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  1. Rest system don't have anything in common with HP system. Now I'm really confused. I was working off a comment you made earlier that mentioned the intent of the health/stamina system was to fix the rest system via sleep spaming. I added it to my argument because it sounded reasonable. Below is the line I'm talking about bolded. Please help me understand.
  2. I just don't really understand them (Obsidian) anymore. We will spend our time and effort to implement a fix to the system that is not broken, and if this new artificial system of splitting HPs to two pools (one of them regenerating!) will not feel like IE, we will change or remove it, basically we will again effort and time to remove it and rebalance all abilities and spell to old system. Guys. Seriously. Please do not fix that is not broken. Use your time on balance, story and quality of your product. Do not experiment. I believe you disagree with Obsidian on the bolded point. Th
  3. Ok, so you haven't played it, but nevertheless think that it's a good game and good mechanic. Okay. Then let me tell you one thing - I haven't played it either and I even don't know what is this game about. But I played all IE games that Obsidian use as an example of what they want to do, and they wanted us to believe, that they will do it right way. And I was 100% sure, that they will keep their promise. Right now, I'm only 90% sure and my faith can be pushed only so far, you know. Darklands is $5.99 on GOG.com. I don't know anything more about it than you do, but there it is at least
  4. This is the internet so random raging is going to happen and should be expected. This is not the first time parts of this community has freaked out and it won't be the last. All we can do is keep calm and remind the community at large what this is and what our role in it is. I'm actually more concerned with this: I missed anything that happened after dlux pulled their pledge, so everything I know is rather second hand. But I haven't heard anyone else suggest it was other something other than disagreeing with the game direction. What happened and did it have anything to do with other p
  5. Why do you think that these ideas are great in the first place? I, for example, don't think that regenerating "health" is a good thing. And who is right? I didn't think we were getting regenerating health at all. I thought the devs had come up with a system that allowed health to be more punishing than it has been in most games I've played while allowing enough leeway to keep the game flowing smoothly. Did I miss a comment somewhere? I have been known to.
  6. I'm not sure what you're talking about, OP. Would someone mind adding a quote or a link to this?
  7. It's good to see people banding together and trying to keep this a safe place for the developers to share information. They shouldn't be afraid that half the community will flip out over any news that is not completely fleshed out. I also wanted to mention that I missed the whole dlux fiasco, as it apparently became, and I doubt I'm the only one. I also liked DA2 alright, OP. I just think they took all the exaggerated critism from the first seriously and did exactly what the loudest fans were asking.
  8. I've been asking for an answer to this since I realized that I wouldn't have enough money for the tier I wanted by tomorrow. I doubt anything will be announced until after the kickstarter closes as the news might affect pledges. All the same, it would be great to know if I should pull out from kickstarter and put that money into paypal before kickstarter charges me, so who knows, maybe the last update will tell us about their post kickstarter fundraising plans. Either way, I'm sure we'll get some kind of second chance to buy some of the things we might have missed this go around.
  9. It seems that requiring food, water and sleep for your characters isn't considered good design nowadays. These things are mostly seen as annoyances, things that take the player "away from the fun". Alas, people don't really like this simulationist approach anymore. It may just be that the people backing Project Eternity are "hardcore" enough to want this kind of stuff in the game. But I wouldn't count on it. I'd settle for a weight-limited & slot-limited inventory, to be honest. I wasn't thinking of a system that required players to buy food supplies or directly manage food/water
  10. This is the most important plus in my book. I would have a difficult time finding a way to make resurrection affect the setting without making the whole game revolve around ala P:T. However, the scene where Galuf dies and everyone is desperately pumping phoenix downs into him with no effect was pretty moving.
