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  1. Yessss! That's it! Great update, thx. Everything about environment looks pretty cool to me. But i must mention this; without shadows, every char seems to be floating in the air.
  2. True but ineffective; cause everytime you choose a spell or special ability in a IE game, you pause the game anyhow. I mean, you have to pause it. So it doesn't matter where you place the menu button. Thieving abilities? Nah, you use it rarely. UI is very important as all of us know. But what i see here is not encouraging. Actually, it's awful. Looks like a copy-paste solution. Pause the game, push spell button than choose a spell in the opening list, close it, repeat this session everytime you wanna cast a spell. This sucks. It cripples playability. Quick slots are important. I'm not expecting mana/health bars of course but just use modern RPGs for muse, it's not a sin to develop a modern UI, using modern styles... More, those portraits are for real yes? If they are than i think you should change your portrait artist. Those are "not nice" portraits. Yes sir, they are "not nice". Compare them with any of your old games, especially with IWD and you will see that this is disappointing. This is not good work. Lastly, dialog window (that fullscreen text thing)... I don't even want to complain about it. It just doesn't fit anything i was expecting. At least don't make it fullscreen... Don't get me wrong, even now i am playing BG2, i'm now in the Watcher's Keep, trying to survive solo with my Fighter/Wizard experiment. I am a big fan of IE games. It's just... i was expecting gorgeous artworks, a really really stunningly designed UI (marble style buttons like in BG, fancy looks, modern design, a very realistic texture etc.) and some improvements about the UI system. But this seems like a copy paste to me and imho, fans here came up with better UI ideas than you. Im sorry but that's the way i see it.
  3. The horn arrangements often looked liked crowns or stag horns. That might be appropriate for a specific individual, but not for the "ordinary" cean gúla. The figures where the legs had very little cloth with them felt less "ghosty", but we knew we were likely to develop even more ghosty creatures, so we wanted the cean gla to keep her legs and a mostly bare upper body so you could tell it was a woman. We also knew that the cean gúla was not primarily going to be a melee-oriented attacker, so we had Polina play down the size of the hands and change the pose to be more upright with the head bowed down. That was what i thought at the first place. Horns looks like crowns. We should be able to tell it's a woman and by the looks of it, it shouldn't be a melee attacker. But still, i think it should not attack like a banshee. Banshee is a ghost, a spectre, a metaphsyical creature. As i get it, Cean Gúla is a ressurected dead, like a zombie with rotten flesh on it. It's a female so it might be a mother? Can ressurect minions? Everything is possible though. Thx for the updates and keeping the fans happy:)
  4. I loved the town artwork, actually i'm in tears:) This looks so good, a very solid artistic style! Ogre looks fantastic too. Hope to see it animated too. As for the Skuldr, it is a bit too demonic for the concept. And yes, as said before, it is too pinky. It can have a darker skin and more natural anatomy. This way, it seems like it just came out of the depths of hell.
  5. Loved the Aumaua work, looks fantastic. May be differences between female and male could be more noticeable.
  6. Very nice indeed. And a good idea. Designing game locations with the musing idea of some great ambient pictures seems like a helpful way for a designer.
  7. OH! A long waited and fantastic update! That made my day. Ok, here is my critic. First of all, i am not a tech junkie however i would be happier if this video was 1080p. But it is 720p so i hold on to it, no other choice. Water animation: There is a slight delay in water animation cycle. It's almost unnoticable but if you watch closely, you can see it stopping and restarting. Other than that, it's perfect. I think it's the only perfect thing in this demonstration. Environment animation: The static part of bushes and trees are nice, i think color choice can be better however they seem good enough. But the dynamic part of them is blurry and it's very obvious. Blurry leafs, blurry parts... Is it the video? In addition, take bushes for example; their center part is static and surrounding circle is dynamic. That style makes them look like they are imported from a cartoon or something; i hope this will improve in time because imho it is an awful style. I don't know if Unity Engine is limiting you but that look... made me worry about the whole environment of the game. Fire animations seemed so weak and light work around it seemed so random made. It can be a lot better than this. Character animation: Same blurry animations here too. When he started to walk he totally became blurry. Armor and other steel items looks pale/faded and details of clothes... err... i can't see them? Ok, video resolution might be causing this. I hope it is. Lastly, this is not a flaw, or it's a side effect of using 2D backgrounds, we can call that. Trees, statues, ground stones etc.; they all have shiny parts, sun is shining and according to the suns angle, they are shining But when the sun is down and darkness arrives in land, they still keep on shining, only in a faded way:) Still, this is a fantastic update. I am eager to play P:E in my PC. I have complete trust in you. Don't keep us wating and lurking for an update! THX!
