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  1. Its always kinda interesting to see how classic crpg fans really hate modern Bioware.. I guess its because modern bioware doesn't seem to target crpg fans. At least if you visit their forums, there seem to be way too many romance obsessed teens. Heck, their reputation has gotten to the point that I don't think you can even find a single interview with them that doesn't contain any romance questions. I personally don't think their games are horrible, the ones I have played are good for what they have tried to do. However, I find it really annoying how Bioware for some reason overhauls everything when they make new game, new aesthetics, new gameplay, writing changes and even retcons if you take a notice... All ME and DA games are so darn different from each other that its just annoying how they seem to be inable to keep things at least somewhat consistent. There is also that their games are too formulaic in general which makes them feel less impressive. I mean, its like, if you play a game first time ever and you like it, you might think its great, but if you have already played many games before that it reminds you of, you are going to feel "Eh, its okay, I've played this thousand times before already". I've heard someone say that Bioware rpgs are almost a genre themselves, and while that is definitely an exaggeration, I do agree that it sometimes feels like that. Plus they retort to railroading in really annoying way espicially when it comes to sequels. Sooo yeah, I wouldn't really say that bioware rpgs are bad or mediocre, they mostly range from good to average and they are mostly enjoyable. Its just that obsidian and black isle rpgs(with some exceptions) are great so in comparison they come out as even worse. I do get the bioware hate somewhat, but I guess I just hate bethesda more I mean, bethesda games are fun, but they aren't rpgs no matter what people say and it annoys me when people praise them as such. I play Bioware rpgs for different reasons than I play fallout or such so I don't have the same expectations.
  2. Aww. Well, hope they will add variant of deathgod like's head growth thing that covers whole face kinda like mask or helmet. I don't really like the "Helmet that covers everything but mouth" look
  3. Eh, what the heck, I'm bored, I'll join this bioware favourite game order bandwagon. Since from reading other people's list, my opinions seem to differ notably. Though I'll only list the games I've finished, I'm not playing Baldur's gate 2 before 1 and I haven't completed first one Haven't finished KOTOR either, I don't really find Star War that interesting setting for rpg. Jade Empire... Yeah, another game started that I haven't finished. Anyway, one really big problem with modern bioware I'll write here in hope I won't get lynched: They practice writing style that is actually pretty similar to Joss Whedon's style. Aka fricking everyone snarks, even the characters who aren't snarkers. In DA 2 that reached the height of stupidity since everyone but maybe 3 in party are snarkers, and some of them are kinda jerkasses because of it. It kinda feels like bioware writers don't anymore know how to write nothing else but snarking... Ahem, anyway, yeah, my preferred order: ME 3 > ME 2 > DA: O >>>>>>>>>>>> ME 1 > DA 2 >>>>>>>>>>>>> ME 3's ending Now in another attempt to make people not kill me, if I would include other rpgs in the list... Well, for example fallout games... Fallout 1/2 > New Vegas > All bioware games > Fallout 3 Sooo yeaaaaaaah. This is just the bioware preferred game order. I rate pretty almost every black isle and obsidian rpg above bioware rpg. And I rate bioware rpgs in turn higher than Bethesda rpgs. ME 3 does have lot of problems besides the ending(like the fact there too few enemy types, no bosses, some story related stupidity, too many callbacks to fan favourite stuff etc), but gameplay and story was fun enough until pretentiousness of the ending. Really, main reason its on the top is that I think it had best gameplay out of ME games.*shrugs* ME 2 was better than ME 1 since it stopped pretending its more of rpg than shooter, had much less padding and no repeated bunkers infinitely, no driving around blank landscape in bounciest land vehicle ever, etc. Besides the gameplay in ME 3 being better, ME 2 should probably be better game overall, but I like ME 3 better for some reason.*shrugs* Hmm, DA:O should probably be higher... I do admit that as rpg it is better than ME 2 and 3.