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Found 1 result

  1. Hi everyone, Yesterday I was taking a first try at the new megaboss Belranga and to my astonishment it went down in 2nd try. Now before I talk about how Belranga can't chew weapons, let me inform you about my party build since not all party builds are suitable for this fight. Btw I'm playing in POTD(all upscaled). Tank- Fighter/ paladin (St. Elcga ) Moderate Tank- Fighter/ Paladin (Kind wayfarer) Punch em' all- Fighter/monk Summoner- priest (eothas)/ chanter (troubadour) Sorcerer (no subclass) All of my party members were set to auto attack mode and no ai. Now in my first try I noticed that the boss gains concentration after I kill some spiders and her stats decrease by 1 for each spider I kill. By the time I have killed ~60 spiders her attacks became way too accurate and killed my tank in 3 shot. Also I noticed that since only my tank was trying to hit him, belranga only attacked my tank, never went for backliners. So, in my second try I decided not to engage the boss at all and I used my chanter to summon animated weapons. Now only my summons were attacking the boss and all my party members were busy killing spiders. Now being a troubadour it takes ~25 seconds before I can summon animated weapons again and those weapons can last ~27 seconds. Now, just like before the boss never really went for backliners and i managed to kill approximately 120 spiders before even attacking it. After killing 120 spiders her concentration was 32, when I thought that my summons will not last 25 secs. Funny thing is her attacks did ~135 pierce damage to them (summons have 581 hp) and most of the time she used the scream attack instead of just attacking and that gave the party more that 25 secs. At this point my summoner started hitting her with The Red Hand and that did huge damage. Even the summons when they were not paralyzed crit her. So, like last time I expected her to chew up my weapons like she killed my tank earlier. Unexpectedly it was like the bug where party members abandoned their spell cast. Belranga tried to chew my weapons and for some reasons she could not and that sent her to an inactive state until it used the scream again. Basically, the boss in its current ai and stats can be killed with only summons and autoattacks, which didn't feel like a difficult fight at all, more like a tedious grind. Also the fps drops like crazy in this fight. I started with ~40 fps, at the end of the fight it was ~10 fps. Here is a screenshot of him sometime before dying https://imgur.com/dSRqxyT What I would like to know now is any possible strategies that can be useful against this boss with my current party setup without using summons at all.
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