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  1. Ok, let's end this off-topic, cause it seems we won't understand each other, so there is no reason to escalate the angryness - all in all, we all in the same boat, so peace to all and let's get back to the main topic
  2. Sorry, but do You try to listen what other people try to tell? It's not all about IF we see the video, but WHEN and WHY we have to wait, while we already spent our money on the project, when press, which haven't paid a penny, can watch it now. That's the topic of the discussion, we're not idiots and we know we'll see the video eventually. Oh, c'mon...
  3. Guys, hold on for a second and let me clarify some things: 1. I don't think Obsidian is not transparent at all with PoE. I just say they are not transparent in this particular point (video presentation). 2. I think You have some weird view of the press people. I'm personally a gaming journalist, working for one of the polish first digital gaming magazines. And I have to tell You there is no big difference in how journalists and "normal" gamers approach games. Of course, idiots who will give the game 1/10 just because he saw unfinished alpha exist everywhere, but this situations happen also in some press texts. And to end the discussion (it seems we just have the different opinion on this, so no point in trying to push this further) I'm just dissapointed that press seems to be treated better than backers. Imho with KS projects it shouldn't be like that. But it's just my opinion, I have no problem if You disagree with me. Period and peace EDIT: And to put this in context: I don't like the situation in which we, people who actually paid for the project, have no access to the material and have to wait some time and rely on press impressions. If they had a publisher and if they told the publisher "sorry, guys, we won't show you what you invest money in, wait a week and check what press say about it" - they will be sued within a moment and all the money stream will be cut instantly, don't You think?
  4. Well, imho Kickstarter is not only about fundraising. People back projects also because they want to take part in the whole process, be able to monitor it and for the transparency, for which KS projects are famous for. It's not only about money, it's about mentality and transparency. So, what some of You say (that Obsidian promised only a game, nothing more) is technically true. But it means KS turned here to be only the platform for very early pre-orders, nothing more. And I repeat - this doesn't mean I hate Obsidian, hate PoE or am angry at them or want to un-back other projects they take part of. It means I'm just a little dissapointed that the VIP-like treatment of the backers ended when the funds were raised, and now it all goes similar to "normal" AAA titles, with NDAs, press-first attitude, and "stay tunned" mantra. Just that.
  5. @Darji Well, the situation between AAA publishers and gamers/journalists are a bit different. In this case gamers didn't pay anything (yet) so it's totally up to the publisher what will be shown to whom and when. However, in case of KS projects, the backers are the group which made the development process possible and in my opinion they should be put in the 1st place when it comes to release any info or show a presentation of a game. If they;re not, it looks like "we took your money, now shut up and wait patiently for your turn and our good will to show you anything". Maybe it's strongly said, but well, it can look that way. I hope it was just a single fail and Obsidian will show us what they've shown the press imediately.
  6. No offense, but I think that Obsidian more than anyone knows that they are not working for a publisher. Other than that, I agree. We fronted the money. I'm sure they know, but in this case (presenting the game to press and not to backers) it appears they forgot it for a while And don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that they turned into some cruel corpo-like dev, I just think they should release the video to backers immediately and don't repeat this kind of situation in the future. Also, this is not the first time, sadly. Some time ago I asked if the April release is secure. They've told me there's no reason to worry and... a little time later they told the press the game is postponed to the later in 2014. Well, I just don't like moves like these two, cause it's against the famous KS "transparency" that encourages many people to back projects.
  7. Regarding update, it looks really good and I'm very happy everything's on track and heading to release. However, as someone previously stated, I'm not entirely happy with the fact that the backers have to wait to see the presentation of the game (and what's worse, in not defined future), while the press has already seen it. As the backers were ones who made the development of PoE possible, in my opinion they should have the opportunity to see the presentation first, or at least the same time as the press. It's good to remember that it's not the same thing as with some AAA, publisher-driven titles, so the approach also should be different, even on marketing level.
  8. Hi, I have some ideas regarding stronghold mechanisms. I originally send them directly ro the team, and just pasting them here: 1. Taxes. I think a stronghold budget and party budget should be strictly separated. Imho, in the cRPG one of the most rewarding thing is collecting loot and money via adventuring. When You gain income for Your party from something else (here: stronghold) it could limit the joy of getting band richer while exploring the world. I think the stronghold budget should be limited to stronghold updates, hiring guards and merchants and so on, but any items You should be able to buy only with Your own, "party pocket". 2. Companions in a stronghold. It's a good idea. BUT. Teling everyone to wait in a castle for my orders is by some means artificial. Ok, some of my characters dear friends could agree for this situation, but in real life, only the closest friends would wait. What about ones who joined my party only for their own goals? My solution here is: ok, let players "gather" companions in a stronghold, but force them to pay a money for each of them (quite a big amount, which will limit the "wait for a better time" companions to those who a player REALLY need). And the gauge should be paid from stronghold's budget. Want to be able to gather more companions there? Upgrade the stronghold and increase the income! 3. Missions for party members in the stronghold. I'm simply against the idea. It'a adding nothing to the cRPG element of the game, catching the players attention, which should be concentrated on cRPGing, exploring the world and discovering the story. 4. However, additional NPCs could be used in a stronghold as guards, additional to "random" ones, and more powerful than them. Which lead us to the next point... 5. Sieges, attacks and so on. Imho it shouldn't be an option to "auto fight" in this king of battles. The stronghold is Yours, so You are the one who should defence it! You can implement the mechanism of hiring guards (of course, paying them every day...) and companions to defend the stronghold. But when the attack start, the player should have control over the stronghold's whole garrison. It could add a tactical element to the fortress mechanism. What do You think?
