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  1. As I was reading your post about worthwhile companions, I couldn't help wondering what it would be like to play with a companion you realized was ultimately the true power force in your group? I mean what if you realized along the way you were Jesse in Breaking Bad with a person like Walter White? That would be fascinating, especially if that character was an excellent liar and you were unable to see what was really going on until much farther in the game... Now that would be a particularly compelling companion to travel with because the surprise of it would create a very memorable experience.
  2. Pitfall: Party characters with boring life-stories and very little of interest to tell you for large parts of the game. It is disheartening to talk to an party character that only has the same four or five dialog chains available for most of the game and this info is mundane. As time goes on even their standard dialog chains should adjust and change and characters should say and do things that will surprise you. Examples of what I'm hoping to see in the game: 1. You get a thief in your party and your own PC has a fairly high perception rating and they notice that while they're visiting a shop the thief is actually stealing stuff. You can then have options to talk with them about this (evil path: ask them to cut you in or tell them what you want them to take, good path: try to get them to stop or understand why they would steal what they could easily buy). 2. Your visiting with some lords arcanist and your wizard notices that one of the setups they're working on is refining some type of poison - the party wizard attempts to tell you and you think its just one of their common banter conversations... If you answer their request they tell you what they saw and that could give you some sort of investigation side quest or if you ignore them it could setup a dialog later where you confront them about not telling you about some other interesting factoid along the way and they remind you of how you ignored them when they tried to tell you about this poison manufacturing event. 3. One of the party members sees someone using bullying tactics to get some lowly citizen to provide information about something they might have seen and they say something about absolutely hating these overhanded tactics... Then if you resort to doing something like this later int he game and they see it they become agitated and threaten to leave and you may have dialog options to smooth things over or possibly dissolve the partnership. Either way, this makes for a more interesting class of dialog. I want the limited number of party members to have much more interactivity and dialog trees that are dynamic and evolving. What they have to say should adjust based on what you're doing. If they become afraid of you along the way and follow you our of fear then their dialog with your PC should reflect this. If they're working with you for ulterior reasons they might occasionally say or do something out of character (at least as the person you know) that will allow you to investigate them either directly or indirectly. For example having one of the other party members keep an eye on them might open up new dialog options with that party member that would be worth reading more about. Maybe the dev team has stuff like this in the work or maybe threads like this might spark some initiative to add some more dimension. Either way, I'm hoping for a very exciting game.
  3. I would love to discover a secret compartment inside a hidden safe if your thief is skilled enough. Secrets items and information that is only revealed to the most cunning of rogues is particularly rewarding.
  4. Okay, now I've completed it. I attempted to do this over a month ago, but the buttons after the second step in the registration process wouldn't work. Now it seemed to work fine. I have completed this process. Thanks for the reminder to go try this again.
  5. I support your suggestions drizzan. I would rather have individuals react to my identity differently based on my choices, and have this be at least present in dialogs for maybe 5% of the time.
  6. I would love it if a range in the age could be implemented at least on a basic level. I don't agree with folks that say it would be odd for a 40 year old to suddenly engage in a life of adventuring. Actually with the plot twist they've mentioned already the event may be dramatic enough that it wouldn't matter what age the character was they would want to break from their quiet life and react. A major event could make someone want to become something more than what they were before. If they at least implement some choices at the start in terms of a character's background and age before the event in character creation the player would see character react to them in ways that feel honest. I would love to play a 40 year old and have characters refer to me as old man or sir or whatever. It would be great to run across some young adventuring party that thinks because your a bit over the hill you should be easy to defeat only to catch them off-guard by your butt kicking abilities. It would be fun to see how possible romance characters view a relationship with someone 10+ years on them and how that might shape dialog options. There are many ways these interactions could make for fun role-playing. In character creation players that are older could select attributes like; has teenage children, wife/husband, and excellent wood-carving abilities and then when the even at the start of the game begins their kids are kidnapped and their spouse killed. If something like that happened to me as a player at the start of the game I would certainly be motivated to become skilled in some form of combat and do what I could to repay those responsible. Honestly, I don't think these sorts of themes with age in mind have been explored enough in RPG's. Perhaps this project will allow for some of this. A lot of us gamers are climbing into our mid to late 30's these days and would appreciate choices like this that we could relate to.
