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  1. Have you noticed how the social justice nutjobs and "We want romances"-crowd are largely the same people? Interesting coincidence...
  2. Oh yeah, because we actually make sense we're trolls. Making PE to support 3D vision etc would be like trying to make drawing in paper to be three dimensional.
  3. Well, we'll have to see how well it does in the marketplace. I agree that 3D TV is something of a gimmick, but 3D games are expected to be more immersive. (Just as stereo sound is more immersive than mono.) With a computer monitor you're closer to the display, so the 3D effect should be more engaging and cover more of your field of vision. What part of "isometric" and "2D backgrounds" you didn't get? You do know that 3D to be effective, like at all, it needs actual 3D?
  4. I can't understand what 3D gimmick would bring into PE, it's isometric game with 2D backgrounds ffs. And yes, 3D isn't anything more than gimmick, and it belongs into FPSs even if to those.
  5. Legends of Valour did this in 1992, it had bunch of english game-magazines editors and editor-in-chiefs headshots as shopkeepers in the game... and it got raving reviews in the said magazines.
  6. What about my idea that all romances ends with "black widow" and game deletes all saves when the romanceable NPC kills the player? that at least would be something what haven't been done.
  7. If you ever played BG or NWN in MP you'll never say that this is "waste of resources". NWN is whole different type of game, and yes I've played NWN in PW-servers. PE will be solely meant to be played as single-player and it wont even have modtools (at least for now) to create your own content.
  8. Because it just would be waste of resources for a feature which would be pretty much pointless for game like PE.
  9. All romances ends with "black widow" and game deletes all saves when the romanceable NPC kills the player?
  10. Merin, at least I tried to counter-argue all of your points but now you are just cherry picking and lifting sentences out of the context, probably because you can't come up with proper arguments and you yet again resort to passive-agressive patronizing tone even though we agreed we'd try to argue civilly - I was being completely polite in my replies but apparently it's not possible for you. I'll admit I've not been completely civil all the time but at least I've tried to argue with actual arguments, examples and substance. If I'd write another post with the new arguments or taken from my original posts, you would just again pick up the ones you can either lift up from the context, twist their meaning or then "subtly" try to mock my writing because english isn't my native language even though you knew very well what I was meaning.
  11. Torment never directed TNO's motives, though. At no point did Torment tell the player how TNO felt about anything, or why he had done anything. I used PS:T as an example how they can do the "flashback" to remember what one of the many previous owners of the soul did and why, if you remember they did that in middle of the conversations, so they could do similar thing in PE with the remembering what the previous owner did and why.
  12. It's late in here so I'll answer one thing quickly but I can reply tomorrow more depthly. WIth the exception of maybe Bioware the developers very rarely write other than possible friendship because otherwise there would be lot more writing to do. How I see the grander branching dialogue isn't that NPC reacts to something what you did, the branching dialogue is that first there's character as a tree, then there are the big branches such as "friendship", "rivalry", "romance" etc. which then divide to their own branches with their own responses on what the player does - friend would respond differently on you burning village than lover would.
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