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  1. There's the beauty of the snowball effect. As in real illness, the initial symptoms would be localized and not all that bad. However, when left untreated the illness tends to spiral and affect other body parts. Say the first signs of the disease is a little stiffness in the limbs. Well, that gives a -2 to dexterity. Ignored, that develops into a nasty cough. Add -15 stealth to that -2 dexterity. That cough becomes a fever which weakens the character. -6 strength. After having a high fever for a number of hours, the character develops delirium. This is where things spiral widely out of control.
  2. Amazing username post combination, OP. TRX850 and Lephys, wonderful banter. With that recognized, on to content! I really like this idea. Not only does it add to realism, but it forces me to take the mechanic seriously and pay attention. What's only a minor (unnoticed) nuisance in the encounter I contract it turns the sick party member into dead weight once I've travelled around a bit and run into another encounter.
  3. I mentioned this above, but it bares repeating. I am absolutely loving this "culture is distinct from and more important than race in deciding personality" direction Project Eternity is taking. This game could shift into some strange action/FPS monster and I would still play it just to see how this design choice plays out. Sawyer, or whoever is supporting/creating this content bend, bloody good work. Please keep it up.
  4. I like the idea of not so much a cultural weapon modifier, but an exotic weapon modifier. Where I disagree with the OP and Heresiarch is the bonuses. I think it would make more sense to implement penalties. If, like Heresiarch mentioned, a Western knight who spent all of his time in say England encountered a katar, he wouldn't know how to use that weapon effectively. In reality, he would use the weapon less effectively than a regular person from India who is more likely to have seen the katar used properly and thus doesn't have to make up a use for it. This would be a great mechanic to have if
  5. I have been wondering about how different races are going to be handled in P:E. I like the idea of different ideas of beauty, especially when your whole genetic makeup is different, and I'm hoping for a great deal of visual differences. However, P:E as it stands now seems like a world of great cultural diffusion. It seems like there has been enough mingling between the various races to make culture, and thus perceptions of beauty, a thing not tied to race. I'm really interested to see how this state of the world (if it does turn out to be the state) plays out. I'm all about options
  6. I feel the need to second this sentiment. There are times when I don't want to kill whoever has happened to go hostile in front of me and not having any non-lethal options, even options that won't work in this instance, takes me out of characterization. I thought the rope binding idea mentioned earlier was a good one. Punish me for worrying over the lives of enemies by making me buy rope and/or train a noncombat skill, but still allow me to care. While the rope and the skill to go along with it sound plausible inexpensive, I can understand the interrogation idea taking too many resources
  7. This might be a little left field, but I'd be interested in seeing something like dementors. In a world that so deeply revolves around souls, it makes sense to have a direct parasite for the soul. Depending on the lore (ie whether souls are actually important or just thought to be the source of power), the dementor-like creatures could have evolved to fill a niche or have been created by wizards to attack their enemies. The latter is more appealing to me. What better way to totally and completely defeat a rival than to sap him of all possible power sources? Efficient and devious.
  8. While the continued historical arguments are important and even necessary, we do have to remember that this will be a world where (presumably) bands of adventurers are a thing. It is also my impression that adventuring parties will be a fairly common phenomenon (mostly based on IE games). Thus the historical has to be adjusted for that cultural difference. While I understand the argument that fighting arenas have been done quite a bit already (just look at the number of examples in the OP), I find them to be fun and think they could fit in with a world of adventurers. I'm not interested in
  9. I don't think enough has been discussed about the sneaking system to make those judgements. We don't know how a character gets the ability to sneak, we don't know how that ability is improved, we don't know how all classes will gain the ability, and we don't know what limits different classes might face with the ability. As for possible punishments for failing a sneak attempt: you could alert far more enemies than you could reasonably fight, you could lose the ability to properly position your party, or you could damage relations with various factions. Any of those things would cause me to
  10. HA. You're stating an assumption as fact. That may be true in the Infinity engine games, but You have no idea how difficult successfully stealthing past encounters is going to be in this game. Josh has been deliberately vague on the subject. And for that matter, we don't know how easy combat is going to be either. Sawyer has already described the sneak mechanic a little. Check the links I posted (the one you apparetnly refused to check). And why is sneaking so much more demanding? LOL. If you fail sneaking, then you just have to fight. Wow, what a demanding mechanic. Underlined, bold
  11. Thanks, Gfted1. Like I said, I have no formspring experience. I was missing quite a lot there. After seeing all of the comments, it does look more heavily implied that all classes will have some access to sneaking. A more pacifist route being possible also seems to be somewhat implied, though it is directly stated that pure combat 'challenges' ( I take that to mean objectives or quests) are currently in the design. I still haven't seen either thing directly stated though. While I wouldn't consider that part of the 'burden of proof' for making the claims you have, Helm, I would appreciate h
  12. Again, thank you posting dev comments. I don't frequent formspring, so I miss anything that's posted there and not here. My intent was not to relativize your evidence. I wanted to point out how heavily you are relying on interpretation and extrapolation. What you are saying those comment mean is not there at all. You are stretching the available information to suit your conclusions, and stretching quite a lot if the things you posted are what you are basing everything on. Your new link doesn't even mention sneaking. I'm starting to think I'm missing something, so please quote out the s
  13. Awesome. Thanks for posting actual developer comments. On to the issues I have with them. Your first link does not prove that stealth is being added to all classes. The only thing that post proves is that stealth, to a lessened extent, is being considered for other classes. Those other classes, and the limits those classes would face, are never mentioned. I really wish you would stop with this 'phun' crap. A game should be fun. Parts of that game should be fun individually. A game does not need to be all about pushing forward. If it was, what made BG2 great in your option was largely f
  14. It probably shouldn't, but this phrase is driving me nuts. You have no idea what we are getting. You have no idea what this game is, what it looks like, or what it will develop into. You don't know, stop claiming you do. This may be a fully pedantic concern, but you, and anyone else that would use it, need to think up a more honest rephrasing. All of us have to remember what we are looking at here. This is preproduction. To almost everyone here, other than industry insiders, this is brand new. Contradicting statements are not flipflopping at this point, they are experimentation. No one has
  15. I got a definite Ravel tingle off of 'The Strangler' manifestation. I am really liking the idea that the enforcer of oaths is a withered (and possibly half crazied) hag. I am also pleased with the whole manifestation approach. Perhaps the gods appear different to other gods and/or perhaps each god would have many forms. Three cheers for (more) official Orlan art as well! All in all, an excellent update. Bravo for maintaining quality alongside so much quantity!
