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  1. That's by design, I believe. In PoE1, Pallegina is looking for a meaning behind her curse (sterility, freaky appearance, etc.), so there's a lot of doubt and uncertainty in her personality. She's full of what ifs and why fors. Then she gets to meet her god/parent, Hylea, who gives her a canned response and the equivalent of a divine shrug when she asks for answers. Shortly thereafter, she learns that the gods are fake constructs created by Engwithans to fill the void. So not only is she a victim of divine malice, the divines themselves are essentially con men playing the kith. Pallegina is strong-willed, independent, and proud. She had to overcome tremendous adversity in life both on account of her gender and godlike status. She had to prove her worth over and over again, stubbornly making her way in spite of everything. However, being a godlike is beyond her control or ability to redress. She feels - she was - violated by the gods, and that is made worse by the fact that there's no deeper meaning to it and the gods are fake idols created by a malevolent empire. They are tyrants manipulating the peoples of Eora for their own ends. She cannot abide that for reasons outlined above. It's further aggravated by her patriotism, as despite the money-obsessed horrorshow of the VTC, the Republics are perhaps the most free nations on Eora with definitely the best social mobility opportunities. So, tl;dr: Pallegina hates the gods because they violated her, are fake, and their behavior is antithetical to everything she believes in as a human, paladin, and Vailian. I mean, I get that she has reason to be more hostile towards gods after PoE1 than before, but there was more to her character than being angry about being a godlike and being pro-vailian republic. I kinda feel like her PoE2 characterization is all based on her speech to Hylea and her pro-vailian republic attitude. Like, she doesn't really get chance to show her noble side much in PoE2 since most of her reactions are "Yay Watcher said something nice about Vailians or anti religious". (she does get few good moments in Forbidden Sanctum though, including funny one where she derides priests and Eder points out that(in my playthrough's case) Watcher IS a priest and she comments on they are better than most. I think most of the Forbidden Sanctum reactions for her work since they aren't just her deriding fanaticism, they are her deriding really horrible actions that Hand Occult has performed) Like, I think I would like her PoE2 characterization better if instead of being based on her speech to Hylea it was more based on her reaction when she finds out gods aren't real(iirc it was sort of relief? Either way she took it best out of all party members that gods aren't real)
  2. I honestly can't really tell difference between PoE1 Eder & Aloth when compared to PoE2 Eder & Aloth, besides that second game's Eder is much more negative about Eothas. I think I actually need help with comparison(then again I remember that Edes was uber dumb when it came to petting dangerous animals in both first game's main game and the White March so I don't get it when someone claim that trait was exaggerated in second game). I do agree that main quest wise Aloth does seems to be there just because(his excuse is decent yeah, but logically he could be anywhere else in world to research Leaden Key as well), but I think Eder has well enough excuse to come with you since he acts most buddy buddy with Watcher out of all first game companions and he does have interest in Eothas Now when it comes to Pallegina between two games, I thinks she got much more aggressive and harsh in second game? Like, maybe I remember something wrong, but I don't remember her being as harsh and aggressive about gods in first game, like sure she never liked them, but she didn't bring it up as often or as dismissively while in second game she seems to actively hate all priests who aren't the Watcher. I don't know, maybe its just because Pallegina seems to be written to dislike all new party members(she dislikes Tekehu because of godlikes, she dislikes Xoti because of religion, she dislikes Maia because vailian republic and rauatai trade company are competing) so it comes across that way that she seems to have gained a temper when compared to first game party interactions?
  3. Librarians seems kinda like drones rather than persons, I think they kinda lost something in process of becoming librarians
  4. So this is confusing because I've been commenting on both threads, but yeah, umm I think this might be bug that or I picked wrong dialog despite doing each quest they wanted me to do EDIT: Oki yeah, now I get it(I went back on old saves to test): You get this quest if you resolve quests twice in favor of Tayin or Llengrath.
  5. Umm, but I'm confused here beceuse I didn't kill the prisoners and I gave books back to llengrath without talking to Tayin first and I still didn't get the quest. Even though I did this before concluding archive(I did collections first before archive) I still didn't get the Godseed quest. So is this a bug? Or wait, to get it do I need to let prisoners go AND alter the book or kill prisoners AND give book back, but if I help both of them I don't get it? Edit: Oki yeah, tested this, that is how this quest is gotten yeah.
