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  1. I don't want to play an inferior version of the game, if Obsidian is going to use the same development method as before I will wait to play this one also.
  2. That's what I've been doing also, waiting for the finished product. I made a post about this about 4-5 patches ago and they're still coming with no end in sight. I guess we can Minecraft to thank for this "style" of game development.
  3. I've been waiting for this game to be "done" so I can play it, but still it seems every 2-3 weeks there is a patch on the way, and yet again I read about another today that's going to add much needed features (that should have been included at release) like single character stealth and party member AI. Is this game going to be a work in progress?
  4. I tried playing PoE at my friend's house and the teleporting ghosts ended my interest in it as well. Having to set up your party like an MMO raid is annoying enough, but at least they should have added a taunt ability if things like these teleporting ghosts are going to be there. I had Eder, Aloth, and my rogue with a bow...every fight they would just teleport past Eder and easily kill my helpless guys...yeah that's fun.
  5. I wish someone would hurry up and mod this ridiculous stat system, it's one of the things that's keeping me from playing this game. There's no suspension of disbelief when the design is this bad. Having heavily armored "tank" characters with minimum strength because it's only used for damage is just plain stupid. The character shouldn't even be able to equip armor or carry a shield if their strength (might) stat is low. Mages should not be hulking brutes, ripping phone books in half in their spare time. Archers also, and having guns do more damage because of strength is the best example of how stupid this system actually is, They should have just bought the D&D license for this, their system sucks.
  6. It's things like this that are keeping me from liking this game. I also like to play melee guys in the BG games, specifically paladins and it seems that Obsidian went with the bizarre MMO notion that paladins should only be meat shields, I guess this is how they were in Everquest so that got copied over and over. I would also like to play a D&D style ranger but once again all we have is this MMO style ranged pet class for a ranger. A dual wield berserker is another favorite class from BG, but that doesn't work in PoE either. The only hope I have for this game is modding really, I don't see myself playing it otherwise.
  7. The problem is the descriptor text, as others have put it. You can completely ignore that and miss out on almost nothing, they shouldn't have added that in. There's plenty to read without that, this is a video game after all. There's too much reading and not enough doing sometimes. Hopefully someone will do a mod and remove it so this confusing effect of the VO skipping it will go away.
  8. I'm sure you can see into people's souls too and work out what they think, right? Saying "people who backed the game must love it because they are deluded" is just as pointless as saying "people who criticise the game are just trolling". Neither have any basis in logic or reality. There were reviews also up within minutes of people giving the game a zero, for example because it has "old graphics" or whatever else. There's a lot of stupid people saying nonsensical things from every spectrum. Again, it's funny that you're doing exactly what the OP is cautioning against - assuming everybody is a troll. And here again, a backer rushing to the defense of their "precious." There's a reason that Steam is forcing the people on there to disclose that they have been PAID for their opinions. Maybe you aren't aware of whats called astroturfing? Hiring shills to pretend to be real customers and give fake reviews, and now also to post in social media sites in order to control opinions. I'm not going to argue with you because I really don't care, I know how things work now I've seen many times, and the gaming industry can get away with it easily because their main demographic is children.
  9. From what I've seen so far, this is going to be exactly like Divinity Original Sin as far the kids that backed the game refusing to accept the reality about the game. I don't want to say fanboys but hey that's what it is. Also once again metacritic is proving to be just another marketing tool, I'm seeing tons of brand new accounts that rate poe a 10. Also on steam, there were reviews up within minutes of the game going live praising it to high heaven, again either the work of fanboys or paid shills..probably both. Social media is another thing to avoid also, with the usual garbage that goes on there that for some reason kids love. Myself, I was going to play until I saw the bug with double clicking erasing your stats permanently. It looks like yet again a game has been released 6 months too early and the developers don't care and want more money before they finish it.
  10. i'm not sure why anyone would call someone grieving mother. "Hello Grieving Mother, how have you been?" "Tell Grieving Mother to come here." "Grieving Mother is my best friend." Surely this isn't what the character is called the entire game? It sounds more like a placeholder name for a game still in development.
  11. I was looking at the list of npc companion characters and saw of them is named "Grieving Mother"...is this for real?
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