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  1. not if you pick the shrug response. Her flipping out was glorious. Hmm yeah, thats another thing, you shouldn't be like "What, why doesn't she love me anymore, she will hate me foreveeeeeeeer" because characters in this game tend to be reasonable
  2. I mean, choices having consequences mean sometimes they are consequences you won't like(Pillars of Eternity 1 and 2 both practice idea that there aren't straight up good and evil choices and sometimes trying to do right thing can be worse in long run or at least at great personal cost) <_< And its not like kind wayfarer ending was much happier in original game, its basically extension of what happens if you never complete her quest at all where she escapes north to become caravan guard but can't ever escape attention she gets from her being a godlike. Kind wayfarer ending basically just says "despite her dedication and bravery, she felt like outsiders everywhere where she went" and you know how Pallegina feels like about being a godlike. And do note that ending where Dyrwood isn't strengthened by souls, the Vailians crush Dyrwood trade anyway so Pallegina's sacrifice was for nothing. Thats a lot of things to be bitter about. In other words, you already ruined her life back in Pillars of Eternity 1 so consequences of it being shown in Pillars 2 shouldn't be anything new really.
  3. You can make pallegina or maia go to -2 by repeatedly resting at shrines. Because each time you rest at them they get minus on it, so just do it enough many times and you get achievement
  4. Well Eothas does task Eder with protecting Watcher, so Eder is pretty much's Watcher's biggest buddy by this point so he will probably show up as long as Watcher is main character.
  5. Just grab Pallegina and somebody with high religion, go to one of those shrines littered across Deadfire (on Neketaka island, for example), identify the shrine and pray several times - it greatly pisses Pallegina off, so you'll get -2 quickly with her. Honestly, do those shrines even do anything? Apart from desecrating them for a fight? The shrines give you resting bonuses for praying and resting at them.
  6. Just grab Pallegina and somebody with high religion, go to one of those shrines littered across Deadfire (on Neketaka island, for example), identify the shrine and pray several times - it greatly pisses Pallegina off, so you'll get -2 quickly with her. Thank you! That worked much better than my second playthrough just for purpose of annoying companions :'D (I'm still probably gonna continue it because sure why not) Funnily enough turns out Maia also dislikes praying at shrines because of her anti huana bias so it lowers both Pallegina and her's opinion. (it does give plus to Tekehu though so you can easily farm him to 2 if you want to )
  7. You get access to new dialog options and such. Like if you have high enough reputation(3) with dead fire company, you can basically just tell guards at powderhouse "Come ooon, you know me, lemme in" and with high enough vailian reputation(3) you can actually buy luminous adra at storage instead of steeling them for the pirate captain.(you can also buy stuff from Dead Fire Company's quartermaster) The cannoneer mentioned in previous post actually requires Neketaka reputation 2 as far as I know
  8. If you have Maia in party while being given Vailians' mission, you can refuse the quest and its not entered into the log at all.(you can also complete the quest before talkign to Maia which makes her sad that you made her complicit into acting against Rauatains but she doesn't actually leave the party unless you make the final decision to join a faction since after blowing up powderhouse you still have chance of joining Huana or principi)
  9. Hmm, I should probably try out Temple of Gaun then(since Eder is dead in this preset. This being preset where all companions are dead and Watcher promised to all gods only to use wael's suggestion )
  10. If you want to be 100% about what you are doing, complete all other quests you are given before Ashen Maw. Quest at Ashen Maw is the main quest after which all factions' final quests are revealed and you have to pick one of them
  11. I'm currently trying on purpose to get negative -2 reputation to unlock the achievement for berath's boon points, so uh any tips on that? I might have made mistake with picking the "Everything bad" preset since it sounds like Aloth is easiest one to annoy :D All new companions are kind of hard to annoy because all of them have good sense of humor and only Xoti has three negative biases Anyway on side note with this "only new characters because all old characters are dead" preset, I noticed that Xoti also starts to easily hate Tekehu because she also has negative bias towards irresponsibility and most of Tekehu's interactions with locals in the city are about him hiding from his duty xP
  12. Maneha actually has multiple lines of dialog that eventually loop through if you listen them all <_< Her final one before loop being essentially "Since you are here clearly something bad is going on so I'm gonna get out of here when I finish my drink"
  13. Hmm, did you get reward from Skaen's boon? If not its possible its another one of bugs so game doesn't actually recognize Woedica was empowered
  14. Magran is actually in retrospect(after completing the game) one of more reasonable gods for most parts <_< I know, its really surprising. What I mean is that she doesn't look down Watcher as much as some other gods do and she actually has sense of humor and while she has temper that can break out, she actually avoids jumping on the gun for most of the game. Also interesting to learn that she thinks that Woedica manipulated her to nuke Eothas as you can learn in one of interactions.
