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  1. Thanks! That's what I thought but I wanted to be sure. So it will take some time (and probably number of patches ) before I'll start PoE II ...
  2. Hi I still don't have time to start PoE II, even tough I did install it already, but I have a question. Is PoE I have any impact on II? I'm asking because I'm still playing first one and I wonder if there is any need for me to wait with starting new campaign. Like taking info from the save or something like that.
  3. Hm...I have one little question. In the newsletter there is sentence: The expansion will come in two parts, and backers who already purchased the expansion will receive both part I and II. So...how can I buy this expansion already? Was there some tier on kickstarter that gave this or is there some page where I can buy it right now?
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