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  1. I think Cracked.com has been reading this thread - http://www.cracked.com/article_20427_the-5-most-ridiculous-outfits-ever-worn-into-battle.html
  2. The OP has a reasonable idea. A good idea even. Is it worth it? The truth is that most people want to be 'legit'. Other than hardcore pirates, many people who pirate content do so because they feel the alternative is too much trouble. One way to monetize piracy is to make buying the product as frictionless as possible. Apple made a huge dent in music piracy simply by making songs available easily, at a low price, and for just those songs you actually wanted. Prior to Apple, you had to buy whole albums full of bad songs just to get that one song you liked (etc).
  3. The light effect in the video was neat but to me, personally, it's just a one trick pony. Once you've seen it used once or twice in interesting ways it is used up and won't contribute anything further to my enjoyment of the game. I'd rather have decent lighting so I can enjoy all those beautifully painted backgrounds. On another note, tracking and managing Torch inventory is a useless pain in the rear.
  4. Yes, at least headshot paintings for talking NPCs. Even better would be upper torso and head or 3/4 shots.
  5. Old School: http://www.amazon.com/The-Complete-Psionics-Handbook-Supplement/dp/1560760540/ - AD&D 2nd Edition Complete Psionics Handbook
  6. What if you could buy lore at cities from mages (or maybe librarians)? Or perform research? Pick a creature you've fought by picture and attempt to buy or research lore on it? Quirky and probably not worth the effort but an idea I had while reading this thread.
  7. Some great ideas. More please. Though I don't agree about adding lots of randomness just for replay value or preventing walkthroughs.
  8. In order to ensure that dialogue doesn't suck, please keep swearing to a minimum. The Wasteland 2 demo gets annoying when every other word is cussing by the leader of the community you visit and your characters. Blasting the reader with profanities in your writing does not make you edgy, it makes you suck.
  9. Keep the number of magic spellcaster special effects to a minimum, those extra sprites make a huge mess where you can't see anything that's going on.
  10. I would rather Project Eternity had one, and only one, magic item with an epic history like Excalibur than carry around five or ten or 100 trinkets. I'd be willing to accept a few such memorable magic items if each was unique and a quest in its own right.
  11. As developers get more comfortable with a system, they're able to squeeze more out of it. They're able to devise efficient solutions to problems using the tool rather than just throwing raw power at the development challenges they face. I'm reminded that, way back in the day, a few games developed at the very end of the original PlayStation ('PS1') lifecycle looked much better than earlier games. I even thought one looked so much better it almost felt like it was being run on upgraded hardware when, in fact, I was using my same old PS1 that I had always used.
  12. A slightly older armor style but interesting to provide a little variety to all the field plate imagery.
  13. Project Eternity is supposed to be a story game. In a story game, my characters kill NPCs for "political reasons". That monster is chained up and can't follow you if you avoid him? Stealth. Those guards, if left behind you, could join forces in a pincer move with the next set of guards you encounter? Kill them so that you haven't left yourself vulnerable. That creature (I hesitate to call murders people) murders innocent people or will go on to kill your countrymen/friends/babies/whatever if avoided? Kill him! Include consequences in the game for using stealth in some situations. The proble
  14. Is combat exciting? Would combat be exciting if, before the fight started, you were told whether you had succeeded or not? Alternatively, would combat be exciting if every combat was decided by a single die roll? Skill thresholds and skill check in dialogue trees are binary and immediate. Binary in that you either fail or succeed with no incremental progress. Immediate in that there is no back-and-forth and no animations or other "action". Good gamemasters make dialogue skill checks an evolving "conversation". The choices you make while talking determine the possible outcomes (good and
  15. Will there be a relatively shorter list of sword shapes (like scimitar, longsword, short sword, falcata, khopesh, katana, broadsword, bastard sword, and flamberge) or a humongous amount of sword variety of wireframes?
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