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  1. That would be a nice touch, tbh. Also... "Anyway, i don't care about discs but, it's mind blowing how i find it way more scandalous than people tend to think it is. For me, it feels like a bait to encourage people to pledge a minimum amount. You intended to pledge 40€ ? Look if you pledge 20 more, you'll get a physical copy of the game. Well i'll guess i'll pledge 20 more..." That's exactly how I feel. Should I know there would be no disc I would have backed the project at a lower tier, much lower in fact. The only reason I paid 60 was to get a physical copy of the game on a real box. It's also hurtful they are not addressing this situation at all and ignoring their fans. This makes me want to stop buying their games altogether. It's kinda sad really because I went from Pre-ordering the Collectors Edition of Fallout New Vegas ( the only other game I have ever pre-ordered was Witcher 2 Collector's edition) to basically wanting nothing to do with Obsidian anymore. And like I said, I own and love all their games. The fact they are willing to blissfully ignore so many unhappy fans breaks the deal for me.
  2. I don't know about the Fig CE but I paid 60 bucks for the entry physical copy version on Fig and the Amazon CE is 63 and comes with discs and extra goodies. Obsidian also mentioned in the Fig campaign that theirs would be the only place from where to obtain a physical version which I believed. Maybe I was being naive but I took their word for it because I trusted Obsidian not to lie about this. So many games these days go full digital so I believed this statement to be true and the physical editions were going to be backer only. But not only there are superior physical versions out there outside the campaign but now Obsidian has lost a lot of trust from previous happy backers. Ok, well done. Ripping people off. I am collector and I still like my games on discs and boxes and all that. Maybe I don't go full on crazy and buy the most expensive versions out there all the time but I still enjoy my physical versions. I feel betrayed, to be honest.
  3. I just received my physical copy of the game only to realize... there was no disc inside. Only an activation card. Hugely disappointed by this decision. When I backed the game the reward stated "Physical copy of Pillars of Eternity II". This was definitely not. Are we going to get a disc in the future? Is Obsidian going to fix this? Or was I just ripped off 70 dollars for a box with a thank you note on it? If so, I know which company I won't be backing again which is a shame since I love all Obsidian games and backed Pillars 1 but this decision was a very s-hitty thing to do.
  4. Thank you, Andrea. Really good to know I am eager to venture into those mountains!
  5. Well, in Bg1&2 you had useful level 1 and level 2 spells, I mean, useful until the end of the game. Maybe Pillars has them too.
  6. Hi Sensuki. Which in your opinion would be the best build for a D&D fighter /mage focused on crowd control. I kinda love to mess around with the enemies before obliterating them
  7. Fantastic guide, Sensuki. Thank you very much for all the obvious effort it took you to put this up together. It will certainly help non beta players to ease the way into the game
  8. I haven't played the beta but I have to agree with Albatao. I see a lot of people really worried here but maybe there is no reason to ring the alarm. The real problem here is that the game is not out yet. Maybe to one particular backer this or that mechanic is flawed but that's one person's opinion. The only thing we can really do is wait for the game to be released and play it. If an overwhelming majority of players find infinite gold or the inventory system to be a failure, I'd like to think that Obisidian won't be passive to that, and like the teams behind Divinity Original Sin, Shadowrun Returns or Wasteland 2, they will fix, change and polish the game accordingly, but this time using the feedback of millions of players. So cheer up, guys, enjoy the countdown and don't panic!
  9. Probably me before I put my kids to bed. Me, too. To be perfectly honest, I'm looking forward to the documentary almost as much as the game. +1 to that. I am really eager to watch that documentary and only after that, play the game.
  10. Ok, thanks for clarifying on that. Still, you are right, the longer version looks way better.
  11. I bought VtM:B in stores and tried to play it at launch. Did the same thing with Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor. One of these games had a total showstopper bug at launch; it was literally impossible to go past a certain point if you hit this bug. The other one had an uninstall bug that would wipe your entire Windows partition. Skyrim really wasn't that bad. Anecdotes are fun. I bought VTMB at launch and finished it in two days no problem. Skyrim was a way bigger mess but I dont fault Bethesda too much. It's going to happen when youve got a sandbox that big. The important thing is being able to get through the crit path with minimal issues for the majority of players. We will have to wait and see the reviews to know how well POE fares. On topic: Yes I agree with the over entitled OP whom I hate for making me use the word entitled. Obsidian owes us the game asap for not perfectly estimating the release date years ago like every other developer easily does. I'm glad your experience went so well with VtM:B, considering the known almost-without-fail showstopper bug with the boat in the cave that will force you to crash to desk top every single time unless you patch or use the command console. You want frustration? You want a bad launch? Try a game that is literally broken--does not work, does not function, literally is impossible to succeed in--at launch. That's what VtM:B was for most purchasers. Skyrim had some problems, but if that's literally the worst launch experience you've ever had then man, you are a lucky son of a bitch because at least the game was playable. God, I remember that bug. I felt cheated when I got to that point in the game. Like I couldn't believe a company would ship a game with a bug that made their game impossible to finish. Oh, good old teenager innocence...I think I'll wait some weeks / months before hiting PoE... A similar thing happened with Wasteland 2. The first part of the game I was thinking "This is awesome", "Goty"....then I arrived to the bug-fest that was Holywood...and I had to stop playing. It's been...I don't know how many months...and still I don't feel like going back and finishing the game...
  12. I agree, the first breastplate length was better. It also makes the poor lady look fatter.
  13. I understand the dissapointment. Hell, I am dissapointed myself. I also expected to get my goodies at lunch but If the docks are on strike the docks are on strike. There's not much Obsidian can do in that situation but wait. We'll receive the goodies a couple of weeks later...well, it's not the end of the world. By then the game should have received a patch or two, so your playthrough should be more bug free. Again, I understand the people that paid 500+ dollars for the signed edition and I agree with them. If there are 300 signed editions, Obsidian should have made a poll for them because they are real collectors. They paid a ****load of money and probably they wanted their thingy sealed. Should have been a good thing to ask. But I also understand Obsidian cause If they make the exception for the 500 tier people, then 65 and the 100 tier people and so on can say "hey, why them and not me?" and then the ****storm continues. Probably there was no good move for Obsi on this one.
  14. Really good stuff there...and humbling, and sad and touching. Really glad I am a backer for this one even though I would have backed it anyway simply because Obisidian makes great RPGs. I would love to watch the documentary before playing PoE, though. It would make the whole experience more insightful.
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