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how i have survived this patch

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Kia ora

been playing 1 week spolier free. after first game play with out thirst issue and only being that i figured out how to get grubs late in my run. so i rest with my new found knowlage and have been loving game. 


as i came across the acorn issue, i assumed i did not complete a task for them to respawn so i carried on. (at this point inhad built 4 chest and broke 2 to build acorn armour. and had to begun saving them and repairing my armour and spade as for storage im still using baskets inorder to save acorn for head mounts for my trophie room)

for thirst i have built one storage and 4 water cantens. I now have to include in my ingame chores of grabbing my cantens and collecting drinkable water from the juice box around around the map at the same time collecting other resourse. 

yes its very slow and hope we get this issue fixed as my castle is a sight to be hold 🤣 

share your survival hacks during this water shortage 

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