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  1. Hello, As a KS backer (collector's edition) of the first game, I have the first, physical volume of the guide book, which I think was put together very nicely. Do you know if Obsidian will make the second volume available even for non backers of the second game?
  2. Yep, it has already been brought up in the "Tech" forum; hopefully they'll improve it (I'm experiencing it as well).
  3. That's the Prima Strategy guide, not the Dark Horse Collector's Guide I'm talking about
  4. The Dark Horse one: http://www.amazon.com/Pillars-Eternity-Guidebook-Obsidian-Entertainment/dp/1616558091/
  5. I think the digital version will suffice for the vast majority of us that are interested in the game lore (you can always print it) beyond the Cyclopedia entries ; purchasing the book is taking it a step further, especially if you like good old fashioned paper (but the whole book looks quite colourful and pleasing to look at).
  6. Yep, although surely not a major feature, it would be a welcomed addition. Hopefully Obsidian will find some spare time to implement it
  7. Not to diminish the value of the rest of the "extras", but I would like to congratulate everyone involved in the creation and writing of the Collector's Guide (as you might know, you can also order a physical copy on Amazon, beside obtaining the digital version). I consider it a labour of love constantly shown throughout the pages, and at least as good as, for example, the Forgotten Realms handbook from the D&D 3.5 era . Hopefully other owners will agree with me. I think it really deserves a "praise" thread like this
  8. Same issue here; IMO, it would benefit increasing brightness a little in dungeons and "night" maps. Would it also be possible to add a level of zoom to local maps?
  9. Guess I'll read that delicious and beautiful looking almanac while I wait for an answer about the patch
  10. KS Royal Edition - key generated, now pre-loading my 6GB. Can't wait (and can't wait for my physical goods to arrive as well :D)
  11. Manual available on the dedicated Steam store page
  12. Ondra's Gift screenshot looks amazing! Nice to hear about the new release date: don't rush, I feel you might just release your best game to date, Obsidian
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