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  1. Nope, this game is inventing it's own system. In fact they have no rights to the D&D franchise so everything will pretty much be original from the combat system, to the monsters, to the world itself.
  2. I understand your premises but even if you start out from humble beginnings the fact that you have become a key player in a grand story makes you special. In Fallout New Vegas you're just a regular dude, shot and left for dead even, you simply choose to get involved in all this **** that's going on around you. I think that is about a lowly as you can get yet you still get that 'I'm somehow better and more crucial than everybody else' feeling by the end of the game. I understand your desire to play a more anti-hero type character who's not out beat an evil force or fulfill a destiny but is
  3. I personally think Armor Class should reduce all physical damage regardless of it being critical or not. I think armor with higher AC (plate mail) should also make your character move slower and dodge less. This could be offset with perks and talents and so on. I think light armors (hide and leather) should have higher AC than clothes (including robes) but not have any sort of negative effects on movement speed or dodge. Finally I think that clothing should come with a base resistance to magic (doesn't make logical sense but it helps with balance) but no AC. I'm not a fan of heavy armor be
  4. This is tough because it depends on how the game is made. In most cases I'd prefer it end and go to an epilogue. Preferably a DA:O type epilogue where consequences of my actions are recounted and I get to find out what happened to my party members but I digress. This may be largely because I do a completionist play-through the first time and every time. I do everything available to me before continuing on main story missions so when the game is over for me I've already completed all the content. As such I'd rather have a nice satisfying ending than the ability to wander around the world explor
  5. Absolutely. I prefer Turn Based combat as I find the systems hold up better and provides you with more choices tactically. I find that Real Time or Real Time With Pause generally has to have more lee-way in combat to make up for reaction time and the like. In TB strategy game your choices tend to have a bigger outcome on the battle. X-com is a good recent example of how you can do good TB combat systems where the stakes can be higher than in a real time counterpart. Also I just tend to find RT or RTWP clunky. I love BG2, PST, NWN 1&2, but the combat in those games turns me off to replaying
  6. I prefer non-active NPCs getting experience. I think the only downside to not bringing a party member along with you should be the lack of their reactions to the story as it unfolds. Also I'm strongly in favor of sections of the game where you need to have a certain party member along or one that refuses to go with you for a certain task as it adds a bit of flavor to things. If a party member is forced or out of a segment of the game and you're stuck with an under leveled character that makes those sections of the game incredibly frustrating rather than interesting. I also feel that you should
  7. Honestly I dislike the idea of naming the class flagellants. Mainly because calling the class that already decides something about my characters personality. Now as a subclass sure. As a trait required by being a monk of a certain order/deity I'm all for it. But for it to be universal that all monks are flagellants seems unseemly to me. At best you get a different name for an iconic class and at worst you get what seems like a blatant attempt at shock value. I'm all for breaking the mold and trying new things but this really doesn't do much of anything interesting or important while at the sam
  8. Generally I like quests with a bit of puzzles, riddles or problem solving involved. As many people have said investigative quests are generally a great place for this sort of thing. Beyond that I always really liked the quest line in Fallout 2 between Modoc and the Ghost Farm. It had a bit of investigating involved but also had a time element involved making it feel a bit more dire. If you couldn't solve things and make peace in time then they went to war and you had to pick a side. For 2 side areas that had nothing to do with the main story I thought it was a great addition to the world.
  9. While I'd be interested to see it because I find the videogame industry fascinating I agree that this would just become a source of bickering on the forums. Especially because not all the costs in each area are equal. I can say that I doubt writer and artists are paid the same or programers and designers for that matter. So if you we saw a break down of costs it really wouldn't mean much to us as we don't know how many people are in each department and how much those people are generally paid. It would lead to people saying, 'why are you investing so much in X as it's not that important to me
  10. If I had to pick one or the other (no middle ground) I'd say content rich is better than content light. I want the world to feel lived in and empty areas with nothing to do beyond killing random monsters and wildlife don't do that for me. I already interpret those areas when traveling from location to location as I watch the the progress my party makes across the map screen. Should I be accosted by wild life or monsters you do a little random encounter to show that even the wild and uninhabited bits of the world are populated and that's good enough for me without the need to devote entire area
  11. A good read. In regard to the first question he was asked about defining the world I do completely agree. Some mystery is better. Mass Effect for example went a bit too far, especially with the the Leviathan DLC, in terms of explaining everything. However I also feel that leaving things too vague is also a misstep. I personally always felt that the 'magic' in the Lord of the Rings universe was poorly shaped and left me constantly wondering just what the hell wizards actually did. One writer I think does a great job striking a balance between revealing everything and leaving some things
  12. Justin Sweet is simply put my favorite fantasy artist. I've been really bummed that Magic the Gathering hasn't used him for any cards in a long time. I think he has a very strong painterly style which I prefer over photo-realism. Especially in terms of character portraits. Sometimes in BG2 everything was just a bit too defined so in the end I felt that they were good paintings for somebody's character but they weren't MY character. Leaving things a bit rougher and painterly allows for me to fill in the broad strokes with my imagination and feel that it's really my character. I've always lo
  13. Unless I'm doing a harder difficulty play through I'll probably avoid the adventures hall. I like that it's in the game but I like characters and people from the adventures halls aren't characters they're just bodies. So if I'm playing on a high difficulty yes I'll be using it to min-max my party to the best of my ability. Otherwise I want to hear party banter while I explore the world and hear their opinions on my actions as I make choices. The most I can see myself using it is for 1 companion to fill a hole in my party or if the provided companions don't fit my current play style. I hat
