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  1. It has. Currently some people report issues of choice implementation, though, but it has. Now, if you haven't finsh Pillars, you can create your own history via the editor in Deadfire, BUT! I strongly recommend you finish Pillars 1, since you're already into it, because you'll have a way way way better connection to the events and characters. The history creator makes a poor job of that - it's just a queastionnaire.
  2. If you pick "who are you?" with Eder he makes fun of you. Did you chose it or it just felt strange to you that it was there as an answer?
  3. Yes, the problem comes, supposedly, when you import save. History maker is more reliable, they say.
  4. So basically he admits he fanboi'd on the first game and gave it a score it didn't deserve. Well at least he is honest. Greek reviewers are like this a lot hehehe. Especially when it comes to niche genres and even more specifically to rpgs They were like this at least from the 90s when I first started reading pc games magazines
  5. Hmm, I haven't experienced many problems with save import thus far but if anything occurs it will bother me a lot. Maybe the history creator is more reliable a the moment?
  6. I was in favor of old vs new system but I already forgot abou it playing Deadfire. This proves to me that, although the split system was a great idea, it wasn't what made the game good. Writing and pacing is what I enjoy most in Deadfire and I just don't care about other mechanics since they are good as they are even if slightly different from Pillars.
  7. An interesting insight by the Ragequit reviewer regarding scores for Pillars and Deadfire (excert from Powerslave's linked review): "Coming back to the start with regards to the “trouble” of being the reviewer of Deadfire, another aspect of my “woe” is that of the necessary evil: the grade. My general conclusion explicitly states that Deadfire is a “wholly improved sequel in every aspect”. However, back in the day I graded POE1 with 99% for many and different reasons, which may have had merit during the time of the review but not necessarily so after 3 years. In hindsight, a score of 87-88% m
  8. It's ok. Thankfully it's not all the time there just in main plot stuff. The problem with this voiced narrator is that it's just a voice narrating the written in-between stuff. In DOS2 (which I assume they tried to mimic) the narrator worked great because it was a character by himself. He had personality and all that, it wasn't just someone reading a book.
  9. There is, but if you haven't played Pillars already, you can't know what it is that you're choosing. Who's this? What's that? Why did I had to do this? etc It's just choices no backstory of what's happening. Even I that have played Pillars and tried the history maker had to open the wiki to remind myself of some people and places. Imagine one that has no idea of Pillars whatsoever. Anyway, the feature is cool, of course, and helps a lot, but even if you make all those choices, if you haven't played Pillars so to experience each one and know who all these people are adn what their actions d
  10. I've experienced zero technical issues thus far (about three hours in - got to the first settlement).
  11. For ours and the developers convinience, I decided to open this thread dedicated to first impressions, so they are gathered in one place. So here's mine: I played the game up to the first settlement, so it was two to three hours if you include character creation and restarting because it couldn't find my old saves I wanted to import so I had to do some improvization. Needless to say, I had a blast. The game is so much improved over the first one in literally all its aspects. Well, I haven't dived into combat a lot 'cause the first encounters were very easy so I'll have to recomment on
  12. Yes. The overall writing quality is very good and consistant. Easy to follow. Voice-over helps a lot too, imo.
  13. Most reviews give it good score but not outstanding score. Expected as Deadfire is a great rpg but it brings nothing new to the genre or the games in general (like DOS2 did, for instance, and made it insta-classic for many). I've played to the first settlement and I'm having a blast. Everything is so improved upon the first one, especially writting! But I understand the reviewers point of view. Who cares, though, right?
  14. OK it started but still needs to download stuff despite pre-loading :/ Must wait 1 to 2 hours more :/
  15. Here https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Official_Pillars_of_Eternity_Wiki Although its easier to google first then come to forums. Also the manual is not needed that much since the game has tutorials and tooltips. In addition, Youtube provides a plethora of videos explaining mechanics and everything else. Welcome to 2018 friend!
  16. Unless it is Acquisition Incorporated were nothing is serious and is just for (good) laughs. They are long so I never watch them in a single run but hard laughs are guaranteed. Also watching others play DnD (or any other rpg actually) here and there is good for those who have no idea what it's like playing a tabletop rpg and want to try it or want some game master inspiration. But watching a series of others play, yeah, boring. Unless it's Acquisitions Incorporated
  17. I only learned about them recently and by accident as they appeared as a recommendation from youtube when watching some Acquisition Incorporated stuff. Watched the first episode but got bored tbh. They are great at voicing, though, and I appreciate Obsidian used them. I'm not surprised at all, of course, that they have voiced other games and cartoons, 'cause that's their job after all
  18. I usually prefer GoG over steam because of interface (steam sucks), compression (so faster download) and drm free policy, but I picked up steam this time around because of preload. Anyway, game's gonna be up tomorrow around 8pm here in Greece so I'll be playing it at 9 or 10; a perfect time to start and play a couple of hours to see the introduction stuff. Wednesday the stores are closed at afternoon, that means no work for me after 5pm, so it's a great follow-up
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