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  1. I like the idea of given the chance to name the islands only once, but if you hit cancel it should stay unnamed or given a random name instead.
  2. Vailian sound stupid and fun at the same time :D It's a stupid idea to have all those people speaking like americans pretending an Italian speaking English in native accent and have all those made up words that are based on italian ones, but its fun because it adds to the world. At first I thought I'd bored with it quick, but no, I enjoy it
  3. Larian didn't promote the story in their games much. Well, maybe in DOS2 which had pretty good story imo. DOS games were all about freedom, systems and fun and they both deilvered 101%. Obsidian on the other hand talked a lot about story and writing and they always brough up how "they are known" for that so criticism will fall heavy on those. That said I liked the story of Pillars at the end. Not the story of the Watcher necessarily but the revelations about the gods etc olus the choices you could make during the last parts of the game.
  4. I've noticed than when you return to an area you've been before, the game doesn't go to a "loading screen", it loads it almost immediately. Suppose this is the new Stream-load 9000 device they're using. Except freaking Neketaka. There you get to load everything again and again and. it. takes. looooooooooooooooooooooooong... Why is that?
  5. Ship combat can be intense... when it starts. Problem is you have to spend a couple of rounds running on the opponent ship before reaching fire range.
  6. No bugs for me. Except maybe some hyper ultra minor ones like many "examine" spots don't trigger and formation changing for no reason. Biggest problem for me: the loading in Neketaka. It's almost unbearable. Weren't they supposed to use the Stream-load 9000? What happened to that?
  7. First you send him off, now you're looking for his help, eh? You should have thought that before you talked harsh at him
  8. Game loads ok, EXCEPT in Neketaka. When I'm there I spend like 60% of time waiting for screens to load.
  9. They don't allow you to eat food you brought from outside. You must eat the food they serve. It's a policy in all tavers and inns.
  10. There was no talk for upgrading sidekicks to companios by the developers ever. It was just a demand by drooling backers because they liked Ydwin.
  11. This is a good point. That's why I always insist new players finish Pillars 1 first. And that's why I was hoping for a small prologue chapter in Dyrwood first were you wake up from the destruction, find out by yourself what's going on, gather old companions and a boat and then start in Deadfire, properly chapter 1. Introduction is handled poorly, unfortunately.
  12. Guys relax, Josh officially said they're looking into it. It was just a lower priority than bug fixing. Try playing in hard or whatever. Maybe the difficulty there is more balanced.
  13. I think you can have a list inside the game, in your journal? Still, custom map markers is mandatory for 2018. Heck, it was for 1998!
  14. Except Werner Herzog did shoot Aguirre in English before dubbing it in German. Still not Spanish
  15. It has no such option as did the first game which is, to say the least, lame :/
  16. I've installed and uninstalled the game noumerous times. The saves are there unless you chose it to delete them. I only had a problem with save import. When I fired up Deadfire for the first time it couldn't find my old saves to import. I looked up and saw there were save point in two different places in my drive. Also my old saves were in no named folder (I'm not sure if I did something with them manually). So I had to create a folder named after my character and dump the saves in there and then copy them to the other location too. It worked. That said, I haven't heared of any other havi
  17. I want to stick to the opening a little. I do find the Pillars 1 opening way better. I was hoping for a mini chapter (with a couple of maps maybe) in Dyrwood were I'd gather Eder, Aloth and Pallegina befor heading to Deadfire. Instead we got this limbo walking and talking and starting immediately in the ship with Eder over our head (dafaq's doing the mayor of Dyrford there?? - hm, now that I think of it... it can be surrelistically funny ). On the other hand, I didn't find the opening long or boring. I thought it would be, but it wasn't. It was just a few dialogue options with Berath (whi
  18. I suggest you finish Pillars before Deadfire. From what I've seen, Deadfire wouldn't have been as enjoyable as it is now for me if I hadn't played Pillars first.
  19. The devs were aiming for slightly less or at least equal length with Pillars 1 at start. But they admited it end up bigger than the original.
  20. I'm on my way to Neketaka. From what I've played thus far, I believe it deserves it.
  21. What is the point of discussing the return of health/endurance mechanic right now? This was a topic for beta. The game is out now, there is no way they change this and rebalance/redesign every encounter, character and classes.
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