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  1. You triggered Aloth's quest after certain point in the game, or maybe some particular location. I forgot what location it was though since I kept him in party since beginning until it unlocked
  2. Could people actually list those silly names? <_< I mean none of the names particularly sticked out to me as silly....
  3. *shrugs* Not getting adra dragon scales for suberb equipment crafting? Epilogue just says that adra dragon was last sighted getting on a ship on some port
  4. Huh, well I still died in final fight few times until I figured out a strategy that made it easier, so clearly I didn't have too much of bugged op stats ._.
  5. At the stormwall gorge I was like level 7-9 or something but I had done all quests prior to that(besides endless path)
  6. Nah, I did change my party members a lot. I do admit that I didn't ever bother checking character sheet though, but gameplay wise I didn't notice any major difference in term of party member effectiveness. So even if they got completely ruined at some point, I was still able to cheese the final fight without much problems once I discovered effective strategy Also, to people who didn't play the beta, the beta was much more buggier actually. For example, if you saved the game and loaded the save, you had chance of losing your items including equipped ones. So far only pretty bad glitch and even then not that major one is double click equip one, stronghold interface bugs aren't that bad and Raedric's keep, while bad, happens early on and doesn't seem to happen to everyone. Considering I loaded the save like 20 times
  7. For game that is apparently broken, I was able to complete all quests in the game in 49 hours Yes I didn't have any problem with Raedric's keep, dunno if that is luck or what, but I loaded the save tons of time because I kept dying in boss fight with Raedric and I had to leave area and return later to try it again. I did lose my character's racial trait but didn't really care about that and I noticed some bugs with stronghold system but thats minor stuff. Seriously people, if you say this is buggest you have ever seen, you haven't been playing many games. If you want, I can list much more buggier releases. This is among least buggiest pc rpg releases I have seen in ages and not just by Obsidian's past releases <_<
  8. Umm, Thaos does need Woedica since empowering Woedica leads to goal Thaos wants and Thaos isn't "god"(well technically gods aren't real gods, but they are still much more powerful beings than mortals). Plus if I understood right, at least some of Thaos' abilities come from being Woedica's "favored". Woedica on other hand doesn't need Thaos specifically, she just needs someone to do her bidding, after you defeat Thaos you are given offer of becoming her favored instead.
  9. I'm not really seeing from PC's perspective why that would make them agree that Raedric is better than his nicer cousin considering that Raedric also hangs tons of people Kolsic at least wants Gilded Vale to recover from Raedric's rather crazy actions
  10. I actually think its nice how there were less quests in act 3 <_< It would have been tiring and slow pacing if by act 3 we would have as much time wasting as in Defiant Bay...
  11. SPOILERS: Wael shows up way later to give his two cents on matter.
  12. Umm, what do you mean by that This thread is too pretentious for my tastes, but that made me raise my eyebrows and have to reply: What the heck you are talking about? Thaos sees Woedica as ally to help keep world ignorant and Woedica sees Thaos as her servant to get more power <_< Thaos isn't using Woedica, where you got that idea from?
  13. Yeah and he also kills hollowborns. Like I said, he is offensive and has interesting backstory. His horrific beliefs stand out rather well among the companions since he is only one closest to the token evil member of the group, but hes not horrific because "lol being evil is fun", its because he actually believes himself to be righteous. He actually seems rather horrified when he starts considering the chance that maybe killing Eothas might actually have been a bad thing after learning about Woedica's plot.
  14. Not sure if being basically evil Oppenhaimer makes him a war criminal, I find it more interesting that he last member of chapter of Magran's church that basically believes in punishing people by lighting them on fire Basically saying, being one of twelve to create Godhammer by Magran's orders isn't really the most messed up thing about him Plus his story concludes by him wanting to get revenge on the goddess, that makes him rather metal on top of his Rasputin look and burning stuff
  15. Why you think I'm referring to actual reason behind the legacy? Again, at what point building temple to Berath would be rational way of solving the problem? Gilded Vale isn't only place were hollowborn are born, heck its even worse problem in Dyrford, Raedric is clearly overly zealous about Berath <_<
  16. You could have just put that question in the title though (BTW you find Pallegrine at Ondra's gift and Hirovius at Stormwall Gorge. Yeah, I know, you didn't ask that either, but I decided to point it out since it sounds like you skipped lot of stuff) Anyhoo, my favourite is actually Durance because I find his sanctimonious preacher/cranky offensive grandpa thing funny, plus he has interesting backstory and its fun to throw flaming pillars on enemies aka hes pretty useful in combat
  17. Well, even if he isn't crazy, his idea of how to solve the problem is really bad idea <_<
  18. You can sell them for money Well, more accurately, you can get events where animancer/distant relative/slaver wants to pay for them And visitors who you can hire appear in hireling menu
  19. You sure that Raedric isn't just crazy?... I mean, he tries to cure the land by building temple to Berath If that was all it would take to end the Legacy, then surely Legacy wouldn't be a thing everywhere in Dyrwood
  20. Wait, so you started to discuss the ending before seeing the ending choices? O-o And Engwithans(however you spell them) didn't "prove" that gods don't exist, the thing was that even though they were super advanced civilization they were still unable to find proof of their gods' existence and so they started to despair because of that and decided to create their own gods. Anyhoo, depending on your party and difficulty, there is few ways to cheese the fight(worked on normal with level 12 party barbarian, fighter, paladin, wizard, priest and druid): If you have a tank, have the tank engage Woedica's judge(the hammer one since thats one Thaos possesses first), have have ranged characters get away from the other one so that the other one targets melee characters attacking Thaos and then have everyone 'cept the tank tanking one of statue things attack Thaos. After Thaos does possessing thing, have everyone, but your tank distracting Judge attack Hangman and after hangman is finished, finish off the judge and now you can beat Thaos alone. I'm not sure what the cipher bug is you are talking about, but I'd assume it would work well enough even if cipher doesn't work as it is suppsoed to
  21. There are only few moments were dispositions unlock dialog options(two different conversations I can think about), most of the time dispositions are used for how characters react to you. So like, if you have high honesty, then people are more likely to believe you.
  22. Scouting items are mostly unique items, some of them are pretty useful some of them aren't really compared to stuff you have gotten by that point and some of them are intentional jokes like "The Disappointer" pistol you can find right in beginning of the game before you are forced inside the cave
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