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  1. Well it might be matter of main questline progression. I on purpose waited until level 20 to recruit him to see example of how you are supposed to build multiclass characters and he was instantly talking aedyran when I talked to him at the ship <_<
  2. In the first conversation with Xoti, if you are cheeky about your identity Xoti says that she can tell what you are and then immediately refers you as watcher <_< So dunno how, but she can apparently recognize watchers at sight, maybe that comes with being a reaper?*shrugs* But yeah, there are times when npcs seem to assume you told them something you had option to not mention,(such as being Herald of Berath) but it has never been anything really important. Still, either way, you cant hide your identity as watcher if thats what you want
  3. Thing is though, evil companion work better on Baldur's Gate era of crpgs were there were so many companions that you were never supposed to use them all, you just picked who you liked and sticked with them <_< Modern crpg format involves quests for each companion and assumes players want them to stick around until ending. Second thing being that mustache swirling villains aren't really interesting characters for most parts if you want character to be literally "evil". Amoral might be better word?
  4. Sooo wait, you would prefer it if combat was mostly just martials hitting foes with swords instead of having abilities to use actively? Bit confused there if you are complaining about thematic-ness(I thought you were complaining about stuff like barbarian's leap ability) or gameplay
  5. Tekehu can at least be convinced to not leave party(I kinda doubt its possible on Rauatai's path though because of what the heck you have to do in final mission) even if you aren't on Huana path, but on Maia I don't know if there is any other method of keeping her in party than avoiding talking to her until you are in the final island? About Pallegina I have absolutely no idea
  6. I think you can buy them in Splintered Reef? Unlike first Pillars of Eternity, there aren't many vithracks in deadfire except for like two three inviduals
  7. Pirate rpgs to be honest aren't very common <_< I can only think of one pirate crpg series and that one is kind of bad/mediocre/average from what I remember. Anyway, ship combat is actually one of really great things about this game(but then again, I think this game was overally great) but if you don't like it then you don't like it, not much they can do to sell someone on that if they don't like idea of captaining a ship.
  8. I can agree with this. Miraculously a party of bi characters happened to meet with the player, so at least we should have met some LGB characters out in the world. (of course, not in a into the face way Beamdog and Bioware wrote them in their games). I do think I remember two of rautai guards talking to each other about how guard's girlfriend left them... Because he slept with her brother. I think there might have been other background conversations but I can't really remember
  9. You can get ghost ship on any route because pirate questline doesn't involve attacking any factions, so you just can not bring ghost ship to dunnage after you get it. That said, you can't really customize it for most part so uh not really worth it to replace junk class ship.
  10. If you ask me, new characters(I dunno if you can romance any of the old ones) do feel like they are all bi. I mean, its not like Dragon Age 2 where lot of characters feel like they are Hawke!sexual rather than bi. Edgelord elf guy expresses interest in some NPC/companions that are women, but he never expresses interest in men outside of Hawke's flirting. Anders is also weird example because in DA 1 he was ladies man and in DA 2 with male!Hawke he seems to be mainly into men with his dead lover and all. Maia, Tekehu, Serefen and Xoti all do express interest in both genders outside of the main character from what I've seen. So in that way I think its handled well, you feel like characters are actually bi and its not make big deal out of it. That said, if you want the game to have good amount of diversity and LGBT representation then having everyone being bi isn't good way to do it yeah since homosexuality isn't same as bisexuality. Either way, I did feel like everyone was written as bisexual, though I do agree it was probably done for sake of player's freedom rather than representation itself, but I don't think that is inherently bad reason to do it, though it depends on what your opinion on video game romances is in general.(I think option for them is nice for roleplaying and story you want for your character. While they tend to be cheesy or sappy, I don't think its wrong to people to like cheesy or sappy stuff)
  11. You are able to make one potion that increases stats when you make it(since you drink it immediately), you need ingredients though yeah. If that doesn't work, try to talking to guy in cage in case game assumes you need to talk to him first
  12. I do think you lose lot of stuff if you just look at table and pick options based on that <_< Like, godlikes themselves have a lot of racial reactions to them, much more than I remember first game having. Everytime you go to new island someone reacts to you being a godlike. I do have to note that island amauma itself isn't most common dialog option race wise I've seen, its deadfire culture PLUS island amauma as a combination. Also, you really rarely use stats to solve things in dialog options in general. I haven't seen perception being used to solve stuff often, it is used to get extra observations stuff just like insight is, resolve and intellect are to me more often used as dialog choices you pick while perception is more of passive thing for most parts?
