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  1. I have a very fast ALL SSD linux box that I am using to play pillars and the transition to areas and loads are extremely slow. Will there be some effort to improve the I/O performance (if not for POE than POE 2) ? Has any attempt been made to buffer read/writes to minimize I/O requests ? I started profiling what the program was doing but decided it was pointless since I can't change it. This is far the slowest game when it comes to transitioning to new areas/loading saves that I have played in a very long time (and is a lot slower than D:OS and Wasteland 2). Thaniks.
  2. I meant the making the game video; and I have the GOG version so steam isn't going to help. For example on the Steam store page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/291650/
  3. I'm mixed. I do remember with icewind dale (which was the first of the black isle games I played) I found some nifty magical chain mail and it was too heavy and I had spent a lot of time to pick and choose which items to keep or dump. On the one hand I hated encumberance but it really did make me think about what to keep or not keep and trade off of carrying loot (and suffering in combat) or giving up the loot.
  4. I have one minor complaint; this is really meant for developers in case they are willing to make a change - not sure of the correct method to submit such - and that is there is no option to 'name' save files. The reason this is a 'complaint' is that I often use save file names as a way to identify why the file was saved - such as 'experimental thief' or 'test jumping into pit' - I guess complaint isn't really the right word - perhaps request for minor feature change ? - Other than that seems great but I haven't gotten to far. Was kind of sad when [oops can't say i guess it would be a spoiler].
  5. Ok tahnks. I found the kickstarter update a bit ambiguous but maybe that was just my poor reading.
  6. I'm confused as always. Will we be able to download the game from the backer portal as well as from the place we pick our key or will only the 'extras' be available from the backer portal ?
  7. hum. i reran validation and there seems to be some issues; let me see if fixing those resolve my problem. --- ok after validation the issue went away. Sorry for the frustration.
  8. my issue was the game was due to local corruption. I like the idea of the game but hte pc controls have issues; the rpg portion (cut scene and such) are great.
  9. Here is the save file; cache is fine: default.txt
  10. Nope it still wont' let me upload a file. That link you provided was not relevant to my case; do you know if this game has a log file somewhere that might have useful information. Kind of wish someone from obsidian would read this thread and would be willing to take a look at the save file.
  11. Yes; I tried replaying the mission from the start and had the same results; i even tried skipping hte mission (I had one other) and then playing the mission (it was the only one left) and still had the same results.
  12. How can I attach the save file? When I attempt to do so it says I am not permitted to upload this kind of file (the file is 40K
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