  9. Well, maybe I was not clear in what I've said. I don't mean to have a possibility to increase my pledge via Kickstarter after it end, I know it is not possible. I mean increasing my pledge outside of Kickstarter, some time later when I have enough money. In my opinion it would be a win-win situation. Players, who can't afford paying more at the moment, would have the oportunity to raise the funds and change their tier at a later time. And Obsidian... well, they'll get extra money
  10. Hi everyone To be honest, this topic is rather a question to ObsiGuys, but can turn into a discussion. The question and a proposal is: Will we be able to increase our pledge (and the items we get for it) when Kickstarter ends? The idea came up from my current situation: I'd really, REALLY love to buy the boxed (or even collector's) edition of PE, but, unfortunately, in this month I don;t have enough money to pledge >80$ (including international shipping costs). So it would be great if I can (maybe for more money than on the kickstarter?) increase my pledge at a later time and upgrade my "version" to boxed one. What do You think about it?
  11. Every single game You mentioned was much less complex than any given IE game. KotOR? Ok, it's quite complex, but not even close to BG/BG2/PT. And what is the difference between them? Yep, the games You mentioned was released on consoles, why IE games wasn't. Now I think You should understand our reaction for the idea of consol veriosn of PE. Yes, and it is exactly what fans of old, IE games don't want: making a game that is great for young players. They want old-school, mature, not-dumbed-down game for real gamers, not some young, kill-em-all casuals, for whom the dialogue options should indicate if it's good or bad option to understand anything. You want a casual game that is great for young, console players? There is plenty of them in mainstream market (Mass Effect, Skyrim, Dragon Age 2, to name just the most popular)
  12. 1. No level-scalling 2. No "quest aroow" in game (just the indicator on the world map) 3. No mass-effect-style dialogues (i mean both the style and the presentation) 4. No "I am the chosen one" type of main character 5. No random loot 6. No "kill the rats" type of quests Additionally, someone said: "No class/race restrictions in terms of armour and weapons". I'm not sure if it is the right place to answer, but I totally disagree. In my opinion, these restrictions makes the game more challenging and force the player to think a lot about the party roster. Lack of these restrictions means that You can create universal, almost omni-potent characters. Which, in turns, lead to small, 2-3 character parties that could do everything.
  13. I totally agree, they should postpone releasing some content if it will lead to better quality. Dont_even_say_this_word. DLC's are the biggest piece of s***t that appeared on this market. So, no, definetly, totally NO.
  14. Readind what You've guys have written here made me thing of the whole concept of making decisions in game. In my opinion it is crucial to actually NOT know if we now, at the moment, are making a decision or not. In almost every cRPG nowadays, when You make a choice, the game blow it in Your face: "Hey, Smith, now is the Big-F***-Moment when You have to chose!". It's not what happens in real life, it feels artificial. In real life the most meaningful decisions are often made without actually being aware that You chose anything. You just act in a specific way and, after more or less time, You are faced with consequences, sometimes easy to predict earlier, but sometimes totally unpredictable. In terms of PC games, almost always You decide which path to follow during a dialogue. You chose one answer or another and that's it. It would be GREAT to have a lot of decisions to make, but to be made as a consequence of BEHAVIOUR, not the dialogue. For egzample: Some lord told You to kill his long time enemy, a nobleman that lost his money and title and then start robbing other lord's lands. You meet the ex-nobleman in some tavern. He know about You and Your connections, so he instantly attacks You. What You can do? Of course, You can kill him and take the prize. But You can also use a "knock-down" skill (yes, use a SKILL, if You have it, not just reduce his HP to 0 and chose a dialog option). When ex-nobleman is unconscious for a while, You can use an ITEM (a rope, which You acquire somewhere else, not connected with this quest), bound him and talk to him. Or just bring him bounded to the lord. Or You can leave him there, in a tavern. In most games it will just not mark Your quest as done, and You can't do anything about it. But here the ex-nobleman, when awake, could gather a group of companions and consider killing You in revenge his "live-or-die" goal. You can meet him again in random location, maybe in very undesirable moment (when fighting a dragon or having pleasant night with some cute girl. It's just an example of what i mean. Maybe to complex for a videogame, but... Well, it's far better and more believeable to make choices by acting, not talking. It's how it happens in real life, and the more real and convincind the gameplay, the better. [sorry for my terrible english, it's not my native language - i hope everything was understandable]
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