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  1. This whole topic just brings back awesomely fond memories of Lufia 2 and the ancient dungeon, which I was totally addicted to. They had a game on Kongregate that was nearly identical to the Lufia 2 dungeon and I loved it.
  2. 8 seems fine to me. A little bit of variety but not too much. I feel if you have too many then you feel like your missing out on companion discussions and things that can go on with different combinations of companions. I personally get bogged down with trying out each different one to see which ones suit me better and advancing each individual "story-line" (if they have such a thing). Plus with the Adventurer's House, it's more than just 8...
  3. I also think these ideas of linking the stronghold and the dungeon is very cool. It's like discovering new parts to your own place.
  4. This is exactly what I was getting at. I recognize that in Project Eternity, loot is not going to be randomly generated but how a set gets into players hands is another matter entirely.
  5. That's a really interesting thought on the random set drops.
  6. I voted multiple for the following games: Fallout 1/2, Neverwinter Nights, KOTOR 2 Also: Balders Gate and Icewind Dale even though *GASP* I haven't played them but I always meant to... ... I know... *sigh*.
  7. In the back of my mind, I have always thought that games that have random loot drops that include set items are ridiculous. I totally understand how the first set item drop could be randomly obtained but to have a whole set of gear just magically show up? The chance that you stumble on something like that should be astronomically low, imo. I imagine that a better system would be to head to some barkeep and ask if he has ever heard of any cool armour or weapons - like say ones that have the kinds of stats I am interested in... He replies: Well, there was this rumour....... Is there an
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