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  1. Yeah I can't help you at all there. I learned European Spanish in college but that was more of a fluke than anything else as that's where my professor was from. If it had to hazard a wild guess it might just be because Europe might be seen as a larger market on the whole over Latin America so they prioritize getting European languages in first. Then once they have a Spanish translation they aren't really keen on doing a second one. If you're really curious shoot a tweet over to Michael Pachter ( https://twitter.com/michaelpachter ) he's an indusrty analyst that has a little show based
  2. Well since this game will be on the low side as far as voice over goes it will be largely text translation. I know they said they're willing to take on help from people would like lend a hand in terms of getting the translations done properly so if you or somebody you know is feeling particularly diligent I'm sure they'd be happy for the help.
  3. That's a good point. I haven't played through torment in years at this point and I had kind of forgotten it's almost complete lack of an antagonist to drive the story. So in addition to my previous post I'd have to say mystery is another great motivator. If you can make us want to know what will happen next and have us guessing what might be going on we will get sucked into the story. It's not something I think about much with RPGs since there's usually a villain but a good mystery plot works very well. I really enjoyed the first Resident Evil, Heavy Rain and Alan Wake because I really wanted
  4. For me it comes down to the characters. I love character driven stories, not only in games but books and movies as well. If you give me an interesting cast of characters that I care about I'm going to enjoy the game based on that alone. I mostly feel this way because many of the over arching stories in RPGs go either 2 ways. One is that the main story gets lost in all the sidequests and various adventuring you're doing. The other is that they either keep you on a strict path or beat you over the head with main 'threat' no matter what you're doing in the world. You can strike a happy medium
  5. Morrowind was amazing. I wish the game system was a little better but it was such an interesting setting that skyrim and oblivion still haven't really topped it for me. Reading this thread instantly put the title screen music into my head though, I hadn't realized that it had stuck with me at all until just now so I guess that says something about the music quality of the game right there.
  6. I've had the serenity table top RPG source book for awhile now but none of my friends ever really wanted to play it so it sits neglected. I personally would love to see a firefly type RPG. Not so much set in the firefly universe but what I consider to be a low tech sci-fi rpg. I love the idea of a game like firefly where sure you have space flight but you're still using pistols and ride horses because most people can't afford to do otherwise is just intriguing to me. I also think it would need to be a mixed sort of RPG where not only would your crew need to be of use on the ground on miss
  7. X-Com is the most recent addition and I've been enjoying it but after my squad got killed on a mission I've been taking a bit of a break :-p Beyond that I've been playing Borderlands 2 and FTL and completed a replay of Dragon Age: Origins and finally got up the will power to finish Dragon Age 2. Tonight I've been considering starting up D3 since is was patched or playing through Bastion yet again but I probably won't do either.
  8. I love the amount of feedback this kickstarter has been giving out, it was very impressive and made me feel like my donation was really appreciated. That said now that it's time to get to work I understand entirely if they don't have time for tons and tons of updates. So in answer to the poll I think once a month is a good amount but really as oftens as they have something they'd like to share is my real answer. I'm glad they're taking the feedback to heart as much as they are but I trust them to do their jobs well and they don't need to keep us up to date all the time. A screenshot of
  9. I like smaller ensambles for the majority of the music. Something that can set a mood without needing to be over powering. Of course for those epic moments a full orchestra with vocalization is always welcome. Considering the different cultures seem like they'll play a large role I would like areas associated with each culture to have it's own unique sound if at all possible. I think it helps as you as a player develope a feel for a culture in game very quickly regardless of delving too deeply into their history.
  10. Fallout 2 Was tempted to go Torment but in the end I go back and play Fallout 2 more often.
  11. It was Baldurs Gate, Fallout, and Planescape that really got me psyched. Those are some of my favorite games of all time so to hear the same guys were thinking of doing another game in the same style was a big deal for me. I also really enjoyed New Vegas, more than the original fallout 3, as it felt more like what fallout should be to me. NWN 2 was a great game, better than the original in my personal opinion. I skipped ToEE and Icewind Dale mostly because I don't like just having generic party members. I'm a character driven players and the idea of playing an IE type game but with me cont
  12. I really got the impression that it will be a dungeon crawl. A varried one, with a bit of puzzles tossed in as well. The only thing I'm curious about is if they'll make it need to be completed in 1 go. If you leave before completing it will everything respawn and need to be recleared? I can't decide if I'd like the challenge or just find the whole thing a bother to reclear.
  13. I personally like voice acting so long as it's done well. Mass effect did this the best in a game with choices but even so it had lots of ambigous dialogue that covered both the 'good' and 'renegade' choices in order to save on VO costs. Still I prefer it over DA:O or Kingdoms of Amalur where my main character stood around mutely while everybody else around him was fully voiced. Still NWN and BG were just fine in terms of voice acting. I'd rather have it this way considering the budget as the VO costs would cut a huge amount of content.
