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  1. Hello, As a KS backer (collector's edition) of the first game, I have the first, physical volume of the guide book, which I think was put together very nicely. Do you know if Obsidian will make the second volume available even for non backers of the second game?
  2. Yep, it has already been brought up in the "Tech" forum; hopefully they'll improve it (I'm experiencing it as well).
  3. That's the Prima Strategy guide, not the Dark Horse Collector's Guide I'm talking about
  4. The Dark Horse one: http://www.amazon.com/Pillars-Eternity-Guidebook-Obsidian-Entertainment/dp/1616558091/
  5. I think the digital version will suffice for the vast majority of us that are interested in the game lore (you can always print it) beyond the Cyclopedia entries ; purchasing the book is taking it a step further, especially if you like good old fashioned paper (but the whole book looks quite colourful and pleasing to look at).
  6. Yep, although surely not a major feature, it would be a welcomed addition. Hopefully Obsidian will find some spare time to implement it
  7. Not to diminish the value of the rest of the "extras", but I would like to congratulate everyone involved in the creation and writing of the Collector's Guide (as you might know, you can also order a physical copy on Amazon, beside obtaining the digital version). I consider it a labour of love constantly shown throughout the pages, and at least as good as, for example, the Forgotten Realms handbook from the D&D 3.5 era . Hopefully other owners will agree with me. I think it really deserves a "praise" thread like this
  8. Same issue here; IMO, it would benefit increasing brightness a little in dungeons and "night" maps. Would it also be possible to add a level of zoom to local maps?
  9. Guess I'll read that delicious and beautiful looking almanac while I wait for an answer about the patch
  10. KS Royal Edition - key generated, now pre-loading my 6GB. Can't wait (and can't wait for my physical goods to arrive as well :D)
  11. Manual available on the dedicated Steam store page
  12. Ondra's Gift screenshot looks amazing! Nice to hear about the new release date: don't rush, I feel you might just release your best game to date, Obsidian
  13. As a "no" voter, I'm glad that, ultimately, you decided against the addition of new stretch goals; now you can march onward to your goal with much more clarity, I suppose
  14. Personally, I hope for a Vampire: Bloodlines spiritual successor
  15. Interesting, thanks coffeetable, now I'm a bit more optimistic about the possibility of adding more stuff at this point of development, although I'll keep my "no" vote (just being cautious :D)
  16. Thanks, finally! Pledge registration went pretty smoothly (although, for physical international shipping pledges, at one moment of the process it says you have $20 dollars left, which get re-applied during the last step when you confirm the order), and I really like the forum badge
  17. I'd rather have a polished and complete (as in, "with all the promised features/stretch goals described during the KS campaign) product that sticks to the vision the developers put into practice in the last year. I fear that, at this point, new goals might mean a rushed job and badly integrated new goals. I would prefer to see an "old school" expansion (Tales of the Sword Coast, Throne of Bhaal), with new areas, some new minor features here and there (a couple more companions, expansion of the stronghold feature etc.), but only after the first chapter of "Pillars of Eternity". Also, possibly, no micro DLCs, thanks
  18. Dunno, if it has already been mentioned, but she has her own website too (also check the "blog" section there): http://www.polinadesign.com/
  19. It's true that we will have to tune whatever values we wind up using for money you get and money you spend, but my higher-level concern is systemic. If there aren't core systemic drains, many players will simply wind up with a lot of money toward the end of the game. Many of you don't seem to care about this, but as I said earlier, I've heard complaints about it on every game I've shipped. I understand the concern, which is also common in MMOs, although the scope in those games is different (especially in DIKUs, while I find it more akin to SP games in sandbox MMOs). You know, you could take an harsh route, making the economy system even more detailed, but maybe at expense of fun. You won't be able to sell certain high quality weapons in small villages because the local weaponsmith won't have the money, so you'll have to wait to get to a bigger hub. But in the bigger city, sometimes what you consider "high quality" might be mundane and sell for less. Also, you could only sell weapon/armors to blacksmiths and general goods to provisioners and so on (much like it happened in IE games, if I recall well). So what? the party will simply travel to the big hub no matter what and buy/sell at the best rates. Then, at that point, you could discourage constant travelling for other in-game reasons (or random encounters), so that players will need to take decisions about their equipment/survival based on the "right here, right now" and not be travelling mules at all times .
  20. I'm not entirely sure that a solution is needed at all costs for the "too much gold" problem, especially in a SP game. - There are min./max. players who will find the most effective way to spend their gold; - There will be players strictly stickying to the RP aspect, even putting restriction by themselves in order to have an even more realistic/immersive experience, so they might modify their gold usage (usually they will spend and hoard less). ---------- So, regarding money sinks, I tend to agree with what Gumbercules wrote: although you are experienced developers, maybe you need to wait a bit more and see how exactly the money will flow (from fallen enemies, shop prices, both buying and selling ones, crafting prices etc.) in relattion to game lenght, story and party formation. Personally, I like to be immersed in the world, meaning that I will spend more money on decorations for the stronghold, clothes/mundane equipment (if any, of course I'm not expecting something like Skyrim) and, why not, some famous artifact. In the end, yeah, I still think that a large part of the playerbase will have a surplus of money that they will spend on the "final boss" fight: I did that in BG1, but know what? The journey to get there was great, so who cares if I had an obscene amount of potions/arrows/whatever to rely on during the Sarevok fight?
  21. Hehe, great video, loved the surreal swaying of the camera :D . And damn, that Black Isle notebook: loved it (and used it for a lot for games) when I got one with my BG2 collector's edition :wub:
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