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  1. I personally like how it's gone from, "priests have 2-4 spells/level worth using, and you'll have to experiment to learn what they are," to "priests have only 2-4 spells/level worth using, and you'd better guess right the first time!" but hey at least Xoti starts with the single-target attack in the game Man that signature is useful. Was going to call you out for being a monster and a sadist.
  2. @cokane Suggestions 1 and 2 might actually happen. 3 tied to the next suggestion 4 I would like as a optional system, I would use it. 5 I hate the empower mechanic. I'd like to see it completely removed. Unfortunately I believe here I'm in the minority. Like I could play DF with all kinds of attrition mechanics, but not when they're mild annoyances, that just make the game feel unnecessarily restrictive. If it had a F:NV style hardcore mode I'd probably give it a try, I enjoyed it in that one. Or making some dungeons lock resting until you've finished them or whatever (I mean how can you slee
  3. Or just keep the current system but restrict rest to safe zones (inns, ship) and fully cleared dungeon levels. BG's "You cannot rest here...monsters are about" was one of the few rest mechanics/restrictions that encouraged me to soldier on with an injured/depleted party. The only way to really prevent rest spamming in an area is to fully disable it on a conditional basis, imo. Quick rests: I don't generally like the idea of forcing you to walk back to your ship. It takes you 20s there and 20s back in most places in the game, so you'll probably do it, and it'll just feel like a waste of
  4. Good thing is, you did touch on many core issues there. Would've been slightly disappointed, if I'd read two pages worth of random rambling. I'll keep this very short, since currently it's me who needs a rest, which fortunately doesn't cost me anything. 1. Good food needs to be more scarce anyhow, whether it's tied to resting or not. There are so many of those lobsters just laying around, and they're basically protection from magic scrolls. Immunity to three afflictions, available to you in heaps and piles, c'mon guys. Although, theoretically, if the game was hard enough, you'd start chew
  5. I don't think there is a definitive answer to be had to that, since it also does come down to preference. However I do think even if the fights are all going to be the BF (Big Fight) category of fights, there is no reason the level you are taking the fight at, your gear, enemy composition, enemy tactics, enemy placement and consumables couldn't change the sense of difficulty in any given fight. I don't see why everything has to be maximum difficulty to still be engaging, and you can't even design for that, since so many variables affect the the difficulty of a specific encounter. The windo
  6. Just so many opinions, many point of views and people I lose track of who said what. So I think it's this from page 1: Encounter design between per rest and per encounter: SF = Small Fight, BF = Big Fight Per rest SF, SF, SF, BF *REST* SF, SF, BF *REST* Per encounter BF, BF, BF, BF, BF ad infinitum Having smaller fights in per rest is interesting, since you'll auto attack them to death, because you want to save abilities. (sense of difficulty) Having smaller fights in per encounter isn't interesting, since you'll just drop your biggest spells on them and win. (no s
  7. True, the window for the difficulty where you engage with the mechanics or just let the combat scripts steamroll is now much smaller. The difficulty hasn't changed, but the need for personally giving orders is lessened. Deadfire low level fights don't require you to play well at all, true. If the content is easy enough you'll just let the scripts handle it especially with the new improved system. Maybe it wastes a spell but whatever, it's per encounter. That's actually what happened on my first playthrough. But PoE1 low level fights weren't exactly fun either. I feel like you guys are talk
  8. Agree on many points in your post, but just wanted to point out, that from the writers perspective the Watcher had the benefit of already knowing the Big Secret from the first game. If you were someone else, then they'd either have to ignore it or have the new character learn the same thing we already knew as players, which would probably be pretty lame.
  9. The current system system is just a kind of a strange mismash of per rest and per encounter, like they weren't sure which way to go with it. Per encounter ability usage restricted by limited mana pool, that is however recoverable with per rest empowers, which can also be used to buff your abilities instead! Health regenerates but you get injuries which can only be cured by resting, which costs you absolutely nothing. Actually you can use it to prebuff and gain back all the stuff that is still per rest for some reason! Ummh. Only thing missing is having some cooldowns in the mix, I wonder if we
  10. This is the kind of system that is either amazing or terrible. Maybe if it's like over 50 morale raises stats and under 50 morale reduces stats, then you also get that sense of achievement from winning fights without dropping people? I mean it could be +1ACC/5 morale or whatever, +-10 ACC at max/min morale. That's a lot of accuracy gained or lost for 5 people. Or 1 all defenses every 10 morale or +RES if you want to make it lore friendly. The downside though is winning that exciting fight with one guy standing would leave a bitter aftertaste. "Congratulations on winning this tough enco
  11. You have my curiosity. How do you regain morale if you got your butt totally kicked in a dungeon? Tavern? Game is back to running to tavern and back again. And if you can carry stuff that gives morale (beer!) then again same problem as with injuries and food before. I honestly like this party morale thing more than the injury system, imho they could as well both be implemented cotemporally, but that still leaves the problem of abundance of resources unsolved. Of course you could make it simple, winning battles raises morale and party member being knocked unconscious lowers morale, but
  12. Said some of this before, but since nerf vs buff seems to be a hot topic right now: I've personally always enjoyed most the DotA philosophy of balancing. Many of the abilities and synergies in that game are so ridiculous that it's incredible the game even works, let alone has a thriving competetive scene. Strong vs strong rather than weak vs weak. First buff the Deadfire mobs and give them the same abilities you have and then make them use those. Great successes and harsh punishments. Before anyone complains about comparing PvP and PvE: XCOM2 is much the same, you might feel overpowered one m
  13. Well I've never tried either PoE on other difficulties, so I can't really comment on the difference there, but I found Deadfire PotD to be so much easier than PoE1 PotD, that I can barely compare the two. I don't want to sound like I'm exaggerating here, but I find it difficult to believe anyone would disagree. PoE1 PotD is actually sometimes very challenging and engaging, sometimes just faceroll, but so is every RPG as pointed out earlier, but Deadfire was just a stomp, no personal input required (after maybe level 9). It's like two different worlds. BG I find kind of hard to value here,
  14. They said in the latest Q&A stream, that fixing PotD is going to take time, because they have to look at every encounter separately. I would take that as a sign that they're really looking into what enemies do and how the fights play out. As in upgraded scripts, more abilities, more interesting mix of enemies maybe. I mean if they were going the Bethesda way of difficulty increase, that shouldn't take longer than 5 minutes, right? Down 500 iron arrows and it's only half hp
  15. I get what you mean of course, it makes for that nice feeling of dispair in the vein of Darkest Dungeon and the achievement feels all the sweeter for it. Although I don't think PoE ever forced me into that situation, I guess I was stocked up when I jumped into drake pit. It was mostly just self imposed, still having one or two packs of camping gear, but refusing to rest just for the extra challenge. This is also why earlier in the thread there was an idea about accumulating injuries, that maybe you can only remove with medical supplies / other items / resting on ship. So maybe something like t
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