*shrugs* Wait, now I remember why its lower <_< I didn't like party members much. Seriously, I kinda rate bioware rpgs based on how much I like characters('cause plotwise they are even more similar to each other than rpgs are in general to each other), so games with party members I enjoy(even if its just one or two) rate much higher unless I don't like the gameplay enough. I mean, yeah, they were okay, Sten and Shale are probably my favourites of that bunch, I don't dislike anyone, but nobody in retrospect stood out to me as favourite rpg party members or even as particularly memorable. Still gameplay was good, and there was quite nice quest design for most part. ME 1 was pretty fun on first playthough, but every playthrough after that is painful since sidequests suck and enviroments are pretty bland, plus every alien squadmates in first game... Well, Liara is attempt at awkward cutie who ends up being unnaturally awkward in really bad way, Garrus is just there to show that not every turian fits codex stereotype... Despite the stereotype never being even hammered in the game. Same about Wrex, 'cept that every other krogan does act like the stereotype. Tali on other hand exists as quarian culture exposition machine <_< Characterization was better in later games. It was most rpg out of all ME games combat wise, but it just didn't work much for me. DA 2 would have been good enough if they hadn't rushed it or at least not had reused same enviroments over and over, there were never unique locations... Though I doubt they would have made mage party members make sense since that seems to have been writing issue instead of rushing thing. Also, yeah, party members were kinda... "Annoying". I don't know if writing also suffered because the game was rushed, but I think game would be at least enjoyable if every single cave didn't look exactly the same... Would be interesting to know whether I would rate game lower or higher than ME 1 if DA 2 had actually good gameplay(enemy encounter design is just bad... Who the heck thought waves of enemies coming out of nowhere was a good idea?) and good environment design, but still had pretty horrible writing. ME 3's ending is just facepalm worthy ... But somehow it doesn't actually ruin my experience of the game, hence why its seperately there. I guess that is cheating xP But yaeh, its just really bad attempt at being artsy that makes no sense. I don't get why bioware didn't have trilogy at least somewhat thought out when they made first game... I mean, if they were planning to make a trilogy all along, they should have done planning during the first game so they know what to foreshadow and crap, the reapers' motivation crap came out of nowhere and star child is just stupid.
  4. Do we really need a thread for Bioware fans and cRPG fans to argue with each other?...
  5. I always prefer using helmets <_< Can't really understand the whole "Heros never wear helmets!" thing going on in the fiction... Which is why I'm kinda worried whether godlike can use helmets. I mean, death godlike's head thing doesn't cover the whole face, and I hate "helmets"(that growth thing in this case) that don't cover whole face for aesthetic reasons xP They'd probably be really uncomfortable to wear, but they look really cool
  6. I kinda object to this statement I mean, I think elves and dwarves could be potentially done interestingly if the work ignores every elven and dwarven thing from Tolkien and D&D based works and instead focuses on fae aspect <_< Since fae are basically medieval version of aliens anyway, with some "Leave cookies at doorstep and hope gnomes/whatever like them and do something nice in return or at least don't do any trickery" type stuff included. You know, people getting spirited away, children kidnapped and replaced by copy that acts creepy, etc. So yeah, if instead of being playable and acting like humans, if they would be this mythical creatures that people don't really know much about, they could be actually interesting for once. Though dwarves are harder to do interestingly since their mythological aspect does include whole "live in the mountain mining and smithing things" aspect. Elves on other hand don't "need" to have bows, thats stuff originating from Tolkien
  7. I'm tired of way of thinking that if game is fantasy, it should have every common fantasy related creature in it <_< Would be just more interesting for once to see a setting without anything safe and familiar thing people can latch on from their previous experiences.
  8. Huh, nice to know I'm not only one with this problem <_<(both the waiting for reply and beta key thing) I've waited only for two days though so far so maybe reply comes soon.*shrugs*
  9. I got pledged during kickstarter 25 for just the game, but when I'm trying to add extra money for beta access key, it seems I have to add at least one item from pledge list with minimum being 35.... So is it just plain impossible for me to add only 25 to get the beta access without giving 60 at minimum for total of 75?
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