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  1. Xoti becomes crazy if she is convinced to keep the souls. That said, Pallegina and Xoti fight seems to be bugged since it triggers immediately Xoti gets negative disposition towards Pallegina. And I never got Eder vs Xoti fight since they both remained on good terms disposition wise on my playthrough, but it seems its supposed to be about Xoti having crush on Eder while Eder is uncomfortable about her religiousness. In my ending slide, it concluded with basically "Watcher encouraged them to get along so Eder stopped distancing himself from Xoti because of her beliefs and Xoti realized she was being pushy with her girlish crush and so they become good friends"
  2. You can also promise him adra from the final island whose name I forgot how to spell with reasoning that his island isn't sustainable by itself.(allied with Vailians on that run if that matters) I haven't tried it out, but I assume his fleet shows up if you join the combat before Ondra's mortar
  3. I do wonder how much personalities of companions can change based on Pillars 1. I doubt it would be radically much except for certain things, but still interesting to wonder about. Anyway, I'm actually sad after completing the game first time that Ydwin stretch goal wasn't reached(I also got sad to lesser extend about sea monsters stretch goal not being reached since in retrospect, its sad there isn't a single ship vs monster combat in the game unless you count one of those scripted events) since it really feels like she could have given different perspective to realtionship scores with her own biases. Like, nobody in the game really triggers Pallegina's positive bias about animancy besides having Xoti give her souls to animancers <_< Having animancer from white that wends would have been really interesting addition to the soup. (BTW, bit weirded out how Rekke is only sidekick that has lot of ship dialog. Considering he has unique background culture and subrace(Yuzuha, missionary, stormfolk), can translate that stone table you can buy in first town and has comments on every companion and sidekick, it really feels like as if he is foreshadowing for future games or something ._.) Hmm, I did think Xoti's comments did make sense since it is very new experience to her as well(she doesn't seem like she traveled much before the whole dawnstar pilgrim thing) and since game IS about following him and Eder's god. And in general, I got feeling that Eder has most dialog and reactions in the game since some companions don't have anything to say on certain areas while Eder has something to say in most areas it seems.
  4. Oh so you did fight Nemnok then. Yeah, you can avoid fighting Nemnok altogether and he instead dismisses his servants and declares you to be his new servants and tells you to get books for him. I can confirm though that book of storms isn't one of books he wants unless game was being bugged again(it seems dialog at least is bugged for npcs in his lairs if you agree to get books for him since they all talk as if he was gone already even though he is still there chilling)
  5. I looted him yes, I got even his grimoire Also huh, you can get Nemnok at pet through dialog? I didn't have enough high intimidate(or maybe I picked wrong option) but I instead got quest were Nemnok requested me to bring three(iirc and didn't forget anything) grimoires from different locations through the deadfire(one of them is that vampire boss guy's grimoire at Splintered Reef, one of them was Ancient Lich's grimoire(the one in that random cave in one island) and final one was that bog witch's grimoire in hut near to the island, she didn't drop it though for me so I was only able to get two of three)
  6. Thing about Xoti's quest: I think its bugged and its conclusion isn't supposed to trigger before meeting Eothas at Ashen Maw for two reasons: 1) if Xoti is in the party, she tries to give souls in her lantern to Eothas who tells her to instead figure out what to do with them on her own 2) Quest log for Xoti's mission mentions spoiler about Eothas goal of breaking the wheel which you don't learn before meeting him at Ashen Maw
  7. That's BS on his part, because it definitely seems that he singles out Watcher's jokes as being bad. Anyway there's barely anything he likes and even then it's a slow slog. Hmm, I've never got Aloth's having negative reaction at Watcher's jokes. Maybe its depends on what situation you are making jokes about or context of the jokes?
  8. Yeah, most of companions at conflict results seem to be heartwarming, though I think it might require one of companions having positive modifier to another?(I had that Pallegina and Tekehu moment as well as Tekehu and Maia moment) Like Xoti and Pallegina did have second argument, but they were just as angry first time and both of them had negative modifiers towards each other.
  9. I do love how game allows you to choose obviously bad options :D They would only need game over texts. Speaking of which, here is another one: Trying to sail through Ondra's mortar solo(at least without all upgrades, I'm not sure if its possible if you have everything even if you aren't allied with a faction) Ondra is like "WTF, we expected better of you"
  10. Devil of Caroc breastplate is at the better smith in Neketaka(spelling?), forgot name of district but its the one with Watershaper's guild and Arkemyr's mansion in it.