  13. I think they are cool since they make skill checks easier to do. But yeah, I counted as max amount of berath's boons being 79 which is one or two below having all boons activated at same time. Not sure if that is accident or not, but yeah I think you are always one boon short from having all of them on same time
  14. That is really impossible since character creation and game mechanics have changed slightly since first game.
  15. I get feeling Ydwin might have been able to explain how it works better if she had been a companion <_< I mean, clearly her experiment to separate herself from wheel worked even if she has to consume soul essence to survive. Considering she is a scientist, if she was companion I'd assume she could have explained how that works which would have given more insight on In-Between, Beyond and Souls.
  16. Thing about Ydwin though is that she clearly was written as companion character first considering main plot of the game <_< Her animancy experiment is actually relevant to the ending of the game meaning it is really weird she is a sidekick. There is also that without her as companion, there is only one moment in game that really triggers Pallegina's pro animancy bias
  17. I did complete the first playthrough with preset legacy and bugs and all and I did enjoy it, but in retrospect I'm really annoyed to learn that there is bug with bosses dropping their loot as random loot including unique items you can get only from defeating them I'm really annoyed at learning I was supposed to be able to get certain floating skull from first game as pet for second time.
  18. I've realized after playing game to 100% completion that Fig stretch goals were less of bonus content and more of things developers wanted to do but not sure weren't able to <_< I mean, Ydwin's whole experiment on seperating herself from the wheel is really relevant to the ending of the game plus her status as animancer would make Pallegina's animancy bias more relevant than it currently it is. Its not just that she is cool pseudo vampire mad scientist sort of character, it really feels like she was originally written as companion then demoted to sidekick in order to save budget. Her recruiting dialog is most involved out of all sidekicks. Konstantine and Fassina are respectively massage parlor bored with his job and wizard apprentice/shopkeeper frustrated with his boss so on first impression they don't seem too special. Rekke on other hand has unique culture(Yuzuha) unique background(Missionary. Apparently Yuzuha folk are monotheistic) unique subrace(Stormfolk) unlike all other companions you can actually talk to him on ship(he can even translate that stone tablet you can find in shop in first town, turns out its sales pitch for a horse. Apparently people from Yuzuha really love horses) and even ask his opinion on all other companions. Like, I'm not sure what is up with him being only one to have ship dialog, maybe he exists just for sake of world building, but it does really seem like waste as well he is only a sidekick since it would be interesting to see outsiders' perspective on everything happening in the game. (to lesser extend, its also sad sea monsters stretch goal was never reached since it does feel odd that there is never ship vs sea monster combat in game heavily featuring ships and piracy and such. Makes the loading screen image with all companions and kraken attacking ship kind of weird) Anywaaaaaaay, so yeah, I wouldn't actually mind if there was DLC that made Ydwin full companion(and maybe added sea monsters ) but really I'm hoping if there is Pillars 3 Ydwin gets new chance to shine(and maybe Rekke too because I'm now curious about what is up with Yuzuha related stuff)
  19. Huh? I don't think there is quest attacking Kahanga Palace, you are just supposed to go to the ondra's mortar according to quest log right?
  20. My guess is that she was supposed to be the sidekick if Ydwin became companion character <_< I mean, to be honest, Ydwin is clearly meant to be more important character than she ends up playing considering ending of the game and her first conversation
  21. Do note that there is bug that sometimes bosses dont' drop their unique loot randomly <_< I never got bog witch's grimoire and never got Concelhaut pet either. There are is at least one more unique item that I know for sure didn't drop for me
  22. Ya know, in retrospect it explains why Principi faction is rather unconnected to other three, the fourth faction exists because of Fig backers ._.;
  23. Anyhoo's Maia's ending I got (where she complains about underhanded unethical tactics used in Deadfire) implies that leader of Rauatai isn't as bad as officials in deadfire since they listen to her complaints and declares that while victory is important it is also important to do it right. That said, yeah, wow, Rauatai does lot of bad guy **** in the game even if its not as obvious since they clearly don't think themselves as evil or in the wrong
  24. If you want to keep all companions in party while doing missions opposed to them, avoid bringing them along on the mission against their faction and don't talk to them on the ship until you have reached the finale :D Thats what I did with Maia since first time around I chose Vailians.(because this is pre bugfix patches playthrough, I was playing with one of preset options and chose ending I wasn't planning to use for my imported character, though I did do all faction questline for achievements and berath's boon points so I know the gist). I do find it interesting how Serefen seems to be only charcter who doesn't leave the party as result of not choosing their faction as he is fed up with Principi anyway by end game(at least on my playthrough) and because Principi is only faction that doesn't care to intervene with other three? I do wonder what happens in ending where you choose to ignore all factions though
  25. Hmm, I hear them all the time. Maybe you just need to have crew full? Or give them alcohol to drink Jokes aside, I like to hear them
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