files, instead of the "glitch" where the game would crash. I have started a new game to see if there is any hope, but it does suck losing so many invested hours and worrying about encountering this problem ahead.
  5. In the mission "Foundation", the terminal in the Geothermal Plant in Emerald Vale where you trigger the extermination protocol has an option to redefine "intruders" as "Spacer's Choice Automechanicals", that looks like it's meant to go with "Foundation". But clicking "return to root" after doing this makes the triggering option unavailable. Is this an unfinished quest that was supposed to have an alternate solution of sabotaging the mission to spare Edgewater, or is it left over by mistake from the earlier mission where you visit the plant? (And given the format of the game it really feels like it should have been the former.)
  6. I cant enter the room where chairman rockwell is without the game crashing no matter how i do it i even went back to before the mission and redid everything and it still crashes my game does anybody have a fix? Xbox one
  7. End-game spoilers ahead, but nonetheless important for the developers to see I think. I'm in Byzantium at the moment, and for whatever reason the Early Retirement quest dipped my reputation with the Board over the edge. Now everyone guard in Byzantium wants to kill me and every citizen runs from me. This is unacceptable, as the end-game necessitates that you be in Byzantium. My enjoyment is almost ruined by this, since I couldn't take my way in or out of situations as I've done the entire game. The impact of being hated by a reputation you are forced to interact with shouldn't be shoot on sight - quite frankly, it's nearly game-breaking. Obsidian, I hope you find some way to fix this, because I don't want to experience, say, DLC, where everyone hates me. It would be really unfortunate.
  8. Not sure if this has happened to others or not, but when attempting to do the companion quest for Felix, Friendship's Due, i'm having a slight "issue". I'm supposed to meet up with an NPC on Emerald Vale, but upon coming within 110m-160m the quest suddenly updates from "Confront Trask" to "Collect Trask's Ring". Upon getting to where Trask is located, I find him dead, and with several of those dog type enemies directly next too him. It appears that they're either A) spawning on top of him, killing him, and then dying to his Outlaw buddies around him. Or B) since I never came to this area prior, the enemies in it have not de-spawned, and thus once he spawns in from me being close enough, draws aggro and dies. I've reloaded my save multiple times, waited for the day/night cycles to pass, and yet nothing works. If anyone else has encountered this bug, and has a solution to it, please let me know. I want to talk with him and find alternate ways to complete the quest aside from having to kill him. Thank you for your time.
  9. Accepted The City and the Stars before Balance Due now udom is broken and wont request his seal back making it impossible to complete the quest i tried buying the seal and turning it into him but it didnt resolve i just have the seal and cant give it to him
  10. During the Labyrinth mission I have to enter a room by unlocking it with a terminal and then walking in, but everytime I walk into the room, the game will crash without fail, it completely prevents me from continuing the story
  11. As I was on the ship I talked to Max and in mid dialogue one of my crew member climber an invisible ladder in the background and clipped through the ceiling next thing I know Pav is labeled as “dead” even though I’m not on supernovae and her quest Don’t Bite The Sun is botched thankfully I had a save before hand but has anyone else had crew members just “die” on the ship I was in the space laboratory.
  12. I think this is a bug. My game is in patch 3.0.1. Detailed steps to reproduce the bug is given below. Go to luminous bathhouse boiler room and reach the wall that can be broken. Disable the alarm successfully and then break the wall with chisel and hammer. Next, reach Arkemyr's manor using grappling hook from the dark cupboard upper floor window. Go to Arkemyr's room and steal his robes. Wear the robe and the ironclad guard outside still becomes hostile. Now, till patch 2.1, this quest worked fine with the robes. In case you cannot reproduce the bug here is a save file which is after I have donned the robe. I have no save file prior to breaking the wall in bathhouse. Any help is appreciated. save file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=146MCoSUerWpeRt0vhx8njEuLuLnzPHqn
  13. Hi, just a quick question about one room in the Forgotten Sanctum: I'm just curious, whether someone already figured out a way
  14. In Drowned Kingdom Quest I collected all 4 wandering souls but it only gave me credit for 3, so I can't summon the king and complete the quest. will send save game
  15. Hi everyone, Yesterday I was taking a first try at the new megaboss Belranga and to my astonishment it went down in 2nd try. Now before I talk about how Belranga can't chew weapons, let me inform you about my party build since not all party builds are suitable for this fight. Btw I'm playing in POTD(all upscaled). Tank- Fighter/ paladin (St. Elcga ) Moderate Tank- Fighter/ Paladin (Kind wayfarer) Punch em' all- Fighter/monk Summoner- priest (eothas)/ chanter (troubadour) Sorcerer (no subclass) All of my party members were set to auto attack mode and no ai. Now in my first try I noticed that the boss gains concentration after I kill some spiders and her stats decrease by 1 for each spider I kill. By the time I have killed ~60 spiders her attacks became way too accurate and killed my tank in 3 shot. Also I noticed that since only my tank was trying to hit him, belranga only attacked my tank, never went for backliners. So, in my second try I