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  1. Cool factor/gameplay > historical accuracy. This is usually how things work in games, for the best imo.
  2. Hyper-tank mode: wielding two shields and wearing a shield armor (shields wrapped around the body).
  3. And then Macedons gave them what's coming to them. And then the Romans. And then the Ottomans. And then Greeks again. And who's the capital now? Athens got back at them all
  4. are those. . .sealed portholes? Is that a . . . submersible? There's a certain amount of abstraction happening with the ships already; even a single cannon took a whole gun crew to manage, four to six crewmen I believe, not just a single individual; and even the Galleon we see in the PC Gamer article only has four cannon on a side, which is relatively dinky. I'm kinda hoping for an expanded ships DLC that adds much more depth, but I'm the sort of geek who re-reads the Patrick O'Brian Aubrey-Maturin books every few years, so I probably have a much higher tolerance for wind mechanics
  5. DA:O had the best companion switch mechanic: as long as you were in a settlement and not in combat, you could swap companions at will. Though it took me sometime to figure out
  6. It would be great if you could hit bottom and end up sailing with a Kon-Tiki style raft :D
  7. Your loss Lesbos and its city Mytilene are very beautiful and summer is coming Spartan lapdogs the lot of them. You know it's been a while since then
  8. You are in fact, wrong. As Boeroer pointed out earlier, left behind companions get less, a point I’ve made clear since the start. They get less but not to the point they're left much behind. You just pick 'em up and after a couple of fights they're in par with the rest.
  9. What are you even talking about? I haven't seen an rpg that left behind companions don't get xp to match the active ones since ages! The standard now is that who you left behind they also get xp. Same was in Pillars too. What kind of weird debate is this now? It's just fact.
  10. Here's an idea for a single character rpg (maybe the fully 3D first person one they want so much to make): You play as a godlike. Only. That way they can give all their focus in making godlike models or mods for character creation and have that interactivity with people around you seeing you as a godlike, that Pillars lack. I'd love to see a game like that
  11. Being a reader and reading on your leisure when laid on the sofa, easy chair or bed doesn't mean you like reading text walls sitting in front of your computer while you're playing a game. VO helps me a lot in many ways (apart the fact that I prefer to listen to the characters talk), I don't care it being localized in Greek and I'm no kid in my 38.
  12. Your loss Lesbos and its city Mytilene are very beautiful and summer is coming
  13. Everything said by anyone about the financial state of Obsidian is pure speculation and shouldn't be in any conversation. We should discuss what we know of the game that is officially thrown out there. I don't know why many people post so much about how they are sure of how things are, unless they're trying to convince themselves of something (not sure what). The company decided the game will have full voice-over. They have the funds, they did it. They didn't say "we have that much exra money to toss around in that and that and that feature and we chose VO" as many believe (since they thi
  14. Do you have inside information or photos of their beds? If you do please share, because common sense says if they've done it, they got 'em and half the budget was already covered by us.
  15. People worry without even knowing why. If the game has the same options as DOS2 had (it most probabaly will), then you can mute seperately: - characters, - narrator (Deadfire will not have a voiced narrator) - background barks (people in towns that is) - and an additional option the game already has, battle barks.
  16. Gairnulf, you are doing the exact same thing the "in the infinity engine" group did. Complaining about a thing that's already implemented and it's not going to change. They won't just toss away all that dialogue they paid to record three weeks before launch just because some oldies don't like full vo. It's common sense, not authority.
  17. Firstly, you can turn off voice seperately. Do that if you're so annoyed by voices. Secondly, don't become the new "in the infinity engine games" group. Thirdly, whatever the case, it's done and it's not changing. Go back to secondly.
  18. When I heared that Deadfire's gonna be a direct sequel I was abit dissapointed tbh. I'd like to start anew with a different character in a new story. But as it turned out, Deadfire is something like that. Ok you play the Watcher but the story and place is totally different. Is exactly as Baldur's Gate 2 was to Baldur's Gate 1 (a series that I played 2 first, 1 second too :D ) which is good enough for me.
  19. So what is exactly you problem with Deadfire @The Sharmat? That people start series from the middle?
  20. Exactly. They made first Pillars without having in mind it'll ahve a sequel. And, tbh, Deadfire might be a continuation of the main character but not of the first game's story. It has nothing to do with Thaos and the LEaden Key or anything. It's about Eothas coming back and you chasing after him.
  21. It is the designers' job to make a sequel as easy for everyone to get into as it can possibly be. One might not know about your previous game for whatever reason. You should't force people buy your previous games in order to play your last. Each of your work should stand as its own even if it's a part of a series. No one says this about anything but videogames. If someone chose to read Lord of the Rings starting with the Two Towers, you'd think they were crazy. It's only video games that are expected to have either little to no continuity or tons of recap. I don't know how this happened
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