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  1. Graphics do matter to an extent. We're still looking for a modern game even if it's still a low budget one. As much as I love the BG series I do expect a bit more customization for the character models than just changing the tunic and hair color on a barbie doll in this game. Will the game be bad if that's all the character models are? Of course not. However I don't think making the character models more like NWN2 or DA:O is unreasonable. Even if once we're zoomed out they don't look that different I'd like to be able zoom back in for dialogue and or cutscenes if at all possible and see my cha
  2. I voted gameplay, but I honestly think story is more important after the gameplay is passable. I don't need to like every system or mechanic in the game but it needs to reach a playable point before I can enjoy the story. I for instance like NWN2 a great deal and had lots of fun playing it when it first came out. However the clunkiness of the combat and the camera following makes the game feel like a chore to play. I do enjoy the story but I can't even play the game long enough to really dig in to the story before the gameplay starts to ruin it for me. So gameplay is the most important to
  3. The problem is that she is writing fanfiction, she doesn't write stories to write a good story, but to have her fantasies about romance. She cares little about the world the story takes place in, or about writing a good plot. That together with Gaider's love for Twillight bring us...... wait for it....... DA2! And I never said anything about ME3's combat, just that the Story Mode would serve better in DA2. And if you don't see a problem with a writer in the game industry hating combat in games that involve combat, maybe RPGs aren't for you. Fanfiction really doesn't concer
  4. Making a game like BG2 would probably cost around 1-2 million. That is probably why this is where the initial goal for the kick starter was set. Now when you talk about the costs of modern triple A game, as other have already said, you need to take into account the costs of the graphics and voice overs and advertising. All of these things cause prices to sky rocket. It's been said by Square that one of the reasons they haven't remade Final Fantasy 7 is that the costs to remake it with todays graphic standards would be absurdly high. All those areas you explored were fairly large so to rend
  5. So wait... you're upset that the game had a game in it and wasn't just a interactive movie? I have to kill dozens of enemies to reach the next bit of dialogue in a BG game as well. Also despite her apparent distaste for gameplay the gameplay in ME3 was incredibly well done. They combat was probably the best out of the 3 games. Also I don't see what the lead writers preferences have to do with anything. I mean to hear you say 'yaoi fangirl at that' just implies some absurd level of distain for a person you don't know. It's not unlike people saying, 'oh, you play video games? I'm sure your a
  6. Ok now you are trolling. I ignore the other two, but with these ones no one with a brain should take you seriously. You don't have to like their storylines, but Tali and Merrill had their own problems that were not linked with the main character in any way. Tali had the difficoult relationship with her race and her father, Merrill had her quest for the Eluvian. I hate Merrill and I consider her a childish emo girl that does nothing else but cry around and complain that no one wants to help her, but this is just a personal judgement. Facts are that romancing her is totally optional,
  7. Ok now you are trolling. I ignore the other two, but with these ones no one with a brain should take you seriously. I disagree. Merrill was simply OK, but then again that's about as good as any of the DA2 romances got. So she might simply be getting a pass due to the low bar the game set on this front. I personally thought Tali was a good romance. It wasn't an instant romp in the sac or anything like that. She served with you the entire first game without developing a romantic interest in Shepard. Her character was interesting and believable and I always liked the Quarian peoples st
  8. Seconded. It doesn't need to be something as strong as the Tarrasque because I doubt we'll be reaching 'max power' or anything by the end of this game. I think they want to leave a bit of room for growth for expansions/sequels. I have no doubt that they could come up a legendary threat that while not viewed with god like power would still inspire an epic battle and a real feeling of accomplishment when defeated. I think those bosses that lurk in the wolrd that are harder than the final battle in the game are always fun. They make the world feel bigger than whatever is going on in the main
  9. This is a good thing. As much as I loved PS:T this game should do its own thing. This project, at least for me, was always presented as the a game from the minds that brought you PST and BG. So I always saw it as a studio with the skills and know-how to bring us another amazing RPG without the need to follow in the footsteps of any of their previous games. I want to explore a setting with new themes when it comes to PE. Now I would like to see an indirect sequel to PS:T but even then the most I'd want to be kept from PS:T is the setting and maybe a nameless one cameo. I wouldn't even want
  10. I don't mind replaying a game the same way I've completed it before. However the more things I cannot do in 1 play through the more motivated I am to replay it. To that end the things I'd really like see to are... Multiple victory paths: They've already said this will be in the game so I'm thankful for that. I will absolutely do a play through with a character that tries to talk their way out of everything and another that uses stealth as much as possible. So for me that's at least 2 play throughs. Mutially exclusive content: I think these sort of things not only make common sense but
  11. This is a big reason why romances do not work. Equity. Soon, all npcs must be bangable because the player must have equitable choices. Frankly, I hope OE avoids this pitfall entirely. If not, the entire slate of npcs will be little more than contestants on some fantasy dating game show. If equity is the issue, then Dragon Age: Origins has the right concept. Two straight pairings and two wild cards. Not quite fair, but reasonable given the demographics. Well, need I say more? Romances = bad. Yes you need to say more :-p Even if you think the romances in DA:O were bad (w
  12. Unless somebody came out and said the numbers we'll never really know for sure. I believe the average costs for a video game was around 1million or so when they were released. Which is probably why the initial goal for the kickstarter was 1.1mil. I know it was said that for Baldurs Gate enchanced edition to be considered a success it would need to sell 200k units, which is 4million, and they already had a blueprint to follow in remaking it. Granted that doesn't take into account the retailers cut or the publishers cut and the fact that they want make a profit not just break even to be a succes
  13. Here's the thing people like to knock bioware because they're a big, easy, target. Complain about some bioware games and you'll have a whole chorus of people chiming in right beside you which makes those people feel validated in their complaints and on and on it goes. In the end Bioware is still one of the better RPG developers out there. People can nit-pick and complain about things they didn't like but in the end I hope they won't deny that they're a good developer and do in fact do good things for the genre despite some of their missteps. People like to bag on ME3 endings forgetting tha
  14. I prefer expansions to take place after the game. I think it's because I expect an expansion to carry out a whole new grand story so I want it to be completely distinct and stand alone from whatever is going on the first game. If it's the dreaded DLC I expect it to just expand the world a little bit so it makes more sense to fit in with the original campaign.