decided not to engage the boss at all and I used my chanter to summon animated weapons. Now only my summons were attacking the boss and all my party members were busy killing spiders. Now being a troubadour it takes ~25 seconds before I can summon animated weapons again and those weapons can last ~27 seconds. Now, just like before the boss never really went for backliners and i managed to kill approximately 120 spiders before even attacking it. After killing 120 spiders her concentration was 32, when I thought that my summons will not last 25 secs. Funny thing is her attacks did ~135 pierce damage to them (summons have 581 hp) and most of the time she used the scream attack instead of just attacking and that gave the party more that 25 secs. At this point my summoner started hitting her with The Red Hand and that did huge damage. Even the summons when they were not paralyzed crit her. So, like last time I expected her to chew up my weapons like she killed my tank earlier. Unexpectedly it was like the bug where party members abandoned their spell cast. Belranga tried to chew my weapons and for some reasons she could not and that sent her to an inactive state until it used the scream again. Basically, the boss in its current ai and stats can be killed with only summons and autoattacks, which didn't feel like a difficult fight at all, more like a tedious grind. Also the fps drops like crazy in this fight. I started with ~40 fps, at the end of the fight it was ~10 fps. Here is a screenshot of him sometime before dying https://imgur.com/dSRqxyT What I would like to know now is any possible strategies that can be useful against this boss with my current party setup without using summons at all.
  16. This bug is easily reproducible. Start Rinco's purse quest. Go to satahuzi and convince Mokeha to give you the purse. Pickpocket Mokeha and you will see another Rinco's purse. Give the purse back to Rinco and you still have one purse left in inventory.
  17. What outcomes provide the options after major battles at the Crucible (e.g. vs Pipiltin's party, vs Porokoa)? Consuming the essence gives an upgrade material (to Legendary level), but what do the others? Edit. Sent Porokoa's soul essence to the Wheel, got +4 to Accuracy against Spirits.
  18. You are the Champion Become crowned the Champion of the Hunt. Archivist of Kazuwari Collect all of the Artifacts of the Crucible. Facing the Faces Become the chosen of the Seeker, Slayer, or Survivor. The Watcher's Debut Earn the title of contender in the Crucible. Opener of the Way Repair the flow of souls to the Beyond. The Greatest Opponent Confront the porokoa. https://www.exophase.com/game/pillars-of-eternity-ii-deadfire-steam/achievements/
  19. I finished Deadfire four months ago and then I let it rest a while. I didn't hate the ending, but what I mostly thought was "what was this all about?" I didn't think we would fight Eothas, but I thought there would be something. We did all this work and then this ending. But a few sleepless nights ago I got an idea: what if this was the whole point? To ask ourselves, what one individual, even a capable one as the Watcher, could really do to change the world? We did so much throughout our journey, influenced leaders of nations and changed the course of history forever. But that was mortal stuff, things we could handle. Buttnaked Eothas was something else, a force of nature, that couldn't be stopped. He would destroy the Wheel, no matter what we did. So why keep going, if we couldn't stop him? Well, my Watcher wanted to see this to the bitter end and because he believed in the potencial of Animancy. If he couldn't stop the catastrophe, at least he could help the world healing faster. So, what was it for you and your Watchers?
  20. The room Scyorielaphas is trapped in has a bug with the ambient audio. There is a distinct pop in the sound that occurs at regular intervals. I haven't encountered this anywhere else yet.
  21. Hi! There is either a bug here, or I don't get something. In Fort Deadlight I messed up the stealth part at the beginning got a castle wide red alert and everyone was attacking me. So I cleared out the castle. Apart from the people in the jail, now one was talking to me, everyone was hostile. Before going to the court Serafen told me that he had some quarrel with Syri and it might not end up well. Anyway, even there everyone attacked me, there was no one to talk to. I don't even remember if Syri was there, whether I killed her or not. So the quest seems to be stuck here. Syri is not there to talk to here and I did not find anything relevant in the rooms there. What do you think?
  22. That's all I really wanted to say, but let me elaborate. He is such a brilliant companion to have around with his funny quips and responses to quips form other companions. Then there are all the priceless puns and innuendos in the stories of his conquests, and lovely naughtiness all around. Last but not least, to make all of that serve a greater purpose and hide a much deeper layer to the character was a beautiful move from the writers. The "grand finale" in the Wild Mare was actually very touching and made me fall in love with the character even more. One thing I either missed out on or that was not present is a follow up to his goddess mom's threat that she wanted someone better for her son. I honestly expected some sort of an epic confrontation at some point, but... part of me is glad it did not happen. That could not have ended well. I wish he and the watcher had a chance for a happy together forever, though, just as they had promised each other in the tavern to always wake up together, but... here's hoping for something of the sort in the future, yes? Because I need more Tekehu in my life, seriously. :D Anyway, thank you for Tekehu, he was like a breath of fresh air for this old and often bitter gamer.