  7. I would love to have some odd clockwork/robot like creation like Nordom or sort of a Wall-E sort of character, possibly even a race that was engineered and somehow was able to become a vessel for the souls of certain sentient animals. Having to collect unique items to upgrade this character especially with the mechanics they use for players to craft would make it possible for players to do the upgrades. Personally I loved T3-M4 in Kotor 1 & 2 and I would love to have one of the characters be something like this.
  8. Glad to see a lot of fans of the series and interest from the few people who noticed the post. I wish I personally could do something to get this project to be more than a dream. I honestly believe the world of Firefly is so varied and full of interesting cultures with unique bits of our familiar past that it makes for a rich and fun world to explore. I would love to find a way to adventure on some terraformed moon and make a small enough fortune to buy a ship and have the companions I find along the way become the crew. I can imagine uncovering secret Blue Sun plots and fighting in old western standoffs all while trying to stay one step away from a possible Reaver evasion. It sure is a world I would want to play a cRPG in.
  9. I have the books, but lack the time and group to play a session with. A game I can play on my own time by myself is vastly preferred. That said, it is a great link for fans of the series. I have all of them.
  10. I would like to do a lot more than wait for Obsidian to get a call. That leaves too much to chance. If there is a community effort to push this idea and get it linked to the minds of the folks sitting on those IP rights then we can turn "chance" to reality. The reality is that there is a big fan-base of Browncoats out there and I'm betting a lot of them also love RPG's. The IP rights are not doing Fox any good if it doesn't do anything with them. Obsidian is one of the best Studios at making RPG's and in my opinion should be given the opportunity to work with this IP. If anyone knows how to track down the folks that have some control over this, fans could set out to create a campaign to awaken them to this currently undervalued opportunity. I feel the need for some brainstorming on this topic. * What are the best methods to get the IP-holder's attention? * How do we get Browncoats and RPG fans to coalesce around this project * Who are the key people of Firefly/Serenity that control game rights (Joss Whedon, Fox, Universal Pictures, someone else)? * How do we connect Obsidian with the key people that control these rights? I'm certain whomever owns the rights probably is nervous about giving much cash to fund a game, so maybe this would be a crowd-source project, but that is still one of many questions to consider.
  11. Earlier today as I watched the Obsidian gang gather to watch the wonderful finally of the Kickstarter campaign I heard one of the Q&A responses that got my attention. I'm a huge Firefly fan and I heard Mr. Avellone mention what a big fan he was and how much he would love to do a Firefly based RPG. Honestly I can't imagine anything better than an RPG set in the Firefly universe with Chris at the helm. I realize for the next couple years the gang is going to be working on Project Eternity and I'm all for that (I'm a backer after all), but I would love to see a grassroots effort get underway to get people moving in the direction of delivering the rights to do a Firefly RPG at Obsidian. Does anyone have any ideas how us Browncoats can get something like that off the ground? Perhaps that idea can take root here and some other Firefly fans can help shoot around some ideas on how to make something like that a reality. I mean after watching something as miraculous as a crowd funded old school RPG get the all time record for support on Kickstarter should prove to everyone that anything is possible if we believe in it and work on making it a reality. Hearing Chris' enthusiasm for Firefly made me confident that it is someone like him who should helm a project like this. Great games are made by people who really believe in their projects. I heard that kind of conviction today even in the middle of all the celebration of PE.
  12. Just want to add my voice to the Yes votes on this. I loved this features and I miss it in all of these recent RPG games. Please make sure this is part of the design of the game!
  13. I hope they would put in some cool animations for Spear and Shield styles that really pay homage to the ways these weapons were used in history. It really is a brilliant combat strategy that would be cool to see in the game.
  14. I totally agree with the Knott's thread. I hope the developers finally do justice to the spear and shield combo. Now that they're not tied to D&D rules and conventions it would be awesome to see this done right. I would also love the ability to throw a weapon like a spear at an opponent and be able to retrieve the item during or after the fight. High level magical spears could have the ability to magically return to the thrower. This would be a great advancement in this top down tactical game.
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