  14. Well I think in a game like this you have 2 choices. Either it's gear or levels that drive the power of your characters. Yes a balance between the 2 is always best but really it's going to come down to those things. Personally I like gear to weighted a bit more heavily than levels. Now I say this because of 1 main reason - exploration. If you're hunting for gear than you're going in every house, exploring every random cave, clicking every chest and every rock trying to find that good gear. I'm a completionist so I'd probably do this anyway but it's also disheartening when I'm doing it just
  15. I prefer the Fallout 2 take. Your an important or at least well known individual to a community that the world at large doesn't know about or care about. As much as I don't mind the random adventure comes from nothing but is somehow trust into events take on things I also feel that it can cause you to lack direction in the early parts of the game. That or it just seems really outlandish when suddenly somebody comes before you to say, 'Suddenly you are very important! You're the chosen one and must embark on this quest of great importance!' (I'm looking at you elderscrolls.) I think it's better
  16. I like druids, personally I've always viewed them as sort of a cross between a barbarian and a priest in terms of what their mentality should be. Like you said I don't see them as tree huggers, or at least not all of them. I like the idea of them simply being in touch with nature and seeing themselves as a part of it all which can mean being a bit savage. At some point I read all the subclasses for druids and rangers that were included in 3.5 for D&D and I was very impressed at some of the more 'evil' versions of these classes. I believe they had a sects of druids devoted to disease an
  17. I agree. As much as I understand the need to focus development resources on companions, antagonists, and story elements I think it would be nice if a handful of people out in the world were more than just quest givers or vendors. I know it's come up in the thread regarding guilds/factions but I think that is an area where this sort of thing could really shine. Your character is clearly already involved in their cause so they have some common ground to stand on. Generally you have lots of interaction with these folks as you go back to chat with them and get more quests from then and the like. S
  18. I really don't mind the idea in general. I just don't strictly see how it would fit into the game. Who would you marry? If the answer is anybody then you end up with a Fable type system where you seduce and marry anybody in a bad excuse for a mini game. I don't think this fits into the overall theme of a game like PE where I imagine most characters will be deep and interesting and reducing their affections to some sort of game mechanic would detract from the characters as a whole. The other alternative is through romance options with party members and/or NPCs out in the world. While I pers
  19. I agree with the first half and disagree with the second. I think you should be able to receive word that your stronghold is under attack and if you don't hoof it back their to help out their should be consequences. Now I would want the time frame to be a bit generous to allow you to finish up what you're doing if it's a short trip but aside from that I think you should need to have to return sometimes. Granted I don't think the keep should fall into disrepair if you're not there once a week nor should the peasants rise up if don't stop by an visit them from time to time. Even so for some
  20. I like weird companions because generally speaking they also have stories as interesting as they are weird. That said they also need to fit the world. If Nordom, Morte, or Ignus were in fallout 2 they would have simply been stupid and out of place. So yes weird and unique characters please, but not just for the sake of being weird and outlandish.
  21. A soul comes into a body but how much does the soul shape what you will do? Is the soul of a psychotic murder a psychotic murder in every life? If so is that person really accountable for a fate he can't control? Or is the soul you have more of a power source, something that gives life to what would be an otherwise lifeless body but it does not have any control over your actions? Is your fate is your own to make regardless of whatever soul inhabits your body? Or is it some mixture of the 2? Does your soul have leanings towards certain behavior, almost like a conscience, which can be ignored? I
  22. I like the feeling that living worlds can add to a game. So long as you have the ability to wait/rest for a specific amount of time in order to get in touch with people you might need or the ability to go into their houses at night and wake them up. Also they need to be done properly where not everybody has the same bed time. I hate it when I'm in a city and suddenly everybody all walks back to their houses at the same time. In that same regard some people, perhaps less reputable people, should be out and about only at night. So with all that said I like it but I think to do it properly yo
  23. I love the idea but honestly I think it would take developement resources away from something else that people would see. I truth I'm sort of viewing the stronghold management as a mini-game already. I think it will already break up the gameplay of the game at large so to speak by giving you something else to manage. So in terms of mini-games I'd rather they develope this aspect of the game more rather than add a card game or something to PE. That said I certainly wouldn't be opposed to it at all if they did decide to add it. I loved playing Liars Dice in Red Dead Redemption. As much as I
  24. Ok I'm going to go ahead and drop in here real quick knowing full well I won't be agreed with. Not everything in the golden days of RPGs was good. Some of the things that have mass appeal have mass appeal for a reason, quite simply they're an improvement over what came before. Now I'll totally agree that quest/objective markers are a bit over the top in terms of hand holding, but is it really all that different from an 90's rpg where anybody who wasn't important was named citizen or commoner or some other generic name so searching out people of interest was as simple as mousing over an
  25. I would say no it doesn't need to be 'magical' in the sense that it does not need to have been enchaned by magic. However if a weapon has been crafted to such a degree that it is almost a legend it should still have increased effects that one would assocaite with it being a 'magic' item in terms of game mechanics. For instance if you wanted to say have a legendary sword of untold craftsmenship I wouldn't want it to just be 3d8 when most magic weapons are 1d12+2 + 1d4 fire or 2d8 +1d6 poison or what have you. Yes that sword would clearly be better than any average sword. It would also be be
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