  16. I've been following this thread for awhile now and I'm starting to get rather confused. What locomotron is talking about here is where I was under the impression of P:E heading. Exp is not quest based, but goal based. I don't remember any number of dead orcs being mentioned at any time. A goal can be as simple as getting from point a to b or making sure some else doesn't make it there. I don't understand how the design in the Helm quote is the same as the design in the locomotron quote. Did I miss an update, a post, or am I just misunderstanding something? Could someone pleas
  17. Other than things like adding George Ziets, I imagined that the stretch goals existed as a statement by the devs that this is the game they wanted to make and this is how much it will cost to make, as opposed to the game they could make with a more reasonable/reserved amount. I never felt like (with P:E, I don't have experience with kickstarter otherwise) things were being tacked on with stretch goals. There were some, again like Ziets, that seemed to be added as a response to fan requests, but also seemed to fit the game advertised. The others just seemed like less guarded optimism. I don't t
  18. I was under the same impression, that multi-classing was a no go. However when searching for place it was said, all I found was this way back in Update #12. So maybe we're wrong? Odder still, I didn't see anything mentioning multi-classing after November, making it look like the question was settled. Perhaps my google-fu is just not up to the task.
  19. I like the idea of P:E's world having a certain sound it. I don't like the idea of attempting old english or any other archaic language/dialect, because, as others have said, it's rarely done well. I would nomally point to P:T as an example of a game creating a dialect and thus a sound for their world, but as beerflavour pointed out, P:T just used a modified dialect spoken in Britian. Regardless, it worked quite well. Perhaps then answer then is to avoid creating a new dialect and simply use existing ones your target(or local) audience is unlikely to have heard.
  20. When the peoples of Drywood were introduced, I got the impression that there would be a lot more mixing between the fantasy races than is usual. I thought, especially with the slant towards the time in real history the game is having, that cultures would be more of a local than racial thing. I was thinking it would be more like the culture of Drywood or Pearl Coast and not the culture of the Dwarves or Elves. If culture is more of an area than race thing, that would help with the common issues WorstUsernameEver mentioned.
  21. I really like what you are advocating here, Osvir. It adds to the believability of the game system which in turn enhances the role playing immersion. However, I think the reason you want this system is the exact reason Obsidian would avoid it. (Based on what I've read of course) As I understood it, the reason for going over to a system that rewarded the player based on completed objectives instead of combat was to allow for more choices. If two different experience pools are used, then the player is still being punished for avoiding combat as it is likely combat will be unavoidable at some po
  22. I haven't seen the 'original' desgins for the Qunari, but I'm calling BS on the horned apparence always being the intention too, Barothmuk. I understand one (and speical one at that) having the 'rare' genetic quirk of no horns while the rest do, but the other qunari you actually see in DA:O also having it seems odd. I don't know if the metaltic skin tones were abandoned, but it's been decided that "Tal-Vashoth" (ie the Qunari that don't follow the Qun religion) means 'true grey' implying that whole race is generally grey skinned. As for the Aumaua, I too prefer that other races lean more t
  23. This is a great point, Frenetic Pony. I actually fall into both of the catergories you mentioned depending on the day. Sometimes I do want combat to easy almost to the point of triviality because I'm only there for the story. Other times I want to metagame and min-max my way through soul crushing challenges. For people like me, and I doubt the way I play is terribly rare, a game that has a vast range of difficultly (in combat especially) between the easiest and hardest settings is ideal. It would be so ideal that I feel it does surpass the 'if it's in the budget' barrier that so many optional
  24. Thanks for posting this, Horm. I wouldn't have ever seen it otherwise. While the constant reminders that posters need to relax and not be too negative are getting old, I certainly prefer it to a developer backlash followed by silence. It would be great if we could just point to things like the OP to calm people instead. Nothing inspires more confidence in me than an eleven minute video from a lead developer answering a random question by a random poster. As for the content, I really like the direction Sawyer's proposing. I can see a system in which all classes have the ability to do im
  25. I think we are using different definitions of 'profitable' here. When I mentioned profitablity, I was referring to the net gain of a game measured purely in dollars/euros/yen/whatever. This is the definition I believe that AAA companies like EA use when considering making and marketing a game. You seem to be measuring profitability in the percentage of return on investment. While valid and likely more economically sound, I don't believe large companies like EA currently consider that definition when creating a product, which is why they accept so much overhead and why they are so unwilling to
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