  6. So umm, does anyone know how to actually start this quest? You definitely can't find Godseed parts without quest having started considering I did all quests in DLC and never found any Godseed parts in the body
  7. I'm bit confused about how to start said Godseed quest in first place, I didn't even know it existed before I read about it on forums and I did all other quests <_<
  8. We felt that given how many little twists there are throughout the DLC, the overall situation and its stakes should be clear from the get-go. And yeah, there's a tremendous amount of misinformation in the Halls. Lore books in our games almost always have bias, their narrators being of varying levels of dependability. But there are a fair number of lore books in the Halls that are straight up lies. My favorites involve Godhammer Bridge and the relationship between Waidwen and Eothas. On sidenote, some of book reveals were one of my favourite parts of the DLC :D(along with the said small twists) So I kinda hope it doesn't turn out that 1) Yezuha/Ukaizo/Engwithan being the equal level big empires 2) that there was orlan empire and several wilder empires/kingdoms 3) "Man that would be Skaen" book don't turn out to be one of those lies (I seriously loved the mention that ogres, Vithracks and xaurips used to be bigger deal before Engwithans wiped them out. Mostly because it makes engwithans being even huger imperialistic jerks along with them erasing the rather benign orlan empire) (But yeah, on sidenote, my favourite ending slide is what happens if Maura lives :D Secret fungus island!) (I do have to find out what happens if fungus infests the body or Concelhaut gets it, latter sounds really hilarious)
  9. Isn't the twist that even Wael had no idea his body was still alive? (that said, I don't think ending of the DLC needs a twist, I mean you can give the body to the mushrooms or Concehlaut :D That itself is surprising enough)
  10. Sooo might be bit too late to ask this(BTW, played all three dlcs in row for first time, loved them), but what is up with Darcozzi Paladins having like only one dialog check in base game considering they are most heavily featured paladin orders in the Principi questline(and the game overall actually)? I'm kinda confused about that since game is otherwise pretty good at giving you reactive dialog checks when something relevant to your class pops up, but Darcozzi Paladins seems to be really over looked despite being featured. Like, is that side effect of Principi questline being funded by kickstarter or was there some other situation that resulted in that?
  11. Well her good ending seems to be her complaining about Rauatai's unethical methods used in Deadfire and leader of Rauatai listening to those complaints. She is kinda weird in that she is willing to do horrible things for her country even if she doesn't like it She is a soldier loyal to her nation to a fault, so I suppose that attitude comes with the job, can't really fault her for that. Come to think of it, funny how Kana presented Rautai in the first POE, it felt almost magical, and when you get to Deadfire all you see is overbearing conqueror with heavy guns and national anthems destroying the natural beauty of Huana islands. Huana caste system is terrible and doesn't work well on a large scale, but I kinda like how the islands live in harmony with nature. Yeah. It does make sense though since both Kana and Maia are really patriotic so of course they see Rauatai in really positive light, but to be fair it IS possible that Rauatai's officials in Deadfire honestly are more scummy than rest of Rauatai in general. I would guess that regardless, Rauatai IS conquering nation flaunting how big guns it has even if most of them aren't as dishonorable and unethical as Astura and Haza Nui Karu(spelling?)
  12. It seems if you tell her mixed things she will do opposite thing in final one, if you tell her same thing she will do the thing you tell her to do Anyway, this isn't only case of inappropriate reactions, there is one companion who tells sad story which results in description of other companions smiling :D Description text for opinion on them rising isn't really appropriate always
  13. Apparently you also need crew with master rank crew skills if you want to pass Ondra's mortar solo
  14. Well her good ending seems to be her complaining about Rauatai's unethical methods used in Deadfire and leader of Rauatai listening to those complaints. She is kinda weird in that she is willing to do horrible things for her country even if she doesn't like it
  15. In general all returning Companions have an item based on their ending. Eder is supposed to have different neck slot item based on whether he encountered Night Market or become the Mayor.(I think they aren't supposed to get an item if you never completed their quest)
  16. I'd assume probably not, but I would assume he is supposed to have different dispositions/biases than the Night Market one
  17. To be fair when you tell Eothas to "I WANNA FIGHT YOU" he is like "Umm, are you sure? I mean, you can't win and it'd be really anti climactic ending. But sure, if you want to do so you can join the souls inside him" and if you dont' back down you get instantly vaporized :D
  18. Yeah, game thinks you didn't ask him to join so he instead ends up in his default location which is skulking around in front of the doors to dungeons in Deadlight Fort
  19. Thats another thing with Watcher, they get absolutely no respect from anyone besides their party members :D I mean seriously, all factions just basically consider you a valuable pawn/errand doer, while you might earn their respect, the moment you don't work for them anymore they threat you with hostility.
  20. I dunno if other choices affect ending, but I chose animancers and ending I had with Xoti was happy one(it was him becoming friends with Eder and in general good ending to Dawnstars since of what I said to the dude whose name started with L whose name I forgot) Reason why Xoti goes crazy is when she is encouraged to keep the souls with herself <_< She snaps from the nightmares
  21. Eh, I did actually like the main plot, but that might just have been because of Eothas related set piece moments(how the heck Big Green Thing turning his head is so cool looking) and because I enjoyed debates with gods and Eothas.
  22. Commander Shepard feels almost like mary sue character though: Their presence makes NPCs dumb because otherwise they wouldn't look like they can be only person who can save the galaxy Anyhoo, Pillars of Eternity is actually onle one of examples you gave(besides possibly Tyranny, but that one is debatable) that doesn't use Chosen One plotline. In first game you are just out to save yourself from going mad and its just coincidence that what caused your awakening is related to the overall conspiracy. In Pillars 2 only reason why gods recruit you is because you were proven to be capable when you defeated Thaos and foiled Woedica's plot. Eothas really only listens to you because he crushed your castle(he IS pretty nice guy so he is gonna feel apologetic about that xP) and piece of your soul is stuck inside him. Its actually really similar to Fallout: While in second game you are called chosen one, in first game you are just random guy(and not even first one judging by the corpses in beginning cave) they sent out to fetch water chip and got involved in everything over course of trying to find the darn chip. I think it is the point that Watcher is essentially just a regular person even with their seeing dead people ability, but I could be wrong about that I suppose
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