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  1. He's carrying it, not using it Though I don't know what this has to do with his posts about Pillars
  2. Good stuff. I hope the waiting for the exterminators to finish bug hunting will be worthwile.
  3. No need to argue what a spiritual successor is. Obsidian specified their definition for what a spiritual successor to IE games is is their kickstarter campaign: real time with pause combat, isometric view, beatiful environments to explore and interactive companions. They delivered in every part.
  4. Most people who care to participate in forums discussing a (niche) game are most probably hardcore. That's why you see many people talking about POTD in online communities. I personally play a game once in normal. I've tried several other playthroughs of Pillars 1 in hard but I never finished one (because or Defiance Bay boredom). I'm no hardcore but I LOVE this kind of rpgs and I'm a person who plays a game for the experience not just to pass time.
  5. Drama much? All he’s saying is that multiclassing opens the door to allowing people to do stupid things. Doesn’t mean the system is broken. You cannot accuse someone that plays a new game for the first time that hey are stupid. It's design fault not the player's.So “don’t give backers, who knew what they were signing up for, what they want because ‘casuals’”? I’m pretty sure everyone here has re-rolled a character at least once because they learned something new about the mechanics of whatever game they were playing at the time. We can’t expect them to cater to the lowest common denom
  6. Drama much? All he’s saying is that multiclassing opens the door to allowing people to do stupid things. Doesn’t mean the system is broken. You cannot accuse someone that plays a new game for the first time that they are stupid. It's design fault not the player's.
  7. This https://jesawyer.tumblr.com/post/172139237541/how-are-priestdruid-wizarddruid-multiclasses doesn't sound good. Tell me if I understand wrong but Josh implies that multiclassing two casters can lead to a bad build (what Pillars is specifically designed to avoid)?
  8. I am not in the loop: has JS said what kind of project he will work on next instead of POE3? New IP? He isn't leaving Obsidian or anything, right? He won't direct any of the upcoming dlcs/expansions that's for sure. We don't know if there is a plan yet for "Josh's next game" or anything. We know, though, that he's busting Feargus' balls for a european medieval game; he hinted lately that if he makes something like that it can be even "smaller" than Pillars (in production value that is). He also mentioned that he'd love to make a turn-based game in Pillars' world and that Obsidian would li
  9. I was hoping for a new protagonist/story this time too. Always good to start freash and rpgs )and Obsidian rpg especially) are long games, enough to tell and conclude a complex story in a single game. You know what could be cool? If obs took Pillars the way Bioware takes Dragon Age: Each game is different and it moves the timeline forward and picks a different place.
  10. Next time Obsidian should make Pillars 3 a full 3D game with campaign generator like Larian did with both DOS games. Then I'm sure there gonna be people who'll recrate the entire BG and IWD and NWN series. And it'll be a blast :D
  11. The game will have the worst, most boring, most predictable anti-climactic end a game could possibly have.
  12. Most probabaly the game will crush when you start a new game. This won't be fixed until the first patch which is gonna be late July (the time I'm most buysy with work and just abefore vacations ) or any date that's gonna be mostly incovenient.
  13. Pretty sure most people using the phrase "dumbing bown" don't know what it really means (or implies). In an extent, I find it offensive. Most mean "streamlined" but I don't think Deadfire is streamlining anything. It just presents them differently or switch some mechanics to a different (in most cases worst for me) version.
  14. I don't believe the game is in a place to change these things right now. Everything you (OP) spam about is already discussed and argued months ago with official responces by the devs. They heared, the changed stuff, they stick with their view about some others... this is gonna be the game like it or not. I don't like some things they changed either but what's been said, is been said, what is twitched is twitched, the game is done and core mechanics won't change now. Well maybe they switch strength back to night but that's about it. I hope (and, actually, believe) that the overall experienc
  15. Dwarves aren't well though out in Pillars. They're very generic. They just put them because people expected the game to have underground dwarves. Good thing, though, they put in the boreal ones. And its obvious they liked more than the generic dwraves because they put Sagani in the game.
  16. In Icewind Dales I always had at least one dwarf fighter in my frontline. In BG2 I had Korgan with me (mostly because he was a broken fighter). All you need is lore and personality. Eora dwarves are boring that's for sure. Except Sagani. I kept her with me a lot because I liked her character; as ranger she was meh.
  17. Well, this would be the same as no level scaling since the player doesen't know the area levels beforehand It could be an interesting option though for a second playthrough.
  18. You mean the industry that already makes video games for the last 50 years? How long to maturity?
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