  15. I'll usually go male caster of some sort of my first playthough leaning good then female rogue type second leaning evil. After that it's up in the air. If the game requires specific roles (tank, healer, dps) I'll probably go tank though.
  16. I think Diablo 3 has a good amount of violence. You've got enough standard deaths and blood splatters and the like with a bit of flash here and there with the ocasional flying or exploding corpse. It hit that balance between fun to watch when you wanted to focus on it and not distracting the rest of the time.
  17. I'd really like it be its own game more than be seen as like any of those others. If it had to take after something I'd really like it to borrow different things from many of the games you've listed. Despite the consistent rage against bioware I'm going to say they do get some things right. For example I love their carry over system. It's amazing that I can carry over my choices from previous games into later games. Yes, I'm sure people are annoyed that it didn't have as much impact as you've hoped in some cases, such as the saving the rachini. That said nobody else does this sort of thing
  18. I understand that 'sex sells' and all that so while I'm in agreement with this topic I can understand why we see so many skimpy armor designs on female characters and they all have super model looks. I would also point out that it's not strictly limited to females. There aren't a ton of ugly dudes walking around in video games either. Really I will be content if they do 2 things. First no female has a waste skinnier than her head or boobs larger than it. Second they design plate armor to look substantial and not form fitting, or if it must be form fitting for the love of god no steel biki
  19. I've got to disagree. I've done a few other kickstarters before and this one was by far the best handled out of any of them. The updates were coming frequently to let us know what was happening in the planning stages and with the kickstarter itself and I greatly appreciated that. More than that though they were constantly changing things up (in terms of ways to dontate) and out getting publicity to generate more donations. The team was out doing at least 1 Q&A week for almost the entire process. I loved when I'd see one pop up on gametrailers or kotaku knowing that it would bring anoth
  20. Honestly I think it's a bit too low. I like variety and choices as well as having a full party and 8 seems a bit limited if it's going to be your main character + 4 others. Now honestly at this stage I have no idea about what sort of combat system is going to be implemented. However if they make roles important (tank, healer, ect) than you might only have 1 companion that fits the bill as tank or healer. If their alignment doesn't mesh with your main characters they might leave and you'd be out an important role and forced to replace them with a faceless NPC from the adventurers hall.
  21. Honestly the issue with potions is solved easily with cooldowns. In dragon age origins (especially if you didn't have a dedicated healer) potions were life savers and frequently I'd have a character dying faster than they could get healed. This prevents you from just chugging them to trivialize encounters. Considering this game is designed around being able to complete solo I find it unlikely that potions will be toned down anymore than this. If you're playing a lone rogue you need a way to heal and potions will probably be your main option. If anything I'd say remove resist potions or res
  22. I always enjoyed going back to New Reno in Fallout2 and just wiping out the whole town with a big laser and some power armor. That said I think NPCs essential to the main plot should have a note or journal or something similar that will point you in the right direction of the next step in the plot. Alternitively (while it might be a complete pain in the ass to program) I imagine they could just shift all that essential quest dialogue on to another NPC or give you a necromancer that could call spirits back to answer your questions for a hefty fee.
  23. Really whatever the choice the game will be designed around it so it will work. I'd say that I'm used to combat giving experience but that doesn't mean it has to be that way. In this game it's being done without combat experience so people who choose to stealth around encounters or talk their way out of encounters aren't losing out on XP from killing everything in site. In which case I'm all for it because I'd rather have alternative victory methods than have need to get XP for everything I crush underfoot. My only concern with the system is that it will then have a set amount of experinc
  24. I don't mind random encounters even later on so long as they aren't too frequent. It's more the frequency that drives me up the wall than the battles themselves. I prefer it if the encounters don't scale so that once you're powerful you can enjoy scattering a handful of once annoying forest monsters to the wind with ease. If there is to be a price on your head or thieves out for your cash I'd rather that sort of thing be tied into your actions as a player rather than just being a random encounter. I also like the random encounters being scaled by area like in fallout 2. If you start wander
  25. I always loved sets but the biggest problem is exactly what you're talking about, never being able to find all the pieces. I think this mainly an issue in games where loot is randomly generated and I believe it's been said that won't be the case in this game. Still I do like the idea of going out to find the gear on a quest. Alternitively I like the idea of a blacksmith telling you he's heard of a legendary metal and if you bring it to him along with other things he needs to work it then he'll use it to craft you a set and you can pick the type of set you'd like based on your class.
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