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  1. Well, that pirate island fortress whose name escapes my right now was something similar to Raedric's Hold. It was a nice dungeon style area, big with many approaches and outcomes. Apart from that I too haven't found any "big" dungeon yet, though some smaller ones were not bad. I'd like to have one or two larger scale dungeons but I can live without them if the rest of the game is good.
  2. What I don't understand is why everybody assumes they have to buy everything. DLCs are not mandatory. I don't thing I ever bought any dlc ever. Unless it was meaty expansion of a game I really liked and pulled me back in.
  3. Here's the thing: babies born without soul never touched me in Pillars 1 as something dark or grim or whatever. First off, it was not that we were hearing about that all the time. I almost forgot about the stillborn after Dyrwood. Second, souls, gods and reicanration is pure fantasy to me so I can never take 'em seriously. I like dark atmosphere in games but I don't find a theme/topic dark, unless it is based on a real world situation. That is, the refugee problem in Defiance Bay felt much more dark to me and I was very dissapointed that the developers didn't focus on that, supposedly, big iss
  4. Dark is overrated and irrational I think. I do like it, of course, but mostly not in a rpg because sometimes it feels unreal and affects choices. Deadfire is more realistic, thought-out and grounded as setting than Pillars 1 imo. Gods and souls aside, of course.
  5. Tbh the only music I enjoy thus far is tavern music and sea shanties. The rest is just an ok background music. Combat music, while it does its job, is the worst part of Deadfire sound imo. Pillars 1 had in general superior music.
  6. I've only recruited Konstanten up to now and I've kicked him to the side. Zero minutes in my party. That's why they are there, right?
  7. Obviously the DLCs were scheduled way before release and they are directed by different people so I can only assume they were worked by different team parallel to Deadfire at some point after the game was "done" internally. I don't get all this fuss about the DLCs.
  8. Being different doesen't mean it's worse. Both games have great atmosphere for what they are. I don't like the childish atmosphere of most j"r"pgs so I don't play them. I don't believe Eora has a single tone either. Pillars 1 had it's tone. Worldbuild it's just typical fantasy with some unique twists here and there. Pillars 3 might be in The Living Lands, climbing mountains and such and have even different atmosphere that Deadfire. Who knows. No one said every Pillars game should be dark and whatever. And to be honest, I didn't feel Pillars 1 was that dark. I wouldn't sau it's dark fantasy. It
  9. Well the game is complete without the dlcs so you shouldn't have a problem feeling the pirate theme and story. It's also a big game as it is.
  10. Inspirations and aflictions are groups of buffs and debuffs that cancel eachother out. They are not generic temporary stat increases. That's why they have specific names.
  11. He is. It can be directed by a different person, though. And, yes, I don't believe there's gonna be a Pillars 3 any time soon. Maybe some other game in this setting. We're just tossing ideas for fun here
  12. They should use The Living Lands as setting next time. They can go even more wild there
  13. Path of the Damned is, right now, according to path-of-the-damned-ers way too easy. I play on normal and I find the challenge... normal I speculate normal is the most challenging mode right now
  14. I myself find the diffuculty exactly as it was in Pillars 1 vanilla. It's ok on normal. Have some tough moments but overall I do good. I tried to tackle a red three-skull opponent once and got my arse handed to me. Other times I managed it. So I'm ok with that. The game gives an ok challenge which is fine since it's huge and I don't fancy reloading 10 times ti get passt a random dungeon room. I need to move on with other aspects (story etc). Now, I haven't tried it on higher difficulties yet so I'm not sure. Maybe they are more unbalanced? Maybe normal is the most challenging difficulty a
  15. I'd say better get it on pc since it's designed around mouse+keyboard. That is if you enjoy playing in pc as you enjoy playing in your console (or more). If you prefer playing on console in general, maybe wait and play it on console. But I'd recommend pc.
  16. 100% playable for me. Bugs are too minor to even care. I play in normal diffuculty, no enemy scale, imported save. I'm about 10-15h in.
  17. Sigh. Can you stop with your uninformed opinions? Have you even started playing the game by now or are you still trying to convince yourself that you shouldn't pick it up? Deadfire has the same Steam user score and a higher Metacritic score (both professional and user) than its predecessor, for all that user reviews are worth seeing that the majority of them are pretty much vapid - despite a somewhat buggy launch. So in which world exactly does that lead to your "general consensus"? Yes there are quite a few bugs, some minor and others more severe but the game is far from the unplayable b
  18. Both steam and metacritic reviews I see, place Deadfire at high "scores". I don't get the point of this thread right now. Also that proves the game has no gamebreaking bugs or any other kind of bugs that prevent people from enjoying it. I'm one of them. No serious bugs for me yet. Pillars 1 was supposedly at the same state, yet I couldn't find a single bug during my first day 1 playthrough. All this makes me think bugs are found in the more "niche" playstyles maybe, hidden in spots the majority of people wouldn't notice or don't care enough.
  19. I never used it and probably never will, tbh. I forgot it's there :D Still, nice that they included it.
  20. Romance languages have many common words that sound alike. Like the word "friend" you're mentioning. But Vailians are based on Italians (Venecians more specific) as it is mentioned by the developers themselves.
  21. There are times that I think that Obsidian doesn't want to get up to date by looking what's going on in other games... since early 2000s! ...
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