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  1. yeah but wish they didnt put that berrie there. i would dig clay under water so i thought i could use tools under water. i never had a reason to test if tools work under water. it was very frustrating and not very clear.
  2. if i cpuld add my 2cents. i would think a system connected to the armour level would help with quality of life aspects of game with out making it easier cause we dont like to grind. the ability to award player near end game through magic/technology/Raw Scince, where having an armour upgrade system. each full set armour will have its usfullnes we need to utilize. concept - full armour must be worn with correct tool to cast the effect onto the insect. This is to help with awarding players who have grinded to the certain level inorder to give them quality of life upgrades.
  3. berries first time i came across berries at bottem of bird bath, i couldnt harverst as it was in water (at the time I assume i needed a different tool) so i looked around more and died to spider later on in play through i seen recipe for blade. my little brain thought I had the answers. nope. (went to the same berrie that falls in water) so i looked around a died to spider my next crack at the berrie problem, i figured i couldnt use tools under water expect spade and spears. (i could be wrong) so thougt i dhould shoot them out the tree. fail looked around ran from spider
  4. Kia ora been playing 1 week spolier free. after first game play with out thirst issue and only being that i figured out how to get grubs late in my run. so i rest with my new found knowlage and have been loving game. as i came across the acorn issue, i assumed i did not complete a task for them to respawn so i carried on. (at this point inhad built 4 chest and broke 2 to build acorn armour. and had to begun saving them and repairing my armour and spade as for storage im still using baskets inorder to save acorn for head mounts for my trophie room) for thirst i have built
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