  8. I think the only thing they've said on this so far is that it'll be similar to switching between chapters in some of the IE games, where you get a narrated sequence, accompanied by static art (which I love, btw). Animation simply is too expensive/time consuming to fit within a crowd sourced budget (and there also seems to be little demand for it in the fanbase). Thx for reply. I thought about that too. They are expensive and needs a lot of work. Well, no cinematics than...
  9. Thx for the update! So far, everything looks cool. Just one question: What do you think about cutscenes/cinematics? Entering an unexplored city or a dungeon, will we have any cinematics? I think they play a big role in storytelling. I hope there will be a lot of them.
  10. Forgot to ask; speaking abut firearms, what will be general concept? anything like steampunk? (please say no) doesn't seem like steampunk but when i saw the words firearms and technology, some curiosity stepped in me.
  11. I am not a big fan of firearms. I didn't like them in Arcanum, i think i'm a little bit old fashioned. Sword and shield is my thing. Plus; heavy armored mages seemed like breaking the rules to me. Mages are not huge guys with big muscles and heavy armors are "heavy". I don't like the idea, i hope you guys stick to the rules od d&d. I know PE is not d&d game but rules are rules, breaking them makes the game broken. When i think about the frame where a heavy armored mage meets a gunslinger, i can't get into it. It seems like a copy-cat game trying to combine cool elements of different games into one. I'm positive though, i have faith in Obsidian. One more to say; please don't make the game anything near Arcanum. That game was great about storytelling, had quite an interesting narrative style but when it comes to game mechanics it sucked eggs.
  12. You see, when games like Fallout 2 or Vampire Bloodlines or PS:T came out, i realized that a remarkable NPC makes the game spicy. Anyone remembering Jack from Bloodlines? Or Marcus from Fallout 2? Not to mention Dak'kon or Minsc. Those NPCs had a real character on them. And after years of gaming, i still can remember them and the conversations i made with them. The stories they told was impressive and they had a belieavable past. They were quite handy as a companion (well, not Jack). They had unique lines of speech and some "tone" on them. Sum of all; they were a real character, not some unsuccesful fiction. Secondly i can tell that; companions should have thier own unique quests, own personal life and lastly they should have their own unique, remarkable items; just like in BG2. This means, only a very talented and hard working man with a discipline can create them; like Chris Avellone. I have faith in you.
  13. If you are playing PST in modern PCs you have to install mods for a better gaming experience. Interface, spell animations, scaling, resolution... These things became big problems through years. A modded PST is still fun though. Yes, it has a bad design in combat and mostly you have to engage in similar ways, not colorful, not enjoyable. But this is not the point. PST is not an action game. Combat is not a big part of it, focusing on the combat system makes you drop it. So avoid combat, spend you char points in wisdom and you will find yourself in a conversation with Transcendent One:)
  14. In BG2 you are a Demigod. (starting the game with a level 7 char seems a little bit unusual isn't it?) And with TOB, unbelieavable items appeares, remember Crom Faeyr? 25 str and +5 thaco? Anyways, later in the game, with companions like Minsc and Korgan, battles become easier and closer to the end, game turnes out to be a spiritual journey. Protagonist is overpowered but enemies are overpowered too. Maze is a brutal spell, imprison ends you up in morgue. Those are not little flaws for a BG2 char. There are lots of creatures that can cast maze/imprison. (Of course, if you find The Cloak of Reflection, spells will not be a problem for you) And Mind Flayers/Beholders are really challenging for a paladin. The fortress of underdark is pretty rough to play. Moving forward is not easy. I crawled a lot in TOB. It is really difficult. The only thing broken in BG2 was sorceress. There wasn't even a main attribute to build up a sorceress. Almost every char with average attributes (like 9 int, 10 wis, 10 charisma) could become so powerful. I played BG2 with a sorceress some time ago and game seemed clearly easy. At later levels, sorceress becomes a godess.
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