  11. This in a nutshell is the appeal of the silent protagonist, its an empty vessel for the player to insert him/herself into the story. That's true. The silent protagonist is appealing because it allow the player a way into the game, but this becomes an issue when the protagonist is forced to be silent and he's the only one that is. The player character still needs to be able to talk to affect chance in the world around him which then must be reduced to text to keep him silent. I never figured out how to bridge the gap between a silent protagonist with full voiced companions. I couldn't he
  12. Combining ideas from both of your posts Vox Draco and Eskarion, I think that lodging actually does solve part of the money immersion issue. Rest should be bacially required for adventuring purposes (ie health and spells), though I wouldn't mind fatigue taking a nosedive if you say up for more than 24 hours game time. Either way rest and lodging would be important which would mean that money used to pay for lodging is also important. If this is made to cost enough, the player gets a continuous link between their money and their character. Wbn had some more interesting ideas that I would like to
  13. I don't think anyone even wants full VO. At least not a majority. So they're not even considering it. It's not just about the money, they've got just about 18 months to get this game to the market, not long. I suppose you are right ... I like full voice over .a la dragon age ....it brings a atmosphere to the game .... Maybe next time then ....lol I enjoyed DA's voice overs as well, but I always had a problem with my character in that system. In Origins he never spoke which, with everyone else talking, made it easy to RP only two types of characters, the stoic possibly retarded vic
  14. This is what I'm hoping for. I love a good long game that lets you get immersed in the world and its conflicts. But I share Ignatius' problem with replaying long games. I want a game that will take me 100+ my first time, but a second more focused playthrough might take half that and third playthrough just doing the main quest and maybe some missed content might take only 20-30 hours. I like range in my games. I like to decide how I'm going to play a game as opposed to deciding to play this or that game based on length.
  15. I think I just watched that on youtube, and the commentary grossly overplayed the situation... yes, seven lions attacked a lone adult female elephant, but they were unable to bring her down. I don't think they make a habit of it, especially if there's more than one elephant, which is usually the case as females travel in groups. Male elephants travel alone, but they are much larger than females (up to twice the weight) and more aggressive, so lions seem to steer clear of them. It's quite common for lions to attack a young elephant though. Lions hunting elephants didn't make much sen
  16. I'm more interested in an attempt to capture the feel of the IE games than attempting to reproduce the mechanics exactly. We have BG Enhanced if we want an old game with new technology. I want a new game in a new world with new mechanics that have the same feel as the old well written and well loved games of the Infinity Engine.
  17. This kind of stuff makes me happy. I enjoy logical health systems and the like as well, but this sort of logical historical reasoning is the kind of thing that gets me up in the morning. Everytime Sawyer talks about this world, he seems to mention something like this. It sounds like we're going to get a game that isn't necessarily historically accurate, but has very strong internal logic. Which is just awesome.
  18. I actually just finished my first playthrough of Planescape:Torment thanks to this project. I don't know why but other than the trailer clip in BG, I never heard anyone talking about the game. It was really great. I'd recomend it, Savy. I'm already planing on going back and finishing the game with the other two companions I didn't have room for.
  19. It is not that people are being mean spirited, it is that the KS is a limited period "offer" kind of deal. Back us during this period and we give you this. The money donated is coming out of each individuals pocket and you have to respect that whichever way you look at it. I like the fact that Feargus actually brought it up, there is the respect right there. It really has nothing to do with feeling entitled but all about someone asking, someone giving and a mutual respect. Many people donating are really digging deep because the KS is such a short period and they really are behind the
  20. I'm voting Adam Brennecke. But the whole line up of developers we've seen so far would look pretty awesome with matching sets of boobplate armor. Perhaps all doing the can-can. Why am I cackling?
  21. I think it's a good idea for any criticism on this project to be heavily tempered by the fact that we are only seeing the very beginning of this game. Bobby Null confirmed that the current map is just a mockup. Most of the rest of the game is also at that stage. The second thing that you have to remember is that kickstarter is not a store. The Collector's edition and the cloth map and such that you get at the $140 tier are all thank yous, not purchases. If you want all these things for what they should cost, wait until the game is up for sale. I understand why someone wouldn't get these th
  22. I am in favor of all the hardback books this project can produce. Novella, nudge nudge. This late in the game, it definitely makes sense to add it to the Obsidian store they are cooking up after the kickstarter is done though. Just keep the whole thing out of the game funding and start collecting actual revenue for the franchise.
  23. I thought it was supposed to be impossible, but after the amount gained over the last two day, I'm not so sure any more.
  24. It's the bolded bit that I was interested in, seeing how many people felt that way. Basically, if there would be an outcry if Obsidian just decided to extend the whole thing and act as if the kickstarter didn't shut down in a month. The bread in this post sandwich is more or less how I feel. No one loses anything unless Obsidian just keeps taking donations and expanding the game until April 2014. I'm glad to see that I'm not seeing a lot of posts in that direction, though that could be a survey of who is posting and not how people feel. Would a poll have been more effective?
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