  15. Well you can make suggestion to Eothas what he does after breaking the wheel though at least. But yeah, definitely agreeing(even if I like the game and plot) that there are weird issues with it. Like it feels weird how final mission begins with final boss fight, then is "let's clean up the faction hating you" then the final debate with gods were they tell you what they want you to tell Eothas to do and then final short dialog with Eothas where he gives pep talk to each of companion and lets you make your request.
  16. I think he might become anti traditionalist on route where he chooses to dismantle leaden key? Could be wrong about that, but I'd guess its part of his character development since the first game if he is still anti traditional on "I'm gonna take over leaden key" path
  17. Well as I posted in this https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/99140-a-man-of-chimes-quest-how-do-i-save-giacolo/ thread, it is possible to save him(whether you fight them or not), but yeah, that two conversation thing sounds like a bug.
  18. Just to add to my previous post, while I never got bog witch's grimoire, I did get ancient lich's grimoire. As I said, its bug with loot drops
  19. If you want to save Giacolo and fight the pirates, well having priest's withdraw ability gives you dialog option that makes 100% sure he stays alive. If you want to not fight them at all, tell them its good thing for mother to end their child's life short so they don't suffer in long term, tell them you wouldn't intervene to ensure right thing happens(the cruel disposition option) I forgot what I chose for research options when I tested this but it was the "middle" one between making sure nobody gets access to it and everyone gets access to it and tell them you wouldn't kill someone to prevent bad thing happening. That did work when I tested if any of them work(though I reloaded and chose to fight them anyway)
  20. Terms of Trade was the Vailian quest right? Well you are told at island to proceed to the island east from the tikawara to search for the expedition. So unless quest bugged out for you somehow, thats what you are supposed to do(I think raunga of the tikawara gives you key to get into the ruin)
  21. Hmm, maybe some of things that happened to companions are randomized? That or its just bugging out <_< I went with Benevolent Soul and Eder's quest wasn't completed(though he did have the night market item even though he didn't mention joining night market so hey, double bugged!) In general though, I noticed Benevolent Soul doesn't usually go for "best" option for character, they seem to have went for what character basically asked them to do? Like Maneha shows up in pirate town so clearly they helped her to erase her memory, with Pallegina they helped her to do the deal and with Kana they ended inspiring him to talk about expanding rauatai?
  22. In a way it makes sense that crew members unable to speak don't show up in crew events and it does make sense they didn't want to spend resources on specific crew members that there is no guarantee that most players would even use them, but it is really disappointing there doesn't seem to be unique events for the most unique crew members(just to note, my crew includes Big Mouth, Mother Sharp-Stone, Birta, Worthless Idiot and Copperhead :D I'm into collecting the biggest weirdoes too)
  23. Eh, I decided to play game with one of preset history choices while waiting for import bug to be finished(and to know what choices are traps to be avoided because Obsidian likes to do those "Oh you did that thing? Well it backfires in ending!" sort of deal xP) I had fun and was never bothered by bugs, except when I realized because of bugs I never got Concelhaut pet. Like, I'm really hoping unique items randomly not being dropped by bosses that have them bug (assuming its bug) is fixed by time I do my import playthrough I do think this game is very replayable so if you have time and don't mind replaying games, that is fun thing to do. But yeah, it still sucks how modern game development is usually "Ah **** we have to release game even though its still really buggy or else our company goes under and we lose money because we didn't plan this development through better! Let's fix it post launch!"
  24. Ah. I had same problem and also had Big Mouth as surgeon. I think I now know why we weren't able to help plague ship people: Its because Big Mouth has only wilder tag and as you can see from that thread where someone did datamine on dialog options, wilders never have event unique tags. So presumably you aren't trusting plague ridden folk to creepy spider surgeon unable to speak aedyran <_< I hope I'm wrong there, but I never remember Big Mouth being mentioned in ship events
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