  14. I prefer turn-based games. I mean I know that's not what this game is and it was known since day 1 so I'm ok with that. I wouldn't want them to change it at all though. They've made a promise to all their backers about it being real time with pause. That said I really do love games like X-com, Valkyria Chronicles, and most especially fallout 2. I feel that turn based is a bit less slapdash than turn based with pause and I like the amount of control if offers.
  15. I'd prefer them not be in a 'fantasy' game. That said their inclusion won't really bother me. I hope that they do manage to differ from crossbows/bows and other ranged weapons though.
  16. I like the idea of whichever party member you have selected initiating the dialogue. It will use their stats/race/class to determine the choices for the conversation. But beyond that I think the choices should then be limited to something that character would do. So for example if you had a lawful good type character, who was an elf talk to an NPC that would only converse with characters that were also elves or had high charisma they then could not choose bullying options or evil options. Perhaps if said NPC mentioned something that the character would really disagree with you'd be left with n
  17. I want to second what Kymriana has been saying. The basic problem with excluding romance options entirely is that if you enjoy that sort of thing you then need to rely solely on the mod community otherwise you will not having any of that aspect of the game to enjoy. When it comes to development time everything else will already be included to some degree or another. All the party members will have dialogue and most likely quests as well that delve into their characters. The game will already have plenty of side missions and main quests. The world will already be fleshed out and fully reali
  18. While I do believe the stretch goals were designed to expand the team, so they could in turn put out more content in the same amount of time, I agree that 1.5 years seems a bit small. If they can get it done then by all means I'll be glad to play it sooner rather than later. However if it's not polished and complete just take more time. I'm sure budget will still be a concern though, they can't keep developement running forever on what they've taken in. Still I trust the game will be wonderful and if not I trust that the team will support it with additional patches after release until it meets
  19. I think joining guilds is always fun but every guild should have its bonuses as well as its downside. If you join a thieves guild you should not be able to then join a guild that helps enforce laws. If you join a religion that is the antithesis of what one of your party members follows or believes they should leave. If you side with a faction that leans towards privileged society maybe you should become a more common target for thieves when traveling or have commoner NPCs shout insults at you in the markets.These choices are always good but I prefer them to not just be straight up bonuses. Sid
  20. Since I already touched on some of these in my posts in the previous thread I'll try not to ramble too much. --what type of romance plot do you enjoy (tragic, happy ending, marriage/family)? Honestly I think in this diversity is the best option. People all prefer different things but variety makes the path you DO like that much more special by comparison rather than having all the romance plots end up in the same place. I personally really enjoyed the Planescape Torment romances despite them being tragic and Morrigans romance from DA:O because she didnt give up on her goals (albeit powerh
  21. This is a very good point. I would love to see this sort of thing as well so long as the characters aren't all generic. I say this because the only games that come to mind that allow you to romance anybody in the game with clearly set sexual prefences are the Fable games. In these games despite being a huge fan of romance in games I choose not to start a family the majority of the time. Mostly this is because everybody is the same and has nothing to set them apart from anybody else save their character model. I don't feel any sort of connection to whatever random shopkeeper or noble I see
  22. Teuthida hit the nail on the head. Unless there is going to be an expansion/sequel that takes place immediately or soon after the events of the game nothing is more important to me than hearing about what became of my companions and main character down the road from the 'end' of the game. Dragon Age: Origins did a pretty good job of reflecting on what your character did in the game as well as letting you talk to your companions to see what their plans for the future were. There is another game that I can't recall that told you what your companions ended up doing with themselves after the g
  23. Yes and no. Mainly I wish I had more free cash on hand to give more to the cause. Knowing that I couldn't have afforded anymore and probably shouldn't have even spent what I did I know it's a bit silly to feel that way. Still the kickstarter far exceeded what I thought was possible. Everytime a new reward tier unlocked I thought for sure, 'oh well that's probably the last one we'll reach.' Only it kept going up every time. I'd get an email update or just check the site and it was still climbing. The amount of money it brought in the last week was as much or more as it did in the first week whi
  24. I totally agree with you that character customization is key part of a game. I can't tell you the number of times I've restarted games in order to tweak looks that I decided didn't fit or did have the look I was going for with a character. However I think the main point you've made, perhaps without intending to do so, is the importance of making the game easily mod-able. There will come a point where they can't get the character models to meet everybody's needs but need to move on. The same goes for classes and races. Which is totally fine and reasonable. That is however where the mod communit
  25. I see this system being the equivalent of most shield/health systems around today. You get hurt and your shields go down, if they get down all the way your health takes damage and doesn't regenerate without a consumable. While it's a bit tired at this point I can't deny that it works pretty well mechanic wise. So personally I think it's just fine provided it's implemented well. I would for instance say that without specific skill/perk investments in order to regenerate endurance you should need to go a certain amount of time without attacking or being hit whilst staying in 1 place. I think
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