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  1. Thanks! Once that hits zero I will be off this board for a few months. It has been a fun year or so waiting for the game with all of you!
  2. I would recommend playing the first one, but I know that is a hard decision to make among all the release hype.
  3. I mean sure game reviews have always been a little suspect going back to the 80s when game companies themselves owned the magazines that released them but even then they were not completely useless. And I remember the glowing reviews Ultima IX got LOL. So, you know, pinch of salt. These days are a few I know well and thus I am aware of their biases and my opinion is likely to coincide with theirs. I cannot possibly know the users well enough to know what theirs are so I generally find it not very valuable to look at user reviews...unless the game has serious issues. Generally there is no r
  4. Yes. You can buy it on Amazon right now. https://www.amazon.com/Pillars-Eternity-Guidebook-Two-Archipelago/dp/1506706762/
  5. But people have already finished the damn game on stream right? I stupidly clicked on the spoilers forum not realizing that there were people out there who actually know the entire plot of the game already.
  6. Man the paranoia of people is really impressive. Just wait a few months if you are worried. No big deal.
  7. I am pre-loaded and ready to go! Though I kind of wish all the digital goodies were available now. Ah well. Are we talking about a midnight Pacific time release or are we talking about it unlocks at midnight local time or what?
  8. Well one of them voiced Aloth and Eder and I thought he really brought those characters the life. If the rest of them do as good a job then I will have nothing to complain about.
  9. Well it is their intellectual property so it is not like you can appoint somebody else to make it. I can tell you nothing beyond the fact that past performance is an indicator of future results...as far as the game stuff goes. I have said all I am going to say about the 'drama'.
  10. She turned me down before she ever discovered Donnic. I recall thinking that she was so much cooler than Hawke that she should have been the real hero of DA2.
  11. Every single party focused tactical rpg is not a BG1 remake. First person action RPGs do not get slandered as Ultima Underworld remakes. It just gets so tiresome to be told how the games I enjoy are somehow special and deserve to be labelled as an artifact of the past for no reason at all, while other games which are very similar to games that are just as old get celebrated as evolutionary. They aren't, they are just a genre that is more fashionable but just as ancient in its heritage.
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