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  1. So ive been trying. To get the Brontide but the issue is the doors are sealed and have been through the whole story line i never got access how do i open the doors or atlest wall breach to get the item. no buttons or terminal anywhere and ive looked for 2 days now. i can't find the soultion. please help. note im on console so console commands are OUT OF THE QUESTION.
  2. I recently ran across a bug and I've looked all over the Internet and people say that there is no fix for this bug peril Gorgon electric swing the problem here is many users can't seem to turn in the quest after getting all the phonographs they can't turn it into the robot and they can't turn it into the guy in the bar yet a fix was claimed to have been in the works but even after a year or two the fix has still not been released please make a work around. This is a game breaking bug I understand your team is very busy dealing with all whole bunch of nonsense and just the crazine
  3. So why can't we play outerworlds in 3rd person.. That's just lazy and ****ing stupid
  4. So how come you can't view your character in 3rd person unless you go into a certain menue. This should be changed to allow us to play in 3rd person I'm getting this game in the mail soon but due to finding this out I may not even try playing it. I hate to say this but why no 3rd person that was a very stupid idea unless your includeing it when mods come out. 2nd question I don't think you should allow pc to mod the game if consoles don't get the same mods it's unfair that pc gets nudeity sex and other things when consoles don't I think you shou
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