  23. I really was looking forward to having a herald in my party(and PoE1 companion), but because she was banished by the VTC, she ditched me at the docks. Fast forward a bit to the Serpent's Palace, and there's a weird sequence in which they're like, "Take Pallegina with you! Oh, she's banished? Nvm, lol." Anyone import or create this history and find her as a recruitable unit later on? I'm going to start scouring the city, but I wanted to get the weight off my shoulders of knowing whether or not she's lost forever.
  24. Twin Elms side quest spoilers ahead * * * * * * * * So in Twin Elms I just did the quest with the Three Fang Stelgaer chief. Now, he wants you to steal a baby and sacrifice it so he can distill it's essence and drink it, so I'm all "aww hell naw" but I wasn't willing to fight him right then and there. Thankfully his son walks up as you're walking out and tells you you have the option to poison the chief instead, since he'll likely not know what the distilled essence looks like. I'm like, cool, that solves things, but if I were asking some random chick to sacrifice a baby to get me something to drink, I'd want to have a scout watching the baby to know that this chick actually went through with it. Naturally my plan is to take the baby to fool the spies, carry it with me as I got the poison (note to self, put labels on baby bottles during plan), then kill the chief. Well, the son is a paranoid douche who confronts me as I steal the baby, and I'm forced to kill him, but I continue with the plan. Now the chief's dead, but so is the son, and the cradle I stole the baby from isn't interact-able anymore. Now I have a baby in my backpack and I don't know where to put it. Am I just supposed to take this kid with me as I go fight dragons and ****?
  25. So I'll try and go through this step by step to make sure I get it right. When I first got to Twin Elms, I approached Teir Evron and got the main quest update to enter and talk with the gods. However, I figured I'd visit Oldsong first and maybe do some side-quests and stuff. So I did, picked up the quest from the priests of Hylea to clear out the dragon, the quest to look for the woman's missing sister in Noonfrost, and finally, The Old Queen and the New King. Since that seemed contained to the same area, I figured I'd just solve it straight up, and went to Sul's lair. But I didn't feel right just killing one of the beasts since that would be interfering, and I didn't see any other option in dialogue or otherwise, so I decided to do that most unholy of things and google the quest, and found out it it was apparently a sub-quest to gain Galawain's favor, and it also looked like there was also apparently a dialogue-string related to it that would offer an alternate way to solve the quest. So, I decided to go and get it - and the other quests - before continuing my faffing around. After all it might give me a better solution to the quest, so both Sul and Oernos are still perfectly alive and friendly to me. So I went there, read up on the gods and goddesses relevant from the conveniently placed books, and approached all four. The other three followed the same pattern - see vision, get explicitly told by the gods to do thing, exit dialogue through the normal 'End Dialogue' button at the bottom of the screen, get notification of a journal update, and finally get both a sub-quest for the god to gain their favor, and an update in the main Council of Stars quest about what the god asked of me. As I would expect. This is also true for Hylea whose sub-quest I'd already accepted, obviously simply updating the sub-quest rather than giving it to me again but still updating Council of Stars to add it in there, and so on. However, none of this happens with Galawain. I do see a vision of the Lion and the Bear, however rather than being told I need to solve it, I simply get a conversation prompt (NOT the End Dialogue button at the bottom of the screen like the other three have, but [1. Turn back to Teir Evron]) to leave the vision. At this point I get no journal update, the text in The Old Queen and The New King doesn't update at all to clarify that Galawain wants me to interfere or the like, and it's not added to Council of Stars at all - it only shows the quests from the other three. Praying to him again offers me no new options whatsoever, however, where praying again to the other gods simply give me a brief description of the vision and the End Dialogue button, I still have the same options when praying to Galawain as I had in the first place, including the Howl and being forced to turn back at the end. As mentioned before, I'd also accepted Hylea's quest prior to going here, so it's not some universal quest-trigger issue with accepting a favor quest prior to getting asked to by the relevant god At this point I have not yet tried to complete the quest although from searching apparently several other players have had an issue with getting the game to recognize the quest as done at all and/or to get Galawain's favor afterwards. Best case, the interaction of the main story quest and sub-quest, as well as praying to Galawain, is very unclear and different to the other favor quests, and could make it tough for players to understand what to do - if I hadn't googled it myself and figured out it was supposed to be a favor quest, the only hint I'd have would be the Lion and Bear in the vision, nothing in my journal. Alternatively Galawain's quest needs a certain stat or background or whatever to be able to get his quest, but I feel pretty confident that's not how it should work, and if it is it's not at ALL clear either. At worst, the quest-interaction is actually outright broken.
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