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  1. Larian did it with DOS2 and they got the ultra-kudos from everyone so the bar was raised. Obsidian had to at least reach it if not overpass it.
  2. I'd say the main reason is because most people prefer characters to sound as people that to read as books.
  3. It is the designers' job to make a sequel as easy for everyone to get into as it can possibly be. One might not know about your previous game for whatever reason. You should't force people buy your previous games in order to play your last. Each of your work should stand as its own even if it's a part of a series.
  4. What I'm pretty sure of is that I'll single-class casters only because I want to use end level spells - they're usually etremely impressive
  5. I played Mass Effect 2 before 1. I didn't even know it was a direct sequel. I had no problem with the game whatsoever. Pillars 1 starts with devs presuming you know much about its world, lore etc. If you didn't follow the development or read the strategy guide you could feel this was a game amidst a series. Some had problems with it, others not. I don't believe its a dealbreaker. If you see something you feel you're gonna like and, while playing, you like it indeed, you're gonna find your way.
  6. I can tell English, Scottish, Irish, Australian, American and especially southern american accents apart, in general, but I never bother to care about them when I hear them in games. I just know I have personal favorite: English accents in general
  7. You know what the funny part is now? People who might not like Deadfire's writing or feel there's not enough choices for some reason or whatever, will blame it on VO :D I'm sure about it "Well, the writting this time sucks. But noooo they didn't respect their niche fans, they wanted to appeal to the masses [grumpy face]" Like niche crowd doesen't deserve some ear candy
  8. Bring that shyt in! Aw right! I'm pretty sure we owe this to Larian, though Edit: I don't believe they cut anything out of writing at all. VO usually is done at the end of production when everything is in place. From what we know, writing has been finalized months before now, before beta 1 so I don't believe it's done at the cost of it. Also, people. Stop assuming/believe you know jack about budgets, moreso what is been told to us as truth/fact about it. Obsidian is not a small company AND has partnered with a publisher for Deadfire. Extra money could come from other routes besid
  9. Don't you think they don't know it? They just don't care. More sisnister reasons are hidden behind the players' not-likeness of already established and flesh-out characters' portraits, unfortunately
  10. Yeah the interview was nice because the guy asking questions knew the game, but the info was well known to this community already, I believe.
  11. That 2012 era of "not liking publisher so we crowdfund" was just words from many as they ended up striking deals with them anyway. Now they can have players fund their games AND have a publisher for extra boost. Win-win. Anyway, these dlcs are mostly cosmetic/minor stuff as I see, nothing serious or crucial so I don't care at all. I'm pretty sure there's gonna be serious/meaty content (paid) expansions/dlc in the future and hope it's gonna be better even than White March (en sequel-y!). In general I don't see why people rant so much about minor dlcs especialy when no "pay-to-win" tact
  12. Regarding non-mandatory life stuff, I pretty much need to be in a mood and mindset to do anything. This includes games, of course, and it happens to me too. When I leave a game untouched for more than 6 or 7 days I find it hard to continue playing it from were I left. I need to restart. This is easy when it comes to games that are not story focused, like strategy or sim games with open ended character (like Civ or Cities for instance), but it can be critical when it comes to long story-based games like rpgs. I quit and might not get back to it for a long period. Which sucks.
  13. Here's another Josh interview from Pax I just run into. Don't know if it's posted before, didn't see it in this thread. Nothing new for most of us; only interesting thing is the mention (around 6:30 I think) that there are a couple secret ships you can find. Interesting and intriguing
  14. For real??!! That happened?!?! Oh, man, they were way more pathetic than I thought! :D
  15. Wait, he used to post here? What happened? What rude chump doomed us to an eternity (no pun intended) of being ignored by the developers? Josh quit posting here after the "in the infinity engine games" PIllars 1 backer clique was launching personal attacks against him (and other devs) because the game wasn't 1:1 copy of Icewind Dale or something. They the forums and returned to codex a little before launch when they realized this is not going to happen but the damage had already been done.
  16. How silly is that they put the "dash [name]" after their quote like it's some known historical quote? :D
  17. Well, you don't have to limit yourself to those few official portraits. It's very easy to put custom portraits into the game and there are **** ton of them on the internet, less for orlans and aumaua but there are some of those too. And if devs won't lock companions portraits in release version you'll be able to change them too. I know but it's so annoying to do. If they had an option to just import the picture from the character creation would be great. Now O don't feel doing all that stuff manually. Also, I play a wild orlan. Not many on the internet.
  18. Oh, anothe feature that could be cool, since they went for hand-drawn portraits, could be what Shadowrun did: you pick a portrait and the character model automatically matches it. Then you can change stuff if you don't like.
  19. To my preferance, Deadfire models are ok to have a 3D capture for my character picture. I'm not a graphics elitist. I'd rather have my customized 3D face for my picture than compromise with a selection among 3-4 (a couple if playing orlan or aumaua or a specific godlike!) pre-drawn pictures even if Deadfire had DA:O graphics Of course, if Obsidian doesen't feel their models are that good for this and don't want to spend any more money on 3D model graphics it's totaly understandable; as I said, this ffeature is not a dealbreaker, it just messes a bit with my love for fully customizable cha
  20. There's nothing to convince here about. It's just how Obsidian chose to go. There's no objective truth about which one os better aesthetically, but I'll argue some more for its functionality. Not to convince anyone but to give a viewpoint for why I believe companies should work more on their character models in these kind of games. Customization is paramount in an rpg for me and portraits take some of that away. You chose a portrait someone draw for something else to become your avatar's picture. Eh... Not expressive enought for me.That's why I prefer 3D caps of the character I customized. Y
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