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  1. I do want to make a difference between stealth and subterfuge. Stealth is focusing on not to be seen at all. Subterfuge and infiltration would need you to make you victims to not pay attention to you or to accept you as a part of the environment. I see it as two completely different approaches. For example I would like to play a noble and therefor dresses like one. I then want other nobles to treat me as a one in conversations. If I am not a noble but tries to pose as one I would need a skill test not to be made.
  2. Sorry so much mistake in my last post that it is almost unreadable. I hope you get my point.
  3. I do not have any illusions that they will implement a thing in this thread. I just want to discuss which rpg element that people would like to see in a crpg. And of course I do not anyone want PoE to be a sim game. I have no doubt that they will succeed with the adventure part of the rpg, as they never do. But playing their games for most of my adult life I do miss some things that would not take so much extra coding but add a lot to the experience. Hopefully there will be modding tools available and then we all can customize it to get what we want.
  4. Great that the RPG genera is so define that we all understand exactly what you mean. Do I also understand that you want a good game not a bad game? The rpg:s obsidian have made historically have been an effort take the classic table top rpg to the computer. When I play table top games I want to role play not a to grinding effortless for loot. All the elements we discuss here already exist in classic rpg:s. So I do not not know what you are trying to say. Looks like you are just trolling to be honest. I have not played Sims so I do not know what you mean. But if you want hack and slash I think you will be disappointed in PoE.
  5. What I am looking for is to give some more focus to what you are wearing and when. Of course you should not be forced to have a wardrobe for each situation if that is not your play style. But if you are in to that you should get something for it. One way would be to have a kind of set bonus in the same way as for amour also for normal cloth. For example if you have the newest and most expensive fashion in the city it should give a bonus to diplomacy and can generate some more conversation options with some characters. The same would go if you look like a trader when you haggle or a blacksmith at the smith. A cloak that shows that you are a captain of the city guard would give a bonus to intimidation in some situation and with some characters. If you are dressed in rags and walks in to a noble house they should comment your clothing. They might not even want to address you, without using a skill as diplomacy or intimidation to get their attention. I would also love to see a reputation system that is connected to an alias. What I mean is that you can choose to call yourself something else than your character’s real name. This means that you can create one alias that might be a famous villain and another alias that is a loved hero. Your skills in subterfuge and disguises for example would see if you get away with it. Otherwise you get found out and you get famous as being a fraud, and both aliases are ruined or merged.
  6. My intention was more to spawn ideas of what have not been done in a crpg before. I was thinking of classic table top rpg elements that I always enjoyed, but never have been tested or never quite worked in crpg. I realize that I should have spent about an hour more on my first post, was a bit in a hurry, and a bit too eager to get something out there. Ok I agree I might not have chosen the best title for the thread either ;-D I know that most of the element discussed here would be almost impossible to implement in a crpg but still I am curious of what people can think of. Sure I understand that mithrill is not PoE lore, but I as many are not D&D players, I still think everyone understood what I meant :-D
  7. Dramatic choice and true crossroadsIn most games there is are a lot of focus to preserve the world and making every quest as accessible as possible. This normally means that you can do every quest in the game whatever choice you make. I miss the feeling of being a part of the world in many game. Most of the time you get the illusion of choices but the outcome is always the set. If you have a more sandbox view of the world where it is set when you start but then as soon as you saga begins your decisions will dramatically change where it will end and what is available. Things that I always wanted but missed are as follows: Starting wars and be able to choose sides or backstab your allies. Burning/pillaging cities/countries that will change the appearance and the mood of the city/country. Choosing to support different kings/queens and factions and then see them evolve over time. The replay value would be enormous even if some player styles might half the available content just because of the choices they make. You should still be able to choose the middle way and the get the most content for it. But not all… Social appearanceI would like to see a game were what you actually wear make sense of what you actually is saying. I mean how many times have you not been armed to the teeth while attending the king’s ball. While all other NPC:s are dressed in their fines and not one of them comments on your enormous axe and orc/barbarian party member standing next to you. Same goes when you try to try to fool the guards that you are a beggar while wearing a mithrill dragon armor. This will also make you think of what you are wearing and not just what stats it gives you. I would love to see a casual set and maybe a formal set for your inventory to switch between. In additional to the adventure set. Investments and tradeEveryone want their own house or castell in the world, but why can you never play a more business guided character. Invest in business or work as trader. Set up trade routes and negotiate trade deals. To be a wealthy adventurer that does not have just a house, but an office, employees and a home in every corner of the world. I am an old table top player, and I think that there are a lot of quests that are not being created at the moment just because they do not involve combat. I like the combat element in games but the greatest memories I have is from the story I created in my head. Not always the main story line of the game. Please add your own RPG elements that you are missing in the games made today.
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