  11. It's not in Arkemyr's Manor. It's in a quest after you burgle it. Just wait for Arkemyr's return, you'll get an invitation. I completed game 100% and did all quests including killing Concelhaut as boss. Like I said, I didn't get him as pet loot. I didn't either get all four grimoires required for Nemnok's lost grimoires quest(since not all bosses dropped them what they were supposed to drop) so I instead just fought him <_< Just to note that I have it right, I had to load save after I completed one of bounty quests and on second time I defeated the bounty I didn't get unique flail I got first time around. I also noticed that bounties sometimes drop heads and sometimes not even if game always assumes you give head to turn in the bounty for money. In other words, yes, game has bug related to loot drops from corpses
  12. Anyway, on Aloth's irresponsibility bias: Its not that Aloth is anti jokes, he is anti... Well, if you take Tekehu and Aloth to Wild Mare and talk to owner, Aloth gets bias triggered on every story owner tells of what Tekehu did while drunk there. Aloth isn't anti jokes, he is as it said, anti acting in irresponsible manner. When you meet him first time, he is avoiding his responsibilities as watershaper in order to do what he considers artistic stuff so that annoys Aloth along with that Aloth dislikes pride. Aloth doesn't get angry at Xoti and Eder for joking and he doesn't get angry at Serefen or Tekehu at joking, he gets angry at Serefen and Tekehu avoiding responsibilities
  13. I'm surprised that most people here seem to be annoyed at Xoti, she seemed to be just sweet religious farmer to me ._. Like, she is really piteous(spelling?), young and naive, but I don't think she was being pushy with religion? At least not more pushy with religion than Pallegina is being annoyed literally everytime someone mentions worshipping a god xP Like seriously, Tekehu is very piteous so if he and Pallegina is in party, prepare to see that relationship score mark go down everytime Tekehu mentions Ngati. Anyway, yeah, I found none of new characters annoying, I did find Pallegina bit annoying when she is in same party with Xoti and Tekehu though. Still, yeah, anyway, everyone already talked about Tekehu(vain, emotional, sweet and has surprisingly deep things to him when you get to know him better), so onto final two: Serafen is easy to sum up as Hiravias but better(I found Hiravias to be most annoying party member in original game. I didn't dislike any of them, but I disliked him almost as much as Durance personality wise. That said I also disliked Grevious Mother because her gimmick of not being able to have party know her exist was tiresome to me), he isn't as perverted or vulgar and he comes across more as cool uncle sort of character than creep without sense of boundary like Hiravius did. Maia on other hand is soldier and kind of cold blooded actually. She has sense of humor, likes improvisation and clever thinking, she looks down upon Huana, but she is really loyal to her country even when she thinks they are doing things wrong. Like, she is rather friendly for most part so its kind of chilling how she genuinely thinks Rauatai is good for people of Deadfire even when she is being conflicted by orders she is given.
  14. I do think that relationship system is bugged, or at least different biases have different weights. Xoti gets to -1/-2(forgot which) instantly with Pallegina if you talk to Pallegina about her opinion on Gods while Xoti is in party instantly triggering Xoti vs Pallegina argument after you leave conversation <_< I also never got Aloth over +1 score. That said, I don't think you need to get best relationship scores for best companion endings? Not really sure
  15. I dunno if this happens if you aren't playing as godlike, but at least if you are playing as one, Berath notes that gods can posses their godlike children in order to take physical form which kills the godlikes in process. So uh, thats probably why they aren't in favor of taking physical form again since some of them do actually seem to care for their godlike children
  16. Huh, I didn't get Concelhaut pet as loot <_< I think loot drops for unique items is bit bugged and its random whether they get dropped or not
  17. I don't think you destroy souls by overloading the machine .-. But yeah, ending spoilers? If you just deactivate the machine instead of overloading it, after new people move in Heritage Hill, Leaden Key members with standing orders(its not like killing their leader erases their orders) just activate the zombie machine again and do the exact same thing leading to place being abandoned permanently.
  18. I wonder what are ending differences if you help the animancer in dungeon kill that Berath's priest <_< Hmm...
  19. Thing with Durance is after the rest scenes you get when you have asked all questions, final part unlocks at Teir Evon when you talk to gods. My guess about assassin's attacking that npc is because that npc isn't normally there, so devs forgot to add something to code to make that npc not count as target to assassins
  20. If you kill Raedric, he comes back from death(and has fampyr minions), kills Kolsic and sends challenge to you to fight him again, after you kill him again in epilogue Gilded Vale is prosperous, but lawless place. I dunno if there is variation if you kill Raedric but ignore the follow up quest to kill him again. Oh and apparently you can get fampyr servant to stronghold from the quest, but I had to load the save so many times that fampyr servant disappeared in one load and I couldn't speak to her again to see if I could really recruit her after killing her previous master
  21. Yeah, it allows access to secret room in endless path with unique sabre in it.
  22. Wait, you didn't get the option to send souls to Woedica? I had six options: Hylia's "Send souls backt o their bodies", Berath's "Send souls to the wheel" Gawain's "Turn souls into essence that will be people's strength" Rymngard's "Destroy souls", Woedica's "Gimme souls" and Wael's "lol send souls to somewhere random because that'd be mysterious" .-. What options you had? And what did you do differently? I did at least do all of god appeasement quests and talked to all gods before deciding which one to ask help from and I did do Wael's scroll quest.
  23. Wait, you have soloed game with rogue and aren't even at level 12 ._. That is some mad skills Anyhoo, my tip? Beat Thaos until he possesses one of things, beat the thing he isn't possessing, finish off the one he is possessing and then finish him off. If you can paralyze him, apparently(not sure if its bug or not) you can prevent Thaos from possessing anything and finish him off while he is paralyzed
  24. The trigger for quest wasn't the sanitarium though I forgot what location it was so its bit hard to give tips <_<;
  25. Could people actually list those silly names? <_< I mean none of the names particularly sticked out to me as silly.... Alll those that are very inconsistent with the ordinary game world npcs names. And that's like most of them. I just assume that if person has different styled name, they aren't from Dyrwood Granted, I haven't read the npc stories
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