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  1. hi everybody, first of, i am not a forum tiger. i do not post alot of posts. i hope im in the correct place and doing this right. i have 2 questions and im gonna ask them in 1 go (not sure if they are asked already or thought about even) 1st one can it be made possible to simplify the way you can 'patch' or bugfix or update your game -the reason i ask is, i re-started playing IWD and BG couple of times, and i know it is wise to patch it, but it can be hard to find the correct one or ones that dont interfere with another 2nd one is project eternity going to be like IWD where when you start you can make up to six characters for your party and venture off or is it going to be more like BG where you make 1 char and dont have any real say in what race and class your party will be. -personally i always liked to play with 4 multiclass chars more then the way BG goes about it thx for replying and keep up the good work!
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