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  1. Yeah, The more I play the more I come into conclusion that the main game favors choice and the DLCs really, really assume that You trace-back after each area and hand in quests, otherwise bad/unexpected stuff happens. The game is cool, however it shows that these mini-"expansions" are all done by a smaller and less experienced teams. Also, note that "The Godseed" quest seems to be slightly broken:
  2. Thanks so much, I did exactly that: 1. go upstairs 2. wait (in my case 15 hours till midday) 3. go down 4. talk to Udyne
  3. Hi, just a quick question about one room in the Forgotten Sanctum: I'm just curious, whether someone already figured out a way
  4. I would really, really like to have non-ugly female face models because they are to say the least disappointing compared to PoE I models.
  5. Hello, My AI settings on Sagani are: Class Bevaior: Aggresive Auto-Attack: Aggresive Animal Companion Auto-Attack: Aggressive Yet during fights while Sagani shoots as usual Itumaak just stands there and if I don't tell him to attack targets manually he will remain passive. Has this been reported yet ?
  6. Seriously, crashing when moving from dungeon to the kitchen and back, from temple to the roof and back ... This game has lovely lore but I guess we have to wait a bit for some patches to come in ;-]
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