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  1. I am currently in the Temple of Eothas with Edèr and Aloth fighting shade monsters, and I'm experiencing some big grievances with the combat. 1. Why are the angles of the wizard spells so large? When friendly fire is part of the game, you need to be able to direct your spells accurately, and that just isn't possible when the cone takes up over half of the battlefield. Make the angles narrower at least, or better yet, let us define the breadth of the AoE ourselves. 2. Why is there a friendly fire AoE associated with Fetid Caress? When I can't cast it without sickening the tank I'm trying to h
  2. Regarding your first point: By "auto-go-best stuff", I assume you're referring to kiting. That being the case, let me try to qualify the scenarios in which kiting would be beneficial: 1. Kiting as a melee character is currently impossible according to Sensuki, because of the engagement system. 2. Kiting vs an enemy that is faster than your own character is also futile regardless of weapon type. (I'm assuming here that characters can actually attack opponents they've caught up to.) 3. Kiting versus an enemy with range can be self detrimental, depending on speed, range, damage, and
  3. Disclaimer: I haven't tested any of the more recent beta builds, and have not familiarized myself with the intricacies of the recovery/engagement mechanics. However, I have an objection to make against the idea of "movement recovery". When I'm in the middle of combat (regardless of game), I don't want my movement decisions (be it regarding angles of attack, range adjustments, management of cooldowns/health, blocking of enemies, or anything else) to be slanted toward remaining stationary: That is already the ideal state which allows for the highest DPS, and in a situation without risk of ch
  4. A respec option is just that: An option. The argument that it devalues your choices is utter nonsense, you have the tool to give your character build decisions the proper weight: Your imagination. Imagine the option isn't there, or that it requires time/gold that your character doesn't have/want to spend, or that there is a risk involved in the process. Roleplay. I don't imagine they will ever add this feature to this game, so praise be to the flying spaghetti monster for CE and save editors.
  5. I was profoundly disappointment when I realized I wasn't being rewarded with experience for gameplay. It doesn't make sense to me that the system responsible for managing the party's increasing skill doesn't recognize the time and effort they put into overcoming their enemies through battle, the continued practice of their non violent skills, or the ongoing gathering of knowledge through reading, observation and exploration. It is a letdown from what you are expecting, based both on life and on other comparable RPGs. Not only is it disheartening when you realize that you're being rewarded
  6. I want to report an issue that I've experienced with both this beta, and the wasteland 2 beta in the past: My computer gradually becomes more unresponsive the longer the client is running untill it freezes completely, forcing me to shut down the computer via the power button. I could start the game fine (it felt like the startup time was longer than it should though), and edit my preferences, but once I got to character creation I would notice that mouse movement and button clicks would register slowly, and incorrectly (the mouse did not move precisely to my input). Switching to another window
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