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  1. I'm going to buy the game either way, but I'd like to know in advance which it is so I don't get my hopes up. When you interact and talk with NPCs in PE, will it be more like NWN2/Dragon Age/Mass Effect, with zoomed-in cutscenes? Or will it be more like the Infinity Engine games and NWN1, where you stay at the same view level and just have dialogue boxes pop up? I'm assuming the latter since it's probably a whole lot cheaper. On a related note, to what extent will there be voiceovers? Full voiceovers are probably out too, like cutscenes, right? So like the Infinity Engine games, we'll have what, the first line voiceovered, and the rest of the dialogue just in mute text? Will companions have catchphrases like Minsc or will they be fully mute?
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