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  1. The whole narrative about your character being reset could be what the devs put in to justify resetting to Level 1. However, they probably never wanted to carry over the levels for POE1 in the first place. You see, carrying over levels has to be a conscious design decision, and not a retrofitted one. If the devs wanted to carry over the levels, then naturally, the skill system had to more or less remain the same. The reason for my gripe on this is because carrying over levels enforces the idea of progression of your character. Just look at Baldur's Gate - in the first game, you leveled from 1 to 7. In Shadows of Amn, 8 to 19. In Throne of Bhaal, 20 to 40. So it's possible to start at Level 20. But by the end of Throne of Bhaal, the whole series does feel like a progression from Level 1 to 40. The option of playing back your same character was there. It felt like a journey. Yes, in Throne of Bhaal, every spider and trash mob was above level 20, but did that bother us? And i know, just because Bioware did it, doesn't mean Obsidian has to do it. But I really miss the way Bioware used to do things. There's a reason why the Baldur's Gate series is legendary. It was a 4 year journey with my character. You could see your growth. So I bet if PoE3 comes out, we'll have to play from Level 1 to 20 again right? The difference is that PoE1 & 2 feels like two separate games populated by the same NPCs and Gods
  2. 1. Since this is a direct sequel to the first PoE, while controlling the same protagonist, why was the game not designed to import your character from PoE1 and start the game at Level 20? Baldur's Gate I & II did it last time. This would make the efforts in PoE1 carry more weight, and PoE2 won't feel like a mere reset button. Yes, I'm aware the mechanics and skills have changed, but there are many ways to get around that. Nobody bothered thinking of a way. 2. I am personally not in favour of this game becoming (to a partial extent) a Pirates Simulation Game. All I wanna do is get from city to city to buy new weapons and armour, but I have to now worry about sailing mechanics - thunder storms, text-based ship battles, ship inventory, crew management, food, drink, medicine etc. etc.....not to mention the land exploring system, which reinforces the Pirates Simulation feel. Has Obsidian learned nothing from Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir? NEVER turn a traditional D&D-esque CRPG into a Sim Tycoon game. This game is heading towards Pirates Tycoon. 3. The journal could be made better. Unlike PoE1, there are many more small towns in this game. It's hard to keep track of the quests which has to be turned in. The best example is the Bounties. The quest giver might be in Neketaka, and the bounty is in Dunnage. It'll be good to have a more streamlined system to keep track of all the things i need to do in say.....Dunnage, and finally, all the quests I need to turn in, in say....Neketaka. It is not uncommon to have 1 bounty, 1 Vailian Trading Company quest and 1 Royal Deadfire Company quest which I have to turn in, in Neketaka, while at the same time having 2 bounties i need to kill in Neketaka. But the journal scrambles all of these quests all over the place, and I have to scan through the entire journal manually. 4. The game is too easy at classic difficulty. Most of my battles involve sending my fighters forward to tank a crowd, while my range characters fire from the back. I'll win the battle regardless of whether I use any skill or spells. As such, I am heavily inclined towards passive skills. There's no point choosing all these active skills since I don't need to use them to win any battle. Why would I need to choose a second Knockdown Power Slash instead of say.....a 10% Critical Damage boost? Even when I tried fighting the dragon below the Watershaper's Guild, it was painfully easy. Won 1st try, and zero casualties. Never had a total wipe yet.
  3. Update for people who stumble upon this thread: 1. Berath's Wrath curse disappears after your main character kills (ie. gets the final hit) 75 enemies 2. Burden of Memory curse (inflicted during 'A Glimpse Beyond' quest) is time based. You have no choice but to bear with it until it runs out - which is a very long time. No amount of waiting or resting will hasten the process.
  4. Thanks for the info. This kinda sucks because my main character is a tank. He is the guy with the high engagement capability and crowd control. Oh well. Time to switch up and become more aggressive.
  5. Since that counter is for returning souls to the wheel, how do you actually return souls to the wheel?
  6. Really? The effects are quite crippling, and no amount of rest or waiting will remove them. Any specifics on when or how these can be removed?
  7. I have this seemingly permanent curse/negative effect called 'Burden of Memory' and 'Berath's Wrath'. I think ended up getting this after Berath found out that I didn't return the souls of the Hollowborn to the Wheel. Any way to remove these effects?
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