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  1. Thank you! I was not having reached Nekataka yet.. I couldn't find any information and I saw other people saying they were hearing them after leaving Port Maje (whether or not they were or were confused, I don't know..) Nice to have the details!
  2. do the devs know it is a bug? I posted in technical help forum... I have not seen any mention of this bug anywhere on the internet, not from other players or from the devs...
  3. yes I've sailed for like 5 days continously and nothing happens.. I've tried shallow waters vs deep water, I've tried boosting my crew through battles to get them XP and level up.. nothing happens. I have 100/100 morale, full healthy crew and have tested manually steering and auto pilot. nothing works. I've tried unchecking the box and then checking it again.. nothing.. sea shanties don't exist
  4. I give them rum and liquor all the time, I am at 100/100 morale, I have a full healthy crew.. nothing works they don't exist. period.
  5. so does anyone know why they are not being sung in my game? my friend says he hasn't heard any either... and some are saying they hear them at low morale... sad
  6. yes I do, in fact it was the first sentence I wrote. I've even tried clicking it off and clicking it back on again.
  7. and yes the checkbox is marked in audio settings... my morale is 100/100 and marked as 'lively' I only ever hear incidental orchestral music while sailing... so what exactly needs to happen for sea shanties to occur? or do they just not exist in this game despite what was said in one of the updates?
  8. I have 100/100 morale, I have the checkbox marked in audio settings, and yet I have never heard any sea shanties being sung while sailing... no idea what is causing this.
  9. agreed.. wanted to test various builds before starting for real and having to walk to the right is annoying
  10. https://twitter.com/jesawyer/status/994276131573383168
  11. what KaiG said, and still your edit is wrong as in that case the proper word would be 'whom.'
  12. what about the cloak of the obsidian order and the obsidian sword? are those tied to the fig key for the main game? I haven't been able to load the game up yet so not sure if people are getting those.. can anyone confirm?
  13. I restarted my Steam client and the explorers pack appeared in my DLC list, try this if you are having trouble!
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